Thursday, 31 December 2009

Boxing Day Fling

How was ur Xmas eve? Shopping? Hauls? Gifts? I know I am kinda late, but better late than never! So, I am here to present to you what I got for Boxing Day, which was 26th of December...

Bobbled Pintail Comb
The Body Shop Cheek n Eye palette, Nutmeg n Vanilla lip balm
Playboy lipsticks, eyeshadow duos, blushes
Zara Weekend bag, Black handbag

I am sure my blog deserves "Most Pathetic Presentation" award, but what to do? I am trying my best to avoid headaches taking pics and posting! Seriously girls, its hell lotta work!

Playboy Cosmetics are about to disappear from the aisles forever, if I heard it right! Rush to your local Superdrug to grab these! You have to try these! Dont go by the packaging! Not this time, at least!

P.S: You all know, I review each and every product including the prices, so there is no point in saying "I am not paid to do this." Of course, I was neither paid nor got these for free! I wish somebody did, though!

Cory Walia

Fashion Moksh had a chat with Cory Walia aka Karamjit Singh Walia, ace Indian makeup artist. Here are some of the key excerpts!

Which is the time-tested, faithful and a must-have makeup tool?

Eyelash curler

Which complexion is more exciting and challenging?

I must confess that I'm very excited by deeper and darker skin tones. I love working with them because with very little makeup there is a zing factor. Like Sheetal Malhar, many really really dusky girls. Something happens with my make up on that face. That really excites me. I'm passionate about dark skin. Also in this country, I'm against fairness creams, complexion enhancement creams and whitening system. And so I always feel that you know women with the darker complexion and darker skin tones in India are not given a fair chance, if you forgive the expression. I make it a point actually when I'm choosing somebody from the audience at the seminar or the demonstration to pull out the darkest person and then do the look on them and people are just shocked. I like that. I like to show off like that.

Who would you rate the most beautiful person?

I think I would rate as a most beautiful person someone with an inner strength that comes out in her face and someone who doesn't require my help at all. Some one like Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar, the leader who was jailed in her house for some years. Or Medha Patkar. Or I think without makeup Smita Patil, that's one face which I would have loved to have worked on because I know it would take only small tichkies to do it. But basically she didn't require make-up and I have seen movies in which she has been putting up extra makeup. She always looked not as good as when she is without makeup. So, yeah, I think they are the most beautiful women. Where the inner shakti comes out through the eyes and in the face, actually main adhura rah jata hun because I don't have any work to do.

What's the current trend?

The current trend is extreme glamour in the most natural manner. So it should not look painted. Your skin should look like skin yet your eyes should be extenuated fairly strongly, your lips should not leap off the crease of your face but should look full and sensuous and expressive. And it's all about very good looking skin basically. Then your eyeliner, kajal, eye shadows. These things are just accessories. But basically current trend at the moment is all about beautiful skin and there is makeup available that gives the illusion, but there are also products available that actually help you to make reality of beautiful skin. They are just there to help you to make that reality instantly. Beautiful eye shadows and eye liners and eye pencils in lots of jewel tones, mauve, lilac, certain shades of coral , rust for Indian skin tones, shades of green, deeper greens combined with blacks and browns are looking very nice. And on lips also it's a lot about a smooth creamy texture, not too glossy, not too matt not too pouty, not too much.

Which products you recommend for the masses which are trendy yet affordable?

I would say the color liquid eye liner, kajal pencils, other eye liner pencils, lip pencils and lip balm. A combination of lip balm and full lip pencil to outline and fill in it is long lasting and it looks very nice and gives the correct effect because of the heat and the humidity of the current climate. I would say that compact, a good oil absorbing compact, water proof mascara.

Your advice to upcoming makeup artists?

Be sincere to your job. Be sincere to your profession. Be humble and keep learning on a daily basis, even after you are established. It's not about money as much as it's about integrity. Keep innovating and use yourself as your benchmarking, keep trying to be better, compete with yourself at every level and be hygienic. Don't eat onions and garlic. Don't smoke. If your dental hygiene is not good you maybe a very good makeup artist, but there will always be bitching about you behind your back. Always be aware of that dental and personal hygiene is very important for a makeup artist.

(Courtesy: Fashion Moksh)

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner

Have you ever tried Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner (DLC)? This is my first pot and I am liking it so far! Still, quite sceptical about the collagen factor! I am all ears if somebody could help me on this issue coz end of the day, I dont want any animal stuff in/on my mouth claiming that I am a know what I mean!

Claims: Blistex DLC contains Aloe vera, vitamins & Collagen for healthy lips everyday. This particular version is recommendable for dry and sun-damaged lips!

The skin on the lips is unlike any other. The outer layer aka stratum corneum is extremely thin or completely absent in most people. It has fewer different glands from ordinary skin and almost no melanin, which is the natural pigment in the skin that helps screen out the sun's harmful rays. Lips are also so prominent and exposed that they receive the full brunt of environmental exposure - sun, wind and cold. Even indoors, parching from central heating or air conditioning systems can cause dry lips. Dry lips can also be caused by illness as people tend to breathe through their mouth when they have cold or flu. Smoking, eating strongly flavoured or spicy food will damage the mucous membrane of the lips.

Due to the lack of melanin, lips dont tan, but they can easily burn. Even if you dont notice your lips being burnt by the sun, damage can still occur with the underlying layers being harmed. It is not just on hot & sunny days that lips must be protected. The harmful UVA rays remain at constant levels throughout the year including the winter months. Even on cloudy days, harmful UVB rays can still penetrate and damage the skin. The snow can be even worse for lips than the sun. Beach sand and water reflects less than 20 percent of the sun's rays whereas snow reflects a punishing 80 percent. The higher up the slopes you go, the less air there is to screen the sun's rays.

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Lanolin, Candelilla cera, Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, Tocopheryl acetate, 4-Methylbenzylidene camphor, Cocoyl Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Aroma, Theobroma Cacao Seed butter, Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract, cetyl alcohol, menthol, cera microcristallina, isostearoyl hydrolyzed collagen, camphor, sodium saccharin, thymol, benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate. FYI, its a Proctor & Gamble make.

First impression: You might not like the first sniff coz it makes you kinda dizzy. Especially if you are anti-hospital person like me. I hate hospital and its family! Okee...this looks like a potted medicine, more or less smells like the lighter version of Vicks Vaporub (India)! If you are sensitive to that scent, better stay away! This 7 ml jar normally retails for somewhere around 2.50 pounds, but I got this for 50 pence in a sale!

The formulation is kinda thick and darker compared to Carmex! Provided, its tasty! Have you ever tasted Indian version of Maybelline's Shiny-licious gloss ? That was how Blistex felt exactly on my lips! I felt the need to reapply Carmex, but thats not the case with Blistex DLC. I applied a couple of times one day, my lips were REALLY SOFT & SMOOTH!

Carmex feels like ice the moment it touches your lips, but Blistex is not so minty! Flavor-wise and fragrance-wise! Its kinda cool, but not as cool as Carmex! Somewhere in the background, Blistex has kinda sweet  chocolatey scent!

Recently, there was heavy snow and sudden fall in temperature, like it was -9 C at my place. Imagine the condition of lips exposed to terrible snow! There could not be a better time try and find Blistex! My lips were looking their best after a long time! Looking forward to try other versions of Blistex, as well! Carmex-lovers, you can still give Blistex a try! I could not decipher the language on the packaging, but the website says it has SPF 15! Another bonus, yoohoo!

