Monday, 31 August 2009

Nail Tip

According to Andrea Fulerton, celeb nail guru: "Always use a base and top coat. When painting your nails, be sure to seal the colour in by painting the base, colour and top coat right to the tip and edges of the nails. Base coat acts as an anchor as well as protector, so never skip it."

This is what Revlon Multicare Base + Top Coat promises:

1. Multi-tasking formula fortifies nails from bottom to top for longer wear.

2. Smoothes nails and prevents yellowing.

3. Seals and protects with high-shine finish.

4. UV absorbers fight sunlight to keep your nail colour pure.

5. Patented plasticizers and an acrylic polymer form a shiny and flexible shield.

6. DBP (dibutyl phthalate), Toluene and Formaldehyde-Free.

Application tip: Apply one coat both under and over your nail enamel.

Apricot scrub

Celeb skin guru Kathy Fields says: "Exfoliators with round exfoliating beads are more gentle on sensitive skins. Face scrubs with jagged particles like ground apricot stones can actually cause microscopic tears on the skin."

OMG, my poor skin has been a victim of apricot scrub for a while :( boohoo

I promise not to hurt my skin or tear it literally from now on! Somebody wants to join anti-apricot campaign? Jump in!

(Photo: Wiki)

Catwalk-glossy finish

Hot nail shades for autumn are peach, bronze, grey and lilac (family of lavender/mauve). Here is L'Oreal Resist & Shine Titanium Polish # 410 Vintage Peach...

You need eight coats of polish for that catwalk-glossy finish, says celeb nail guru Jessica Vartoughian. "Apply two layers of base coat, two coats of colour, then a top coat. Add another layer of colour the day after. Then four days later, apply a final layer of colour and top coat."

Whoaa... why would I apply the same colour on my nails four days later? I dont know if somebody out there really does that? If yes, the tip must be definitely for you kind!

(Courtesy: L'Oreal website)

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Maybelline Lip Smooth

May be she's born with it...or may be not......controversial eh....

The only lip care product from Maybelline (as far as I know) glides soooooooo..ft on your lips and stays put (at least for a decent amount of time). This was for Rs. 99 though not sure of any hikes off late.

I tried 2 shades, Brownie and Raspberry and I find both good in their own way. Unlike Raspberry, Brownie is just a sheer product with that sheeny-shine and no specific colour. Raspberry almost looks like hot or fuschia pink. I always prefer to wear it alone to make the most out of it...well....that's me...:)

It doesn't feel heavy on lips. It is not waxy and feels light on lips as if it is barely there. The packaging is neat and comfy to carry around. On a scale of 5, I give it

Lip smooth acts as a good base for any lip product, stick or gloss. It makes things easier and helps apply lipstick or gloss on the top for that tamed-lip look. This acts as a middle ground for people who do not prefer lipsticks and glosses. The more number of applications, the more intense the colour. What if I try using this as a cheek tint?????????

Hope you like it!

New shades of Jewel Sindoor

Here is another photograph of the flattering shades of Jewel Sindoor from the official website of Lakme.

Play as you please using this for body art, tattoo or apply in the partition of hair and're ready.......:)

(Courtesy: Lakme')

Jewel Sindoor

I use Jewel Sindoor in Maroon and I am in love with it. For Hindu women, sindoor on forehead is a symbol of status elevation. Gone are the days of women with sindoor on their foreheads, but I really appreciate Lakme as it might boost up the thought of sindoor once again because of the contemporary touch.

It's really worth-a-try and worth-a-mention especially for occasions as it has shimmer in it with gold/silver undertone. 3 more new colours are coral, gold and pearl. For the traditional look and feel, maroon is the one.

I bought mine when the product was launched and not many (at least my folks) knew if a product like that even existed. It was for Rs. 50, which is pretty cheap.

My sister tried using this as a lip gloss and ended up looking gorgeous. As I never take chances, I only try and use it for the purpose meant.

