Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Terra Handbags & Accessories

I was absent for a long time, but this time for a good reason! I can't thank Femina enough for letting me know more about Smita Rajgopal and Sumitra Roy from Terra Handbags & Accessories! Femina's January issue, the one with Aishwarya Rai on cover page had an interview of the million-dollar-smile entrepreneurs!

One might assume it's attitude when they say - "We are not a manufacturer of mass, assembly-line products! We cater to people who want something unique!" In reality, they are warmest and most down-to-earth! How do I know? The moment I approached them for an interview, they were more than ready! They were very kind enough to apologize for the delay in the interview as they were busy with International Leather Fashion Show 2011! Do I need to say more about how approachable they are?

Terra makes handbags with soft lambskin with trims, buckles and other details! You can check out their catalogue to know what's new and trendy! The best part is they customize bags! Your choice of pattern, color, dimension or anything as such! Terra leather bags are pocket-friendly! To those who find it expensive, they came up with Terra Fab range which is a mix of leather and fabric! Doesnt break your bank as well!

Terra so far doesnt retail through stand-alone outlet, but it might sooner! Their merchandise is available at selected stores in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Lucknow and Hyderabad! Consider yourself lucky if you spot them at any exhibitions and shows! Eager to know more about Terra? Check out my interview with Smita and Sumitra, the most friendly and beautiful divas!


  1. Great post div ! i loved reading every bit of it. These women are such an inspiration and i loooooved the red bag, the one model is carrying . its so gorgeous :)

  2. thnq very much sarah for noticing my efforts....they are truly inspiring...inspite of their own jobs n personal lives, they have time for Terra....i too liked the red one, but i prefer it in another color...