Tips to avoid dry lips: Keep rooms as humidified as possible to help avoid dry lips. Even plants and cut flowers will add to the moisture balance. In extreme winds or cold, wrap the lower part of your face in a scarf for extra warmth and lip protection. Apply lip balm with SPF at least 30 minutes before going into the sun and reapply frequently.

Methylbenzylidene camphor - Organic camphor derivative that is used in the cosmetic industry for its ability to protect the skin against UV, specifically UV B radiation. As such, it is used in sunscreen lotions and other skincare products claiming a SPF value.

Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate - Used in products applied to the skin to absorb, reflect or scatter UV rays. It protects skin from sunburn and other damaging effects of the sun. Also protects cosmetics and personal care products from deterioration caused by UV rays and allows them to last longer in high UV conditions.

Cocoyl hydrolyzed soy protein / Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed soy protein - Texturizing. Kindly check to know more about this product! It might help you!

Theobroma Cacao seed butter - Temporarily protects injured or exposed skin from harmful or annoying stimuli and may provide relief to the skin. Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter also slows the loss of water from the skin by forming a barrier on the skin's surface.

Isostearoyl hydrolyzed collagen - Semisynthetic compound derived from animal proteins. Acts as emollient and moisturiser.

Sodium saccharin - Artificial sweetener. Claim, saccharin is 300 times sweeter than sugar.

(Courtesy: Blistex,

Claire's time ;)

I totally forget my age, thanks to Claire's! This is the only place where I can look at things the whole day without getting bugged! I actually went back for a hair band I was kinda lemming since my first tiara-band! I went for the tan brown, but guess what! I ended up buying a black one instead :) Still, I love the tan brown one so it might find its place safe in my blog, one fine day!

This is it!!!! Black band, which retails for 4.50 pounds! As you see, its black silk kinda fabric layered with polka-dotted fabric. It has some black plastic detailing towards the side, which is really fun! Will surely post a pic (me wearing the band) in a couple of days, so kindly bear with me as you always did!!!

Hope y'all like it as much as I do...

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Holidays

Today has been the best day of December uiiiiiii.....surprise over surprise! I wish you and your family a merry christmas and prosperous 2010! I wish all your dreams come true, of course the good ones! I have so many resolutions for the coming year! Do you have any?


Tag: 8 Most Worn Things

If you dont know what this tag is really about, nee bother! You are given a set of questions to answer! If you are kind enough and have some time to kill, you could include pictures as well! Okee, here we go!!

1. Most worn lipstick/gloss? This was originally most worn lipstick, but somebody included gloss! Why not include lip balm/conditioner as well?

Lipstick: L'Oreal Color Riche Star Secrets Aishwarya Beige #708, the most deceiving shade!

Lipgloss: L'oreal Glam Shine Blush #155 Plum Blush, the one below!

Lip balm: Vaseline Rosy Lips

2. Most worn earrings? Traditional 7-stone studs, but mine are actually nose pins!

3. Most worn shirt? @ Republic sale for 10 pounds, which originally retails for 19.99 pounds!

4. Most worn nailpolish? #065 Cozy Rosy from Color Bar. Bought this for 65 INR 2 years back, so not sure of the current tag! Do they still make this? I would love a backup!

5. Most worn shoes? UK, Skechers trainers, irrespective of season! Retails for about 40 pounds!

6. Most worn hair product? Other than shampoo and conditioner? GHD thermal protector before I straighten my hair! Retails for about 10 pounds, but was a freebie!

7. Most worn perfume? I keep changing between Davidoff Cool Water and Calvin Klein Euphoria!

8. Most worn handbag/purse? Gifted by DH, Republic Floral Spotty slouch, retails for 19.99 pounds!

P.S: I dont claim the rights to some photographs! Do let me know if you own those! Thanq!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Seacret From Dead Sea

How could I forget to introduce my bestie; body lotion from SEACRET!!! If you are wondering what SEACRET really is; SEACRET SPA has this unique collection of skin care and spa products with nutrients essential to the health of your skin and body. Minerals such as Magnesium, Bromine, Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Zinc, Sulfur, Iodine, Strontium, Boron and Iron have been scientifically proven to contribute measurably to feeling and looking your best. This is the magic of minerals!

Skin cells are in constant communication and the essential link in this communication process is minerals. These minerals are also known to help relieve different skin ailments such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, wrinkles, arthritis, joint inflammations, muscle stiffness, itching skin as well as facilitate the skin’s recovery from minor abrasions and injuries while they help ward off aging.

The lowest point on the face of the earth, the Dead Sea, is some 1,300 feet (400 meters) below sea level. The Dead Sea overflows with abundant life-supporting matter. This natural therapeutic storehouse is rich in minerals. In fact, its waters contain the highest concentration of minerals (32%) to be found anywhere in the world. This mineral concentration is 10 times higher than that of any other ocean. Cleopatra was known to nurture her beauty there from time to time.....

Their collection of skin and spa products are extracted from the ancient and some say mystical, salts and minerals found only in one place on earth, the Dead Sea. Their products are manufactured in Israel. We can buy Seacret products from or from hundreds of exclusive locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Israel. Boo...hooo...what about India? What if I run out of this? By the way, I bought mine from the SEACRET kiosk at the local mall!

This was actually from the Nail & Body Care Kit which includes a buffing block, nail file, body lotion and nourishing cuticle oil. It was in a promotion for 20 pounds i.e. 1600 INR :) Have I gone a little overboard? I simply could not resist the fragrance of the body lotion and the fell flat!

Ignore the messy packaging! Battered to death!! The packaging was typical and it was a 200-ml (6.8 fluid ounces). I felt somehow the opening of the tube was way too big for the product, so the product freely flows without any efforts like you dont even have to squeeze the tube! Great in one way, but there is a chance of spill and leak which I hate! I know I complain too much, but that's how I waste a lot without my knowledge :( I would like to reiterate the above-said: do not apply this product liberally. This is not a product where you can act liberal!!!At least for the price tag!

The fragrance is amazing and it makes me feel like I am in a garden full of exotic heavenly-smelling flowers. A peanut size of product is more than enough to serve the purpose of hydration as this formula is a bit heavy and thick comparitively. Consistency is like regular moisturizer, white in color! Will post a pic, if you wish!

It soaks easily into the skin so fast it does not even leave a hint of sheen to the skin. I hate that greasy look with the other moisturizers, but this is different. No more greasy looks...

To be honest, I dont know how long this stays. I dont mind as long as I smell heavenly! This also comes in different flavours like Cucumber & Melon, Vanilla & Cocunut and finally Ocean. I was planning to buy Vanilla & Coconut, but as I said, I could not resist the fragrance of Wild Kiwi. It definitely does not smell like kiwi, but something "very" unexplainable. This product works its best after a shower.

I have not tried the remaining products other than the body lotion and the buffing block. I thought each of them did deserve a special review as such.

For me, this product is just HEAVEN IN A TUBE!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Vaseline Rosy Lips

Here comes my favorite Vaseline Rosy Lips, a lip therapy (petroleum jelly) with rose and almond oil. What it does; gently tints and cares for your pout. The packaging is tin/pot. I feel lip balm in a tin/pot has that vintage kinda look, which I love a lot! It retails for 1.50 pounds, but the price range is different at other stores like Tesco retails for 1.46, Boots for 2, Bodycare for on!!!