Recently, I have been to Lakme' for a hair cut and I found the new shades flattering. I could not buy them as I dont stay in a place where I can play with stuff like place sucks.........:(

(Courtesy: Lakme website)

Capsicum Curry

The most pathetic way of presenting a recipe sans garnish....

I know I sound awkward as cooking has never been my interest. Fiona, my fellow blogger, seems to have started off well. This is my first attempt, so please bear with me....

This is my way of cooking capsicum, the ingredients being:

Ginger & Garlic paste
Coriander powder
Capsicum - 3 (finely chopped)
Onion - 1 (finely chopped)
Chilli - 5/6
Tomato - 2 /3
Chilli powder

Procedure: Heat 3 spoons of oil. Add mustard and cumin and let them pop. Fry onions and chilli after 2 minutes. Add tomato, ginger & garlic paste. Let it fry for 5 min. Then, add capsicum, turmeric and chilli powder. Close the pan with lid and simmer. Add salt and 1/2 spoon coriander powder, finally.

Fiona, please teach me how to garnish so people find my recipe as stunning as yours...

(Courtesy: Divija's kitchen)

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Keyring lovely keyring! I bought this for 5 pounds at Accessorize. New to Accessorize? Its kinda high street UK store solely meant for all sorts of accessories possible like jewellery, bags, lingerie, hats, scarves, belts, cosmetics, gloves, X-mas decoration, flip-flops, lingerie....whatelse? Everything imaginable!

You find this store normally associated with Monsoon, another retailer. So, they are like dual stores operated.

I see that Accessorize has travelled all the way to India. I came across a store in Garuda Mall, Bangalore. The best part is finding Indian stuff with rather heavy price tags ;) So, if you are from Bangalore, you will know what I am talking about! I found similar stuff on my last visit to India!

Personally, I feel Accessorize is quite expensive! No hard feelings! Just an opinion! BUT you can hardly resist this store, I tell you! Everything you come across looks like "please take me away..." You find the best pastel color range here, including the bags! I never knew some colors even existed!

Why I bought this keychain? The little charms, especially the black leaf and diamante disco ball thing got my attention! Where do you expect this to be now? Safe in the packaging coz I dont wanna ruin the beauty of this! I might sound retarded, but thats me!

Thanq very much for sparing your most valuable time reading my retarded ramblings!


Kalamkari hobo bag

Ok, so this has been my new friend since June. I actually bought this baby for Rs. 590 in Kurta Company. I found this new store in Cosmos Mall near to my home. By the way, Cosmos is near ITPL Road in Bangalore. Its a hobo bag made of kalamkari fabric.

Kalamkari is either type of hand-painted or block-printed. Its a very old art which dates back to the ages of Golconda sultanate. The cotton fabric gets its glossiness by immersing it for an hour in a mixture of resin and cow milk. Contours and reasons are then drawn with a point in bamboo soaked in a mixture of jagri (might be jaggery) fermented and water; one by one these are applied, then the vegetable dyes. After applying each color, the Kalamkari is washed. Thus, each fabric can undergo up to 20 washings. Various effects are obtained by using cow dung, seeds, plants and crushed flowers. I personally do not know how these are made. (Courtesy: Wiki)

The only disadvantage is the colour of bag catches easily to anything it comes in contact with, especially if you wear pastel colours, you have to be more cautious. That too, red being a fast colour, my jute wallet was totally ruined, but I can excuse...I especially like the gold colour floral motif on the front side. I think it added more grace to it. I didnt like the K/Co. stamp in the front part. It could have stayed somewhere backstage so the bag could look more graceful. Never mind...monkey mind...

I always felt that I can never go wrong with kalamkari as I am an ardent fan of that art. I even own a couple of kalamkari salwars.

The hobo bag is a style thats typically large and characterized by a crescent or half-moon shape and a long strap to wear over the shoulder. I always like hobo as it has more room than a regular bag. Might be because of the shape whatever...I love this...........mmmuaaaaaa..........

Checkerboard Cosmetic Bag

My little black pouch; supposed to be a cosmetic bag, but now a new home for my Ipod. I bought this li'l baby during 2008 Christmas, actually non-sale item. I bought this for 3.50 pounds.

This is ideal for travelling and lets all your cosmetics sit in so you dont have to worry about the leaks and spills. I know any normal wash bag can do this job, but this is a classic piece according to me. So, it always has a special place in my collection and I love it. You can never go wrong with it, especially if it is black.

The price range of M&S always seems to be high-end and not my regular choice except for the accessories and cosmetics. They also seem to have good cosmetics like I have tried their lip gloss wands. Normally you dont find cosmetics online, but instore you get a wide range to choose over. For me, M& S has always been a perfect place for window shopping :))))))))))))))))

Squeaky-clean makeup kit!

Keeping your makeup kit in tip top shape is obviously very critical, but what is even more important is how sanitary your makeup kit can be. Brushes occupy a major portion in our kits and they should be squeaky clean! So how can you keep your kit clean?

1. Start from Hand Sanitizer Gel as it helps both sanitize and moisturize your hands.

2. Use spatulas! Instead of placing your brush directly in the makeup, scoop it out. Placing your brush or a finger in a pot of makeup can spread bacteria and “contaminate” the product.

3. Try using disposable wands if you are obsessive about cleanliness. There are disposable mascara and lip gloss wands that are best used once and don’t double dip! Dispose each wand after each use.

4. Before using a lipstick, lip liner, eye liner, brow pencil, creme stick etc spray or dip the product with Isopropyl alcohol. More than 70% is too harsh for most cosmetics. This will help sanitize the makeup. Sounds pretty

5. Use a tissue to gently wipe off each powder product such as pressed powders, eye shadows, blushes etc.

6. Use brush cleanser because it sanitizes the brush without drying out the bristles. At the end of the day, deep clean brushes using luke warm water and brush cleanser.

7. Wipe down your cases using alcohol.

8. Another part of being sanitary is keeping up on your makeup’s expiration dates. On the box of each cosmetic mostly, you will see a picture of an open container with a number next to the letter “M”. This indicates how many months the product will last once it is opened. Try this out!

I read this somewhere over the net, I dont remember. I will make sure to post the courtesy soon! Thanks to the person who gave this tip!



Diamond a girl’s best friend? Kindly reconsider. Makeup vanity is a girl’s best friend!

Glamour loves women and women love glamour. Undoubtedly, glamour can only happen at the vanity. Vanity...this is where the magic or disasters happen for many of us. A great vanity is the owner’s pride and neighbour’s envy. Some of us even inherit vanities making others jealous in the nicest way possible.

Obviously, vanities are meant to be hold-all corners for our cosmetics. But, for many of us vanities are more than just makeup tables. When you have loads and loads of products lying around, you would definitely love to showcase them in the boastful manner possible.

I love the way my makeup and junk occupy my vanity. It really feels good to have everything fall into its place. How good does it feel when your makeup too has a proper home like you do? Especially, those things that bother you the most floating around like hairpins, safety pins, tweezers, filers, clippers etc.

We surely love space and ample tabletop space is ideal for the vanity to hold whatever we own. But, many divas out there are rather more creative. Flower vases, favourite photographs, unique jewellery holders started to treasure our vanities. In fact, there is no end for our brilliance. Agreed?

I am a cosmetic junkie for almost 3 years. Products like perfumes, deodorants, compact/hand mirrors, moisturizers, lotions, hair sprays, hair accessories, eye liners, mascaras, eye shadows, nail polish, lip gloss, lipsticks (a pathetic count, of course), foundation, highlighters and compact powders occupy my vanity. Not to mention, the plethora of tools and hair brushes, I recently started collecting.

Anything attractive grabs my attention. I collect junk jewellery, too. Bangles, bracelets and earrings are my priority. As an addict, there have been new additions to the family since then.