To be honest, this is my second pot. The first one was snatched away by my li'l sister...ahh! It is 20g, but you get so much of product that lasts ages and ages! I can tell you that I am absolutely hooked to this since! I was able to sell quite a bunch of them :) I dont work for Vaseline, , by the way!

I love this so far and this does what it is supposed to do! I know I can talk nonstop about this product, but in brief.....this is like "canned roses". I think the most appealing part of this is the irresistable color. Pink is staple for girls and so is Vaseline rosy lips. I am not that fond of pink, but there are a few shades of pink I adore!

I was never ever tempted to buy the basic version of Vaseline, but I fell for the pink! Very girly!!! Somehow, it's not sticky, but very moisturizing! The consistency of the product is kinda gel with oil base provided with the hint of tint, which is very very subtle. Staying power is moderate, which I really dont mind as I love to reapply this. It smells good like roses, but on the stronger end. I find it doing the work of both lip balm and gloss, which is very recommendable. Though the tint fades away, lips are still moisturized and that's what we all look for in any lip product. I can say for sure that the tint fades very evenly.

Personally, I found no downside, whateva! Whatelse do you expect from a product as good as Vaseline to do? Especially for that price, who can complain? This is the most strongest version of Rose Water, so you are being warned. Fragrances normally "make" or "break" the buy! So, watch out! I dont find it very over-powering, though. As we all know, almond oil is well-known for its moisturizing tendency and is helps in nourishing. Anything floral or fruity is okay for me!

The product appears pigmented, which it is not exactly the same! Its very sheer. I wish it was much more pigmented than it appears! As I see, there is nothing like SPF in this which helps in protecting the lips from sun, but can be excused!

I love this product so much that I wish to have it everywhere I go!!! This certainly has got that ooomph! My li'l sis literally digs into the tin and I saw half of the product gone in a couple of days.....sisters are little devils!

If you really want the purpose to be served and something economic, definitely Vaseline Rosy Lips is the one for you! I tried many other balms and especially lip treatments and therapies but nothing seems to do the job as Vaseline does, especially for that price range! I dont say that this IS the one, but this is one of the best! If I have to carry something which moisturizes my lips and gives that hint of tint, I will surely go for this without any second thoughts. I definitely recommend this to my folks!

This is a real big saver for me and I am surely gonna get my hands on few more tins! I cant imagine somebody snatching this again! I am not even sure if this is available in India. I wanna scream that my race for lip treatment ends here with Vaseline Rosy Lips, but I am wicked!!!

The ingredients; Petrolatum, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil (sweet almond), Aroma and Linalool. This is Norway make by Unilever.

FYI: There is a clear distinction between the oil extracted from seeds of Prunus dulcis (sweet) and Prunus amara (bitter). The bitter almond oil cannot be used in cosmetics as it contains traces of amygdalin, another form of cyanide. This is however not present in sweet almond oil.

Sweet almond oil is easily absorbed into the skin, it doesn't leave it feeling greasy or tacky. It is used to soften the skin and to promote a clear, young looking complexion. It is a greatly nourishing and protecting oil and is ideal for chapped and irritated skin.

Sweet almond oil is obtained from the dried kernels of the almond tree. It is an excellent emollient, softening and soothing to the skin. It also helps to balance the loss and absorption of moisture, making it particularly effective for chapped and irritated skin, soothing it while nourishing and protecting.

Maybelline Moisture Extreme #39 Natural Rosewood/ Bois De Rose Naturel

Finally, the suspense unfolds! I was holding on for quite a while to open the packaging! This is some strange color! For some reason, I believe the formulation and shades of the lipsticks here are totally different compared to what we get in India! You know what I mean! Most of the shades do not suit Indian tones. I am talking about the dark to wheatish tones, by the way! They might look familiar in the packaging, but swatch it! SHOCKER!!! You might not like it!

Today, I present you Maybelline Moisture Extreme deeply moisturizing lip color in #39 Natural Rosewood/ Bois De Rose Naturel.

Claims: Enriched with the deeply moisturizing power of a lip balm, Moisture Extreme leaves lips blissfully smooth and soft. Lips so deeply moisturized; color that comes alive, reds pop, pinks blossom, plums go richer. Anti-feathering. With an SPF 15, Moisture Extreme helps protect against the damaging effects of UV rays.

I am really sorry if I have confused you all! I finally found out this shade in the Moisture Extreme Naked Beige Collection, which is the beige packaging. The formula is smoooooth and soft; it glides on like butter!!!

Naked Beige Claims: No pearls. No glitters. No shimmers. You cant go wrong because nude lips suit every outfit. The formula is enriched with jojoba oil & shea butter. This one has Moisture Lock Gel system. It has non-feathering technology. This color in particular suits medium skin tones. Staying power is above average, not so sticky!

Strange thing I noticed about this shade in particular, it smells like Galia melon! I dont know if thats the same case with Naked Beige collection, but this one smell real melon! Very fresh, fruity and summery! I am not quite sure if I like this color, so I might give it some time!

I find some yellow/gold flecks in this, may be I am too conscious! This is very unusual on the lips, but on swatch it looks familiar! Looks like it has some pinky mauve undertones, but I am really not able to decipher what is this in real! Trying to give u a better swatch, but in vain!

VLCC Lip Shield Strawberry

Okee, here is a review on VLCC Lip Shield in Strawberry...

Claims: This unique lip shield enriched with Strawberry, vitamin E & Shea Butter helps heal chapped lips, conditions & keeps them soft & moist, while protecting them from harmful effects of the sun (SPF-10), wind and cold.

The story behind this buy; my li'l sis has been using this religiously. I was tempted to try this and liked it right away. I got attracted to the scent of it, especially.

This cute little 10 ml container retails for 80 INR. I bought this solely based on the longevity of the product. It has a 4-year-expiry period. I dont know why things with more life expectancy get my attention. Off late, my interest has been carried over from lip glosses to lip balms :)

Coming to the product, its kinda sheer sans waxy feel on the lips. Its not heavy, but not as light as Vaseline rosy lips. Look at the pigmentation, blood red! Its definitely not the same on ur lips!

As promised, it is enriched with Strawberry, Vitamin E and Shea Butter, it really helps heal the pout. It tints your lips, but not to a great extent. I always like to use my fingers to apply (of course, sanitized). It acts as a real good base for any lip product like lipstick or lip gloss. Staying power is decent!

The sweetest thing about this little baby is it has SPF 10, which means it protects the lips from sun to some extent. It also comes in different flavours like Mint and Cocoa butter, suitable for all skin types. I cant complain for 80 bucks! I like the potted balms, comparitively!!! What about you?

The Cocoa-butter flavour looked like cold coffee in a pot. As coffee is a big no-no for me, I passed that! I have heard enough of the mint-flavoured lip products, which is nothing but a marketing strategy I suppose. Hence, I opted for the strawberry flavour. It reminds me of vanilla essence or strawberry ice cream??? I literally hate strawberry flavour, especially in candies, chewing gum and ice cream, but this one got my attention somehow! Really glad I got my hands on! Good investment for a lip treatment, if you wanna try something different. This is suitable for all skin types, by the way.

No downside to this, as far as I know! Why I bought this? Just to build my collection, but I will definitely repurchase this! Now, I want Cocoa Butter flavor as well! Not sure about the mint one! Have you tried VLCC lip shield yet?

Here is the mint flavor:

Here is the Cocoa butter flavor:

I told you it luks like potted cold coffee!!! If you are a coffee-lover, give it a try!

P.S: Sonali @ Asian Beautifier: I have this lip balm in cocoa butter and mint flavours! The mint one leaves a tingly sensation on my lips which I love! The cocoa butter does not taste & smell anything like coffee! These are my fav lip balm at the moment! Thanq, Sonali!

(Courtesy: VLCC)

Thursday, 17 December 2009

2true Cheek "n" Lip Tint

Guess what! Its snow everywhere!!! Beautiful from the window sill, but horrible when you are out! Looks like X-mas fever is high on the toll by now! My manager was very kind and sweet enough to give me a Christmas card and a pink diary/planner!!! Love the planner!!!

Okee girls! First lemme talk about something apart from the title!!! Who wouldnt know Benefit's Benetint aka BB? Nee bother if you dont know! "BB is the original rose-tinted stain, which is kiss-proof, see-through color for lips and cheeks. It is the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle! Its naturally sheer and sexy on all complexions...innocent yet provocative! This rosy glow lasts for hours. Originally created for an exotic dancer in the 1970s, Benetint has soared to cult fave status. It is loved by celebs, makeup artists and gals around the world!" claims Benefit Cosmetics!

12.5 ml retails for 22.50 pounds! Looks like I am trying to review BB instead! This is BB in abstract! We have new breeds of tints and stains flooding the market, lately! Other than BB and 2true, we also have ME ME ME version called Pussy Cat Cheek & Lip tint!

Now back to 2true Cheek "n" Lip Tint; its a spitting dupe of BB, if that makes any sense! BB and 2true tint look similar in packaging, but I am quite sceptical about the pigmentation and fragrance! Similar glass bottle and brush applicator! BB is strongly infused with the scent of roses! Remember, I warned you! You are anti-rose person, stay away from BB!!! I have rose in my mind before I smell 2true version, so I obviously get that rosy fragrance!!! I know I have gone mad, now! The only down side, the detergent/cleaning agent scent! Dont lick your lips! It irritates your tongue and throat as well!

Talking about the applicator, I dont like it! It tickles my lips, so I am kinda "ummm... when I use the brush! I keep laughing for no reason, looks as if I have inhaled some laughing gas! Change the applicator, please! I have never been a huge fan of brush applicator coz thats not as feasible as the doe foot one! It doesnt gather enough product, especially with watery consistency so I had to keep on working!!!

Lemme tell ya somethin'. Never follow the rules if you want things to work your way! I tried using the brush zillion times, only to get more disappointed. Then, I tried using my fingers; worked!!!But, my fingers looked like I messed up with beetroot!!!They were more pigmented than my lips and cheeks :)

First day, I tried this on moisturized lips but it was too soft for the tint to stay on! It was kinda slippery, I coud say! How would you feel walking on a road with snow? Does it make any sense to ya? I am trying to speak English!!! Second day, I tried this on bare lips but it was too much! Lips were pathetically dry! Third day, I followed a proper routine to get the most out of this!!! I tried on bare lips, let the product dry, moisturized with Carmex/lip balm, then applied another coat of the tint!! Waited for a while to let the product dry! If you want I-just-ate-a-cherry-popsicle effect, 2-3 coats are more than enough! I am not sure how it looks on fair skin, though!!!

It worked on the third day, finally! I am completely satisfied that I could make it work! Staying power was more than average! It easily sinks into the lips, you know! If you dont want that glossy feel your moisturizer gives you, use a blotting tissue! All you have is flushed lips!!! Color doesnt bleed! See, if I used the brush, I might have ended up tossing this out! Never follow the rules! It literally murders the artist in you! Make your own rules!! Be your own boss!!

Must be the formula, but I had to work like more than 5 times to get the flush on my cheeks!!! Am I am too dark for that instant gratification??? Whateva! Exfoliate your lips and skin for instant gratification!!! I shook the bottle with my finger at the rim!!! Applied the product with my index finger! Do you really understand what I say?

The consistency is liquid and color, quite buildable! I never took it on travel, so not sure if its travel-safe!!! Uiiiiiii....almost forgot! This irritates my lips, must be the ingredients!!!

Life expectancy: 6 months.

Weight: 10 ml.

Ingredients: Aqua, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl glycol, Parfum, Sorbic acid, Linalool, Hydroxycitronellal, Amyl Cinnamal, Benzyl alcohol, Benzyl benzoate, Alpha-isomethyl ionone, Butylphenyl, Methylpropional, Benzyl Salicylate, Cinnamyl alcohol.

Caprylyl glycol - Humectant and skin conditioning agent that lends moisturization, emollience and wetting properties. Because of its multi-functioning nature (moisturizer & anti-microbial), it is used in a plethora of personal care products such as facial moisturizer, sunscreen, anti-aging treatment, lip gloss, mascara, concealer, cleanser and foundation.

Linalool - Irritant, especially skin and eyes. Now, I know the reason!!! The link below should answer all your questions!

Hydroxycitronellal - Used to impart pleasant floral odour to numerous consumer products, has been chosen for a full risk assessment principally because of its known skin sensitising properties.

Methylpropional - Powerful floral-fresh odor, hence fragrance ingredient. Used in skincare products. The IFRA Standard restricts the use of Butylphenyl Methylpropional in fragrances because of potential sensitization.

Benzyl alcohol - Used as a solvent for ink and paint.

Girls, I listed out the ingredients, which I thought would be more useful instead! Hope it helps! Trying to give you a pathetic swatch, as usual! Will replace all the stupid swatches ASAP!!!

(Courtesy: Benefit cosmetics, ME ME ME Cosmetics)

Award time

Another ruby for my tiara!!! Ever-smiling Cynthia......hmmm....when I think of her, rabbit strikes my mind, so I name her "Baby Bunny". Hope she likes this one as well!!! Baby Bunny Cynthia has bestowed my blog with another award. Its "Blog I Read A Lot!" I believe a simple "Thanq" is not the proper way for the love and support Cynthia and other followers showered! Girls, you are making me emotional :( sob sob!!! Love you all for everything, girls! There is no SUCCESS without U, honestly!

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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Weekday Fling

Hi Girls,

Hope you all are doing well! I have been to the mall today after work, so here I present to you my second haul for the week!

Lemme be honest! I bought the 2true Cheek n Lip tint last week, but forgot to include that in the previous haul pic! Amnesia, what to do!!! It happens often! Here are the products I was lemming for quite some time!

First, 2true Cheek n Lip tint for 1.95 pounds. In abstract, this is rose tinted stain for lips and cheeks! I must be joking! Who wouldnt know about this? This is the spitting dupe :) of Benefit's Benetint, which retails for about 22 pounds!!! WHOA...

Second, a 12-shadow palette from Active Cosmetics! You can find these in UK at Pound Land, Pound Saver, Body Care etc. I got mine from Pound Saver for 1.99 pounds! I am not sure if they retail anywhere else, lemme know if they do! Sceptical about the quality, but fell for the colors!!! Wat say? D stands for Desperate!!!