Seriously speaking, my collection has always been mismatching. Neither do I have the largest collection of anything in particular nor are they high-street. I never stick to any brand in particular or any item in particular as I love to try everything and anything. Did I hear you groan? I am just a girl who likes her collections.

One makeup product you cannot live without?

Ever wonder why women like makeup so much? When you put on makeup and look into the mirror, you definitely see a different person. It seems that our brain too responds to makeup. After all, female brain, isn’t it? Our perception too differs with and without makeup. How many of us are confident without makeup, might be the only product we use accordingly.

It seems we have responded for centuries to makeup as it stimulates our touch, smell and sight. First, it stimulates the sense of sight because of the visual impact of the pretty colours we smear all over. Second, while too much fragrance is a turn off, a little bit of fresh scent can be a nice touch. Third, makeup can not only stimulate your hands and fingers, but also our body surface literally.

Research says that our senses trigger distinct psychological results. First, the need to camouflage, which is all about reducing anxiety, supporting our internal defence mechanism and helping with emotional stability. Second is seduction, which is about being more socially assertive and extroverted. So, all depends on our psychological profile.

Compare the way you feel on the day you apply your favourite foundation/blush to the day where you are just satisfied with your plain looks, mascara/gloss whatever. It is kind of stimulating ourselves. You feel glamorous when you are made up. It makes you smile. With the use of makeup, you can control your image for yourself.

I cannot say that I cannot live or I would go on a hunger strike without makeup, but still I love lip gloss and eye makeup a lot. Eyeliner, kohl, mascara and eye shadow would be sufficient for me. To be frank, I am not great in applying those. I apply those like anybody else would do rather than with a more professional touch. There are many ways of applying eye shadows for a particular look. Ex: Arabian look, Bollywood/Hollywood-inspired look, natural look and wing-eyed look. But, I apply the way I feel more comfortable and feasible.

Believe me, I stock lip gloss as if some bird would stock food grains for winter or autumn. I buy more, but use less. In fact, they satisfy my ego for some unknown reason. Sounds odd, eh? I use brands ranging from Lotus, Blistex, Maybelline, Revlon, Street wear to Sally Hansen, L’Oreal and Clinique.

If there is one product I cannot stay without rather than live without, that would be my deo/perfume. My mother always taught me to live and let others live.............................

Fragrance men like on women

Freshly bathed, sweet smelling with just a hint of soap is hard to resist! Perfumes make women feel attractive, confident and feminine! If you wear a fragrance your partner likes, it demonstrates that you are paying attention and making an effort to please him. Consequently, it strokes his ego. Hence the name, scent of love!

If you want to find out the fragrance your man likes on you, take him over to the perfume counter and make him smell the samples at a slower pace. It is believed that a cup full of coffee grounds to sniff in between helps him refresh his sense of smell.

Men can remember things in a more positive light with some fragrances on women, especially vanilla. Chances are good with flowery notes. So, it is rather love at first scent!

Your best fragrance is the one that makes you feel good about yourself. But, partner's choice is much much more important! Many might have even come across the response from their men "Its just you" when asked about their favourite fragrance on their women.

Whats yours Shilp? I know you are a perfume-addict! Be honest and share your views on perfumes you ever tried!

Fragrance Memories

As observed, women associate fragrances to memories. It is said that the way we use fragrances evoke pleasant reactions. Conscious or unconscious, fragrance causes people to react in ways that are beneficial to us.

Most of us are unaware of the effects of fragrance on our moods. Did you ever smell a fragrance that took you back to the pleasant memories of past? Of course, there can be unpleasant memories. But, we always make sure we cherish only the fond memories.

Many of us choose perfumes and deodorants to create a signature. Every single soul has a fragrance, which can be associated with a person, place or event in particular. Such is the intimacy between fragrance and memory. It is not unusual to mix many flavours to get a desired fragrance, too.