Third, Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in #39 Natural Rosewood / Bois de Rose Naturel. You might not find this in the website (?), but Ebay has it! Correct me if I am wrong! If you come across a review on this color, do lemme know! Would really appreciate that! For some reason, I believe this is yet to be reviewed on the net! This was for 1.99 pounds, as well!

Last, but not the least! Revlon Lip Glide Sheer in #030 Sheerly Cocoa or Lustre Cacao as in some other world! Nee bother! Guess what! I love love love this! My kinda shade! I believe Revlon discontinued the Lip Glide range! Correct me if I am wrong! No thrashing, please! This was for 1.99 pounds, again!

Will do proper reviews and swatches in a couple of days! Till then, cheerio!

Neutrogena Lipcare SPF 20

Girls, I proudly present to you the dermatologist-tested Norwegian Formula Neutrogena Lipcare SPF 20 :) I must be a nerd talking about SPF in this peak winter! If you know me, I have always been and will remain a die-hard fan of lippies, especially lip balm and lip treatment! I tried Carmex, Vaseline Rosy Lips, Sally Hansen 18 hour treatment, Blistex!!! My list goes on and on! Still, I am hunting down the lip treatments that work the best!

Claims: An intensive lip balm that prevents moisture loss and guards against chapping. Immediate and lasting relief for dry, chapped lips. This moisture-rich formula soothes and improves the appearance and softness of your lips, whilst providing long lasting protection from all weather (SPF 20). Apply often for immediate relief and protection.

Norwegian Formula Neutrogena (NFN) was discovered at sea when, despite the harsh weather conditions, Norwegian fishermen reported soft supple hands. When Neutrogena investigated, they discovered the oils in the fish had intensively moisturising properties. A synthetic version of the fish oil was created (?) and to this day remains an integral ingredient in the NFN range.

NFN is designed to protect and help repair dry skin even on hard-working areas such as elbows, knees and heels. The glycerin-enriched products soothe dry and chapped skin providing comfort and restoring moisture levels. Seems every 4 seconds, someone buys a Norwegian Formula Neutrogena hand cream in the UK.

Ingredients: Ricinus Communis Oil, Paraffin, Cera Alba, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Isodecyl Neopentanoate, Cetyl Palmitate, Isopropyl Myristate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Cetyl Alcohol, Cera Microcristallina, VP/Eicosene Copolymer, Isohexadecane, Titanium Dioxide, Bisabolol, Propylene Glycol, Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Isopropyl Palmitate, Isopropyl Laurate, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Candelilla Cera, Sodium Sulfate, BHT, BHA, Citric Acid, Parfum.

Net weight: 4.8 g

Life Expectancy: 12 months.

Girls, I got the faulty one! My bad! The stick doesnt come out, so I am using my nails to dig the product! I know that sounds gross, but I was desperate! Any ideas how to get that out? The packaging is typical and the product is clear! I know clear balm is no-fun, but there are times when you might need ONLY clear lipbalm! It glides smooth! I dug the product with my nails, applied on my lips! Guess what! It looks cakey in the packaging, but melted like butter on lips! YAY!!! Have you ever tried traditional butter/ghee on lips? That is how Neutrogena lippy is exactly!

It has a fragrance for sure, vanilla? ice cream? something sweet! The sweetest-smelling lip balm ever! No traces of mint or camphor, which I really detest! NFN was neither waxy nor heavy on the lips! For me, the smallest amount was more than enough! Staying power is really good! I didnt have to reapply for 3 - 4 hours; including food and drinks! Do you want more? I had badly chapped lips this weekend; exposure to smog! NFN worked wonders for my chapped lips! Lips look healthy as well! Instant gratification, I can say! How long do you want to judge a lippy?

Price: Normally retails for 2.53 pounds, but got for less than 50 pence in sale :)


Ricinus Communis Oil - Castor oil

Paraffin - Wax

Cera Alba - White wax; prepared by exposing ribbons of yellow wax to air, sunshine and moisture for more than 1 or 2 weeks. Yellow wax is procured directly from the comb.

Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate - Used in the formulation of a wide variety of product types including sunscreens and makeup products that contain ingredients to protect the skin from the sun.

Isodecyl Neopentanoate - Emollient. Has a high spreadability and leaves a soft feeling on skin and hair. It is often used in shampoos and soaps; can be used as a solvent and emulsifier. 100% approved by the Cosmetic Working Group. You can find the same ingredient in Murads Oil Free SPF 15 Sunblock with sheer tint.

Cetyl Palmitate - The green component of plants used as a natural colorant in deodorants, creams and toothpaste.

Isopropyl myristate -  Used in cosmetic and topical medicinal preparations where good absorption through the skin is desired. It is also used as a pesticide-free treatment against head lice which works by dissolving the wax that covers the exoskeleton of head lice, killing them by dehydration.

Cetearyl Alcohol - Made from cetyl and stearyl alcohol, which together form an occlusive film to keep skin moisture from evaporating. They give hair and skin a velvety feeling. Also an emollient giving viscocity giving to a finished product.

Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane - Used in the formulation of sun protection products as well as bath, skin, cleansing, hair, nail and fragrance products. In the States, when this ingredient is used in sun protection products, it will be listed on the label as Avobenzone.

Cera microcristallina - Petrolatum

VP/Eicosene Copolymer - Film former used in the following product types: sunscreen spf 15 and above, mascara, facial moisturizer/treatment, anti-aging, lip gloss, other products with spf, brow liner, baby sunscreen, moisturizer and sunscreen below spf 15.

Isohexadecane - Used as a detergent cleansing agent, emulsifier and thickening agent in cosmetics.

Titanium Dioxide - Naturally occuring white pigment being broad spectrum sunscreen, soothing, softening and healing. In addition, it is a powerful anti-bacterial. It can successfully reflect UVA, UVB and UVC rays. The presence of this ingredient helps prevent skin cancer and premature aging of the skin.

Bisabolol - Anti-irritant ingredient derived from chamomile that is often found in products made for people with sensitive skin.

Propylene Glycol - Petroleum derivative that act as solvent, surfactant and wetting agent. It can easily penetrate the skin and weaken protein and cellular structure. PG is present in many stick deodorants.

Isopropyl palmitate - Act as lubricants on the skin surface, which gives the skin soft and smooth appearance. This is added to compounded dry powder of solids to provide adhesive qualities during and after compression to make tablets or cakes.

Isopropyl laurate - Binding agent, emollient and skin conditioning.

Sodium cetearyl sulfate - Used in the formulation of moisturizers, skin cleansers and other skin care products.

Candelilla Wax - Euphorbia cerifera (Candelilla) wax is obtained from the plant Euphorbia cerifera, a plant in North Central Mexico. Beeswax and the plant waxes are used in the formulation a wide range of products including baby products, bath products, lipstick, makeup, fragrances, coloring & noncoloring hair products, nail and skin care products, personal cleanliness products, shaving products as well as suncreen and sun tan products.

Sodium Sulfate - Used in the formulation of cleansers, bath soaps, detergents and skincare preparations.