My fragrance is Davidoff Cool Water since my wedding, the only one my DH prefers. Inspite of the repeated laundry, our wedding clothes still give away the scent of Davidoff. It is clean, refreshing, subtle yet powerful. You can definitely make a statement with it.

Old Cinthol soap reminds me of my summer holidays and the adventures I made as a kid. Post bath, it smells great with old Cinthol. The scent of Nycil powder reminds me of the prickly heat in the summers! Ouchhhhhh... this prickly heat hurts!!! J Coconut oil reminds me of the school days (mom trying to apply oil before braiding the hair in the morning). At times, Fair & Lovely and Gokul remind me of my mom. It helped me easily find out that my mother was somewhere near and I used to pretend stunts with books. Old spice after shave and Charlie (original) perfume reminds me of my father. I used to feel safe and secure with that smell around me for some unknown reason. It always made me feel that my father was somewhere there to protect us. I hope many of us had that experience, especially in case of father. Similarly, there are many scents I can associate my brother and each and every family member with.

I have bad memories, too! I hate the smell of vaseline (body moisturizer with that sweet kinda smell). It reminds me of some people of least importance in my life. Consequently, I always make sure that there is not even a single hint of vaseline in my home or around me as I always tend to carry happiness wherever I go! I always felt that we should avoid the fragrances associated with bad memories in our lives for the better.

That's me...........

Andhra Paris i.e. Nellore

The one and only contemporary world with a traditional touch and feel!

I am a Nellorean = Why should I be a Roman in Rome when Roman can be a Roman elsewhere? How many of us agree with it? Not many, I guess! Even if we agree, not many dare to speak out. But, being a Nellorean, I value this statement a lot!

We create a trend and live up to it! We are the trend-setters, be it a social event like wedding or whatever. I feel proud to say that I am a proud citizen of Nellore. Consciously or unconsciously, we pave way for inspiring many, active or passive.

I don’t have to talk much about Nellore women because history itself has it in the name of “Nellori nerajanalu.” We Nelloreans easily get accustomed to any culture or tradition and can go according to them in a jiffy. The way we speak Telugu is definitely a tongue-twister for others. We can speak other slang of telugu easily, but it is definitely difficult for others to get that Nellore slang.

We are very broad-minded, soft-hearted, jovial, helpful and socialize easily. What not, you name it and we have it. We are never into the habit of disappointing, right ladies? We are always proactive and first ones to take the initiative.

The trends followed in Nellore will appear ages later elsewhere. Especially, when you look out for the embroidery work and stuff like that, we are second to none. There is a saying about fashion in Paris. "When you attempt to follow a particular trend, something else overtakes it, leaving you with no other choice, but to go for the latter. The saddest part is, it continues." Not sure of the authencity of this statement, might be just an assumption as Paris is a living synonym for fashion. Nellore definitely falls under the same category at least, according to what I observed. When people come to know that a particular trend is hot in the market, Nelloreans would have known that ages before.

Nobody needs a special introduction to the gold market in Nellore. Half of its reputation survives on that particular segment. Nellore gold is famous for its most delicate, intricate, light-weight designs and of course purity (reputed showrooms). One of my relatives from Hyderabad always prefers Nellore gold. Rain or shine, she comes all the way to Nellore, especially to purchase gold.

Entertainment-wise, Nellore is undoubtedly famous for its theatres, especially the group theatres like Complex. My friends, especially from Chittoor rave about theatres in Nellore. I have been to multiplex in Bangalore once (I am not a big-time movie buff), but never got the feel of a Nellore theatre. Most expensive always does not mean it has to/will be worthy.

Politics has always played a major role in the development of Nellore and thank god, finally it is a corporation today. The road to Nellore, especially from Chennai (NH5), hats off to the workers (of course, the leaders too), is a stress-free drive. The infrastructure and the clearly-marked medians on the national highway add to the beauty of it.

It would be incomplete if I do not speak about our beloved educational institutions. Though education has become commercial, god, help those kids with those heavy bags, Nellore is still famous for its education. Colleges like Narayana, KORA, Ratnam, Sri Chaitanya gave the world many brilliant minds. comes my favourite topic. These days, Nellore weddings have been the talk of the town. Right from choosing the wedding hall, every segment will be given a great detail of care and attention. It is not surprising that Nellore wedding market has flourished in such a way that within a span of months, new wedding halls sprung like mushrooms. Mind-blowing floral decoration, themes on/around the stage, mouth-watering catering menu and unique return gifts play a vital role in the weddings. Consequently, they end up like fairy-tale weddings.

Let me speak, at least, a few words about the catering menu here. I am neither a good cook nor a great food lover, but the name of Nellore cuisine itself brings memories of mouth-watering food. Nellore menu is famous for its spicy foods, not to mention our tongue-scorching Chepala pulusu, gongura mutton and natu kodi pullusu (I am a practicing vegetarian, so not sure of the taste).

Catering has become the most-sought after segment these days inspite of the skyrocketing prices. With quality hotels like Murali Krishna, Mayuri, Komala Vilas and Venkataramana, we can never be a failure. Our variety of rice stands out, especially for its cooking quality. The taste and flavour retains even after reheating. Such is our culinary potential.

With great cultivation lands, historical temples, educational institutions, last but not the least, well-known for its loving people, NELLORE IS THE BEST!

P.S:I am not here to hurt anybody’s views and have no intentions to cause offence. I am just trying to create a healthy awareness of Nellore, so that people would really love to come over. Let me know if I missed out anything most important! You are most welcome to let us know about your natives, so that I (in particular) might have a great chance to learn!

Tenali is Paris of Andhra, but its just my opinion why not call Nellore "Andhra Paris?" This is purely my love for Nellore and nothing else!


I love watching cartoons. The only cartoons I watch consistently are Heidi, the Girl of the Alps and Oswald, the Octopus.

Oswald is a blue-coloured octopus who lives in Big City, a fantasy city. He has a pet dog, Weenie. His best friends are Henry, the penguin and Daisy, the flower.

Many other funny characters make this show a big hit. I can definitely talk so much about this show. My brother and I use to fight over this show all the time.

One fine day, I got my hands on this 4-episode CD and till date, it remains as my most valuable possession. I cannot part with it even in my dream. I love Oswald..................

Bought: One Island, One Bride

Finally, I am here talking about something which is not related to makeup. Uffffffffffff.......................air of relief for everybody I tooo...........

Pretty old book, but seems to be a good one. The author of this book is Susan Stephens. Wait a minute................its Mills & Boon.

To be honest, I got this book as a freebie for a magazine called "Good Housekeeping (Mother's day edition).

Extract: Self-made billionaire Alexander Kosta comes to the island of Lefkis for revenge and wants to destroy in the name of progress. Alexander, once a common man of Lefkis loses his bride to an old man.

Ellie is the female lead who seeks refuge on the island trying to escape from her troubled past. She owns a boat inherited from her late father making a living touring. She seems to be a distraction. He wants the harbour to be cleared to make way for the super yatchs, but she is still there. She was chosen by the people of the island to voice their objection to his vision of progress for the island.

He envisaged a mini Dubai springing up where once there had been bare rock and poverty. Power boats, shopping malls, hotels and luxury spas were on their way. It was a wonder the island had survived beneath the heel of his predecessor, Demetrios Lindos who once lured Alexander's bride.

Money-making was his greatest skill, his only skill according to Ellie. The trouble comes in the form of Ellie where he has to finally seduce her into compliance.

Alexander and Ellie confront each other in such a way that their relationship starts with a dispute and turns passionate. There comes a time in his life where Ellie has a troubled past with an old man. Finally, Ellie reveals the truth and a happy reunion at last.

Finally, I liked reading this.


Lovely Potion

Here comes the lovely potion..both gel and lotion (look similar, but little different in consistency)...