P.S: The information on ingredients are taken from random sites on the internet. If you claim the rights, please let me know! Too many to list :)



Hey girlies,

Thanq all very much for the heart-felt warmth! You all made my day, honestly :)

Here is an update, if you wish to know only! I volunteer at Cancer Research UK like every tuesday, that got extended to thursday as well, which means 2 days a week! Now, I got that extended to complete week like 5 days! I am a book-elephant :), if you dont know! I wanted to keep myself occupied, so I volunteered to sort out the books :) YES! This is where I manage to get hold of all those lovely books that sit elegantly in my cupboard!

I am not finding enough time to blog coz I always get lost among those books! Please dont mind for not commenting or visiting your blogs! Infact I am finding time somehow to read all the blogs, so I am late to bed like YAWN i.e. 12 at night! Only thing I am not able to manage is comment on your blog posts! Please be considerate as you always were! I will surely be updating my blog quite often!

I thank each and every reader, friend, follower in person for the sweetest comments and "get well soon" wishes! Makes me feel cozier :) You are the best! Wuv you thich much!

Monday, 14 December 2009

WetnWild Cosmetics

If you are new to WnW like myself, lets get together to know about this! Launched in 1980 as the USA’s first ‘all 99 cent’ cosmetic line, WnW is a sexy, fashionable and diverse range that sells on its high quality and affordable price. WnW is listed as one of the top five selling cosmetic brands in the States. Now, it came all the way to UK travelling across the waters :) The website claims WnW is available at TESCO; I got mine at TESCO as well! Now, they have a Christmas sale like 20% OFF online! You need to enter the code XMAS09 at check out!

I browsed all the stuff they had at TESCO, but I treated myself to 2 blushes in shades # U61431 Pearlescent Pink and # U61432 Heather Silk! It says E in the site, but my packaging says U, if you notice! These are the only singles available, but you can also try the Highlight & Contour Blush which is like a trio with light, medium and dark shades!

Claims: Silky powder formula strikes the perfect balance between soft-color coverage and sheer transparency for a natural radiant glow.

Net weight: 7 g

Ingredients: Talc, Nylon-12, Boron Nitride, Mica, Zinc Stearate, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Ethylhexyl palmitate, Kaolin, Octyldodecanol, Cyclomethicone, Silica, Lauroyl Lysine, Diazolidinyl Urea, Propylparaben, Methylparaben! Why I give you the ingredients? There are some master minds who judge the product based on the ingredients :)

Expiry: 36 months on the packaging, but 30 months from the website.

Price: 1.99 pounds, which is unbeatable for the quantity and life expectancy you get!

I find the swatches on the site are no where nearer! So, do not go by the swatches provided if you dont wanna take a chance! Now, here comes the shocker, for me at least! Dont you think Pearlescent Pink luks like Nars Orgasm? For me, 200% YES! For some reason, I feel so! I used this and it came out as peachy color with gold shimmer! If this is how you describe NARS Orgasm, this is it! We finally found the dupe for a couple of pounds :)

Girls, I tried to swatch but my camera was stubborn to pick up! I will surely post the swatch in a couple of days! Will be doing a detailed review and swatches for you soon!


Weekend Fling

Hey, long time no see! I am sick coz the weather in Scotland is really horrible since a week like its densely foggy and I am freezing to death! Its -2 C, by the way! Might not be a great deal for others, but for people from tropical climate like India will surely know the difference! I was dreaming about the beauty of snow, blame the movies, but now I really hate that! If you had never experienced snow, the fact is it stinks! Stinks like fish! I think I am gonna puke! If you are out on a snowy day, your hair stinks like YUCK! So, what I wish to convey is I might not be able to comment on your blogs for a while, but dont forget that I am reading everything you post! Kindly register in your minds that I am sick! I know you will coz you all are my considerate sweet little things :)

This weekend, I have been to Alloa and Glasgow! I have been to MAC for the first time! There is no exclusive MAC, hence its housed in House of Fraser, a British department store that retails clothing, houseware and cosmetics! Enough said! Looks like I am trying to promote HoF! I could not get to browse more at MAC coz they were calling the day off, if that makes any sense! So, I convinced myself that I will be getting back for New Year...YAY! My year starts with MAC :) Please bear with me! I sound like drunk, but I promise I am NOT!

Lets get back to the fun! I finally got my hands on the Ecotools brush set! I got the 6-piece set, the powder brush and the foundation brush! I got WnW Illuminating Bronzing Powder, WnW blush in 2 shades, Neutrogena lipcare, Blistex lip conditioner, a necklace from ASDA and hair band from Claires...phew! I am done talking!

P.S: WnW means WetnWild Cosmetics. Silly me, therez no hair band in the pic! Will post that soon!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Clinique Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40

Wondering why am I posting about sun blocks and SPFs in this chilly winter? I felt like doing this since long, but could not for some reason! This product really deserves a review, sooner or later! I so love this! So, here we are...Clinique Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40...whoaaaaaaa! I am like moving my mouth in all directions possible! Good for oral exercise!

Claims: The level of sun and environmental damage is increasing, as the ozone layer is decreasing. So, whether you are sunning at the beach or taking a walk around the block - even a cloudy day - you are expecting exposure to skin-aging and burning UVA and UVB rays. In addition, environmental aggressors such as smoke, smog and pollution come into contact with your skin every day. But, Super City Block SPF 40 provides a high level of daily sun protection many skins need.

Apply liberally before exposure to sun, as needed. Apply right before makeup as an invisible primer or alone on bare skin. Smooth evenly over your entire face. For gentle efficient removal, use any Clinique makeup remover designed to remove long-wearing color. Using fingertips, apply on cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin and blend. The Clear Block range also has SPF 25, but I was wise enough to pick this. Indian weather, you would need more than that like SPF 95 :)

Suitable: All skin types, even the most sensitive.

This is allergy-tested and 100% fragrance free. The highest level of SPF in this formula helps protect skin from the damaging UVA/UVB. It contains boosted level of anti-oxidants for added hours of protection from environmental aggressors. Safe to use around the eyes, often the most vulnerable to sun damage. The remarkably sheer, weightless formula slips on easily and absorbs quickly. This also claims the ability to hold makeup in place, making it last longer.

God, where should I begin? Luv the sage green packaging! Its not in the picture, but this has a steel cap! I bought this along with the Even Better Skin Tone Corrector, hence qualified for the promotion. I wanted to try this because any regular sun block would cost the same or may be a couple of pounds lesser! What a justification?

The consistency is not runny, sticky or greasy! YAY for the non-greasy formula! It doubles up as foundation, call it tinted whateva! It absorbs easily into the skin, but without any efforts? I dont think so! You need to work well blending this into the skin, especially darker skin! Once you blend, it makes the skin silky soft!

Dont get scared! The formula looks like foundation, but sheer version of a foundation! I normally dot the product on my face and use my fingers to blend it well! One thing I observed, leave the product for some time on the face, it becomes tough to work with! Does it make any sense? I am trying to speak English, but I am like duhhhh...

I have to work immediately the moment this product touches my face or it masks my face! Looks like I have white wash on! The product balls up, if that makes any sense! You dont have to be liberal with this, the slightest amount works well! So, start with little and use accordingly! This retails for 13 pounds for 40 ml, but it lasts ages!

This gives a luminous effect or healthy glow to the face, remember, no greasy looks! Leaves your skin well hydrated for a long time! I tried using this as a primer/base and it worked! I am not sure about the staying power of the makeup with this, but definitely stays on for at least a decent amount of time! Justified :) For combination - oily skin, this should work as a moisturizer as well! Great 2 in 1!

Seriously, I am a lazy bug when it comes to makeup. I am not a liquid foundation person. I use either MAC Studio fix powder or Lakme Radiance Compact! I tried using this along with MAC Studio Fix Powder and it gave an even matte finish! What more could I ask for? Its so simple to get the "done" looks with this! It fades out evenly, as far as my knowledge goes! Never broke out or had no patches!

Who wouldnt appreciate the higher SPF? I refused to get away with the SPF 25 suggested by the sales assistant, explained where I come from and she was like "Oh...I would prefer 40+ then..." I didnt get to try the SPF 25, so cannot comment if there is literally any difference!

I dont consider this as a downside, but you cannot see the product inside! The packaging looks obese, so I can say I have ton left! Anyway, it worked for my combination - oily skin! For some reason, I feel this might be bit drier on the dry skin, so better use a moisturizer along! Good primer to try, according to my research! No hassles whatsoeva!

Repurchase? 200% YES!

Recommend? 300% YES!

Instant Gratification? 400% YES!

Am I hallucinating or the product really has some fragrance? Too conscious :)

Sun Safety

Do Not Burn  - Five or more sunburns significantly increases your risk of developing skin cancer.

Avoid Tanning and Tanning Beds - UV light from tanning beds and the sun causes skin cancer and wrinkling. If you want to look like you’ve been in the sun, consider using a self-tanning product, but continue to use sunscreen with it.

Apply Sunscreen - Generously apply sunscreen to all exposed skin using a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15 that provides broad-spectrum protection from both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. Reapply every two hours, even on cloudy days and after swimming or sweating.

Wear Protective Clothing - Wear protective clothing such as a long-sleeved shirt, pants, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses where possible.

Seek Shade - Seek shade when appropriate remembering that the sun’s UV rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Remember the shadow rule when in the sun: Watch Your Shadow. No shadow, seek shade!

Use Extra Caution Near Water, Snow and Sand - Water, snow and sand reflect the damaging rays of the sun, which can increase your chance of sunburn.

Get Vitamin D Safely - Get vitamin D safely through a diet that includes vitamin supplements and foods fortified with Vitamin D. Dont seek the sun.

Check the UV Index - The UV Index provides important information to help you plan your outdoor activities in ways that prevent overexposure to the sun. The UV Index forecast is issued each afternoon by the National Weather Service and EPA.

Exposure Category - LOW - Index # 2 - Wear sun glasses on bright days. In winter, reflection off snow can nearly double UV strength. If you burn easily, cover up and use sun block.

Exposure Category - MODERATE - Index # 3-5 - Take precautions such as covering up and using sunscreen, if you will be outside. Stay in shade near midday when the sun is strongest.

Exposure Category - HIGH - Index # 6-7 - Protection against sunburn is needed. Reduce time in the sun between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Cover up, wear a sun hat and sun glasses, and use sun block.

Exposure Category - VERY HIGH - Index # 8-10 - Take extra precautions. Unprotected skin will be damaged and can burn quickly. Try to avoid the sun between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Otherwise, seek shade, cover up, wear a sun hat and sun glasses and use sun block.

Exposure Category - EXTREME - Index # 11+ - Take all precautions. Unprotected skin can burn in minutes. Beachgoers should know that white sand and other bright surfaces reflect UV and will increase UV exposure. Avoid the sun between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Seek shade, cover up, wear a sun hat and sun glasses and use sun block.

The UV Index is issued daily in selected cities across the U.S., but there is no harm in following these wherever! Hope this helps!

( & wallpaperez)

P.S: Save these tips for your summers!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Top 10 lip looks

A quick way to freshen up your look is changing your lip color! Agreed? I do! I present you the top 10 lip looks; the choice is yours!

Lip Stain - Gives sheer long-lasting natural color. Add a touch of gloss or layer under a lipstick for added depth.

Nude Lips - Look full and healthy. Perfect for dramatic eyes. Go for a shade fraction lighter or darker than your natural skin tone.

Satin Lipstick - Ideal for everyday. Its less severe, more forgivig than a matte finish and more subtle than a gloss.

Strong Red Matte - Spells the classic high maintenance glamor of 1950s screen sirens.

Deep Colors - Work well on darker skin tone for a dramatic night-time look. Balance with strong well-defined brows.

Tinted balm - Ideal for everyday. It gives natural touch of color while keeping lips moisturized and protected. Easy to reapply!

High-Shine Glossy Lips - Create instant glamor. Make the lips look fuller and draw attention to your mouth - great for a luscious evening look.

Creamy Lipstick - Shades of soft pink or peach gives a fresh and youthful feel to a natural day time look.

Pale Colors - Make lips look fuller. Add a touch of highlighter above the cupid's bow and draw just outside the natural lip line. A dab of gloss at the centre of the lower lip accentuates your pout.

Geisha Cupid Bow - Has a sharply defined V that needs to be drawn with precision. It works well with strong, bright colors in gloss or matte.

Girls, I didnt wanna scare you! Sorry for the nasty photo, but I had a hearty laugh! Not that you freaked out, but you were so innocent and sweet :) really sorry girls....promise you I wont repeat! Hope you like this pic better! For a second, I thought she was having nail polish brush on her lips :) wat say? I never came across a wand like that before!

(Courtesy: Jemma Kidd & Photobucket)

Monday, 7 December 2009

Beauty buzz

Many a time, I came across these but was blinking what on Earth they meant! I hate when people label me a real dumbo, so my search began! Felt like sharing these, alphabetically...

Alpha Hydroxy Acids - AHAs, sometimes fruit acids. A group of acids found in fruits and foods which are efective in increasing skin cell renewal and exfoliating the top layer of the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and generally improving the texture of the skin. Can be produced artificially in the labs.

Antioxidants - They help to protect a product from deterioration and the term is also used to describe ingredients which help to prevent free radicals from damaging the skin.

Broad spectrum sunscreen - Sun filters which offer some protection against UV light across both the UVA and UVB wavelengths.

Ceramids - Lipids/oils naturally found in the outer layers of the skin. They can be included in skincare products to reinforce the skin's natural barrier, giving added cohesion to the cell layers.

Collagen - The protein fibres found in the dermis of the skin. An animal-derived ingredient also used in some moisturizers to help soften the appearance of fine lines :(

Dermatologically tested - Tested on the human volunteers under controlled conditions approved by dermatologist to monitor for any signs of irritation. These panels also tend to include sensitive-skinned individuals, thereby ensuring the lowest possible risk of causing irritation.

Dermis - Also known as connective tissue, the dermis is the layer of skin found beneath the epidermis where collagen and elastin lie.

Elastin - Elastic fibres found in the dermis that can become slacker over time due to the effects of the sun, smoking or other causes of premature ageing and due to the ageing process itself.

Enzymes - Present in our cells to facilitate biochemical reactions that take place there. Included in skincare products to improve skin functions or to block certain skin ageing processes.

Epidermis: The outermost section of the skin, which consists layers of cells arrived at the surface from the lower levels and which subsequently fall or rubbed off.

Exfoliating: Also known as skin sloughing, the process by which you can remove the loose skin cells to improve light reflection and so help the complexion look brighter and smoother. Also allows moisturizing and active ingredients to act more effectively.