The used one is gel as you can see and the brand new one (valentine's day gift from DH) is the lotion.

I always felt that the lotion spreads much better than the gel. Lotion covers my skin pretty much comparitively. The gel seems to run a bittle whereas the lotion stays put, I know I sound controversial but I somehow feel the same.

I really love the texture of my skin after application is amazing. It spreads so even on the skin and as I said, a little amount is more than sufficient. Its moreover easy to work with. You dont have to be an expert with this product.

I like both, but my priority would be lotion, I swear.

Friday, 28 August 2009


Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer
The queen of moisturizers, the most raved product, at least according to everybody. Their moisturizer seems to launch 1000 ships. A pale yellow colour liquid seems to do the desirable. It is available in both lotion and gel forms. Gel seems to be good for combination skin.

I felt that the consistency of Clinique lotion and gel are different. Lotion seems to be a bit thick, but I liked it the most comparitively. The only advantage I found in gel is a dollop of product gives full coverage. The product also lasts ages. I tried "Very Dry - Dry Combination" and "Combination Oily - Oily" skin.

The container is of course is a bit heavy for the handbags, but still manageable. I can definitely tell that its on high-street market and costs around 24 pounds in UK.

P.S: Review coming up!

Why did I resume to blogging?

I understand thousands of blogs are being created every single minute, hour and day. Why on Earth should I think that people should follow and rave about my blog? That would be the last thing on my mind.

I am a very sensitive person, but at the same time sensible about what I do. I simply cannnot stand ignorance. Better put this way: I hate it when I don't get acknowledged for what I do. I know I sound cranky. But, I am who I am and thats all I intend to be.

I started this blog with no serious intentions of getting noticed. I am just here trying to learn the ABCs of blogging with the help of my schoolmate and of course, my first friend since 7th grade. She helped me technically and promised to be my mentor all the way. I think this is the most decent way I can mention about my childhood friend and my blog-critic Shilpa Reddy. Thanks a lot buddy for making this possible.

I know I could have done this without your help, but it was written in your fate that the credit should go to you. Just kidding....Hence, this round of applause goes to you. I know its only you and me here to let's celebrate this in the most weird way ever.

Shilpsss, I promise to deliver the best I can in this blog. By the end of this weekend, I will try to give at least a decent amount of subject for you to go through.

This blog is full of my personal thoughts and my opinions on what I have come across so far. Please feel free to comment about my blog, but in a good way.

Thank You & Regards!

Story of MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

During the transit at Dubai Airport a fortnight back, I didnt know how to kill my time. I have had enough sleep on my way from Chennai, so I was a bit relaxed. I was totally in a mood to explore as this will be my only last time I can freely go around in Dubai Airport. The next time I go to Dubai will be my final return to my home land........INDIA........yayyyy......I know thats a very sad yayyyy...

My DH finally took me to Terminal 3, which is exclusively meant for Emirates (silly me, I guess all of you must be knowing) and we found our gate # very soon. Fortunately, I found a MAC store right in front and started to run. My DH started grumbling about the proximity of our gate to the MAC store, but it was so sweet of him to take me there to explore all I can. In fact, he was a bit relieved that I dont have a second chance.

I have been to India in June for my sweet little brother's wedding. Of course, thats a different story. For the wedding and reception, my beautician used MAC on me. I asked her if she could suggest any product for my skin tone and she said NC#42 will suit me. I think I dont have to exaggerate about this "NC" as I guess everybody knows MAC and its products. So, I tried NC#42 on me and OMG......... I looked like Halloween. I was a bit worried that I could never in my life find a proper foundation for my skin tone.

Then, the girl at MAC (not sure if she was a professional artist, i dont think so) was so sweet suggesting NC #50 and I was very much comfortable with that. I was literally on cloud nine that I got my hands on MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation.

The only regret was I could not try NC #55. To be honest, I didnt know that there was any shade darker than what I chose. So, ends the story.