Free radicals - Molecules which play major role in the ageing of the skin by damaging the structure of the cells. May be generated on the skin by the action of sunlight, smoking and some atmospheric pollutants.

Glycolic acid - AHA that is either synthetically produced or derived from sugarcane.

Hypoallergenic - Product designed to minimize the risk of allergic reaction by using only ingredients shown to have a safe history of use.

Infra-red - Sun rays we feel on the skin as heat and that have been shown to produce low level damage over a long period of time.

Jojoba oil - A rich, natural lubricant from the seeds of a native Mexican shrub. Good for treating dry skin and scalps and often used in lipsticks (Eg: Body Shop lipsticks).

Kelp extract - Sea weed that can help stimulate, soothe and refresh the skin.

Lanolin - A very lubricating and softening skin moisturiser obtained from sheeps' wool.

Light diffusing - Particles included in skincare and makeup that scatter the light reflected off the skin, creating a soft focus effect on lines and wrinkles.

Liposomes - Minute fluid-filled spheres that contain active ingredients which can help to hold back the skin ageing process. They can penetrate in between the cells of the outer layers of the skin.

Melanin - Naturally present in skin, triggered by sunlight to provide protection against harmful UV rays.

Non-comedogenic - Refers to a product that has been shown not to block the pores, which can cause blackheads/whiteheads (comedone) or spots.

Orchid oil - Used for its conditioning properties to help maintain skin's suppleness.

Panthenol - Also called Pro-Vitamin B5, it attracts moisture to the hair and skin and has a long-lasting hydrating effect.

pH balanced - This scale meaures acidity or alkalinity of a solution with neutral being a pH of 7 and any numbers below show increasing acidity, above showing increasing alkalinity. Healthy skin is slightly acidic, so pH balanced products tend to be acidic in order to maintain the skin's natural "acid mantle", its protective and lubricating film.

Photo ageing - Skin damage as a result of exposure to UV light.

Quercitin - Found in the rinds of citrus fruits, has antioxidant properties and is thought to improve the strength of the skin's capillaries.

Retin A - Contains Retinoic acid, a derivative of vitamin A used in the treatment of acne. Also been used for its anti skin-ageing effects (not recommendable to pregnant women).

SPFs - Sun protectant factors, used in sun blocks indicate protection afforded from UVB rays and therefore the length of time you can stay in the sun without burning.

Sweet balm extract - A plant extract used for its gentle cleansing qualities.

Tea Tree oil - A natural antiseptic essential oil derived from the leaves of Australia's Melaleuca Alternifolia tree.

UVA and UVB - Simply explained, UV light rays. UVA rays are known as the ageing rays and UVB rays as the burning rays. Always use a sun block that includes protection against both.

Vitamins - Increasingly being used in moisturizers, anti skin-ageing treatments, sunscreens and color cosmetics, they are reputed to help maintain healthy skin. Vitamin A and its relative, beta-carotene, VitaminC and Vitamin E are all antioxidant vitamins.

Wheatgerm - Helps condition the skin and provides Vitamin E.

Witch Hazel - A plant extract that is soothing and refreshing.

Xanthines - A group of chemicals related to caffeine that is used in some cellulite treatments and are reputed to assist in the combustion of fat. Aminophylline, used in a range of cellulite products is a member of Xanthine family.

Yarrow extract - Used for its refreshing and soothing properties.

Zinc oxide - A filter used in sunscreens to shield the skin from UV rays.

Girls, you are more than welcome to share your 2 cents! Hope it helps!

(Courtesy: Essential Beauty)

Friday, 4 December 2009

Biotique Berberry Lotion Face Cleanser

Phew...that was mouthful! Okee girlies, today I present you the Bio Berberry aka Berberry lotion face cleanser. Unlike the honey gel, this is non-foaming effective blend of herbal extracts with natural oils that deep cleanses the skin. Contains Berberry, Red Sandalwood, Fenugreek, Lodhra Bark and Almond Oil. It retails for 135 INR for 120 ml. You can also get this in 1100 ml packaging, which could be useful for commercial purposes like at the beauty salons!

The packaging claims this is a blend of plant extracts with natural oils that deep cleanse the skin. The healing properties of Berberry, Red sandalwood, Lodhra bark and fenugreek plants along with the almond oil help cure skin blemishes.

Usage:  Lightly massage into face and neck with finger tips. Remove with damp cotton pads. Use skin freshner to remove last traces of dirt and makeup. Follow with freshner and then moisturizer.

The consistency is not runny, kinda semi I can say! I hate applying products with cotton pads, especially cleansers. I use my fingers, instead! For some reason, I believe fingers help in even distribution of the product like the areas cotton pads cannot reach! It doesnt take long to sink in, so by the time you finish applying this to the whole face, your face is ready for the task!

Remember, this is not a foaming formula. So, apply and wipe it off with cotton pads. It doesnt leave the skin dry. I dont say this moisturizes the skin 200%, but for some reason I feel my skin is not deprived of essential oils. Comparitively, skin feels hydrated. It doesnt leave any residue post application, so YAY for the non-greasy formula! Of course, who wouldnt know the difference between greasy skin and hydrated skin? No more parchy skin! I recommend using finger tips to make the best use of it!

It completely removes the makeup, but that has to be minimal. If you are loaded, I cant promise! Then, this should work for house-wives coz they have minimal makeup, logic eh :) Does it remove my mascara? I never tried that! I am too lazy to use eye makeup remover, so I normally get rid of my makeup using a foaming cleanser. That should do, I believe!

Unlike the other 2 products from Biotique, this smells YUCK! When I say that, it means really weird, for some reason! Duh...dont know how to describe this! It has fenugreek and oil notes somewhere! If you tried this, you would know what I mean!

Shall we move on to know more about the ingredients? Here we go...

Berberry aka Berberis aristata aka Tree Turmeric: Berberone hydrochloride, an alkaloid isolated from this was found to have significant anti-inflammatory activity. The roots are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activities. This drug is used in periodic neuralgia and menorrhagia (heavy periods).

Red Sandalwood aka Rakt Chandan aka Pterocarpus santalinus: Native to India, this is only found in South-India! The aqueous extracts of the plant exhibit antibiotic activity, mostly used in anti-wrinkle formulae. Being an astringent and cooling agent, it is used in several skin care preperations. Helps treat pimples and acne. This is anti-septic, wound-healing agent also used in perfume for different purposes. Paste of this wood acts as a cooling agent by external application for inflammation and headache. The powder can be made into a paste with honey and water and used directly on the face. It can also be combined with ashwagandha and cosmetic clays or mud for a detoxifying facial. Red sandalwood is used in soap to yield a dark maroon to purple color. Try using 1 teaspoon of red sandalwood powder per pound of soap. It should be added at light trace.

Lodhra bark aka Symplocus racemosa: The astringent bark helps treat liver complaints, menorrhagia and uterine disorders. This is also used in anti-wrinkle formulae. A decoction of the bark is used to treat spongy bleeding gums. The bark was prescribed for snake bite and scorpion sting.

Fenugreek: Treats wounds, inflammations, fever, muscle ache, diabetes, ulcer and cholesterol. Acts as a cleansing agent and helps reduce weight. Finest herb in enhancing feminine beauty, its anti-oxidants slow ageing and help prevent disease. Soothes skin irritated by eczema.

P.S: This is not a cosmetic product. It has therapeutic properties.

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