Wednesday, 22 December 2010

MAC Capricious

By now, many of us are exhausted enough reading reviews on MAC products, especially lipsticks! Please dont worry as I am not here to begin a boring review on another MAC lipstick! Just wanted to provide swatches so the person who intends to buy a shade similar might benefit! Like a little bit more of a particular lipstick! My kinda review, girls!

Just how happy Barbie & friends look!

If you are looking for a shade similar, hope your search ends with Capricious! I dont categorize this under plum, berry, rose or purple-toned lipstick as it is your call! Do I find any purple undertones? I should get my eyes checked as I can't! I am a die-hard fan of berry lippies, so I went for Capricious! When I could pull-off Plumful which is more of purple/plum/rose/berry kind, I thought why not Capricious! In fact, I am not trying to compare Plumful to Capricious!

Capricious blends well with my complexion, day or night! It can be worn fearless and goes on with any looks unless you prefer being gothic for halloween! It goes well with fair skin tones as well! If you havent tried MAC lipsticks so far which I doubt, the formula of their lipsticks is soft like butter! Oh yeah, dont expect them to melt on your lips! Lustre formula goes sheer on lips with lesser pigmentation! Color is buildable, but not in such a way to transform your looks! More swipes, more pigmentation!

Ingredients for the curious!

Capricious has negligible teeny gold (?) sparkles in it! We all know MAC lipsticks smell like Vanilla, thanks to the ingredients! Consider the fragrance a bonus! Capricious being lustre-finish, the color might bleed! Go for a lip liner of similar shades! To be honest, I hate the concept of lip liner! I never used one till date, but I recommend you go for one if you want the color to stay longer! Line and fill your lips with a similar shade and apply Capricious on top! For that oomph factor, top it up with a transparent or similar shade gloss!

With flash!

Capricious might look dark in the tube, but it can go sheer berry on lips! It hardly stays for 2 hours after application, but one thing I enjoy the most is the stain it leaves on my lips! I hardly bother about staying power of any lipstick as long as I am happy using it time and again!

Without flash!

I wish MAC doesnt discontinue this shade, for heaven's sake! Looking for a fool-proof berry (this) toned lipstick? Give Capricious a try! Who knows? You might end up with a back up! With shades like Capricious, you can hardly bother about over-doing looks!

Upper line - couple of swipes, lower line - single swipe! With flash!

I need not tell you MAC products are very expensive with a lipstick around 1000 INR! I never bought one in India, so do check out the price at your local MAC counters! UK market it costs around 12.50 pounds and US, 14 dollars! Correct me if I am wrong!

Upper line - couple of swipes, lower line - single swipe! Without flash!

How many liked Capricious? Have you already tried this? I welcome your pearls of wisdom! Any plans for Capricious? Good luck, girls!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Body Shop Almond Body Butter

Do you know I simply enjoy a nonversation on Body Shop products, especially the body butters? I believe nothing can replace their elegance and beauty until I come across something more promising! I know I shouldn’t be saying that being an addict and loyal TBS fan! I write this as I came to know somebody out there enjoys TBS posts the way I do, may be the intensity differs! I still don’t understand how I can be partial towards one fragrance when each one is unique in its own way! The moment I open the legendary tub, I get carried away by strong emotions rather! TBS is one and the only brand that makes me nostalgic and emotional ever, as it is I am one! Credit goes to Margaret and Vicky, my friends from TBS in Scotland! God knows how much I miss them!

As far as my knowledge goes, Almond body butter is no longer in their permanent line! It is definitely not available in India, but consider yourself lucky if you spotted one! May be it is still available during sale period in UK, but it’s a regular product in US so far! Check your local stores for availability! The smaller your town, the more the chance of availability of older launches and limited editions!

What is body butter? An intense moisturizer that can be used on entire body! It is specially formulated to maximize skin hydration! Likely to be used during dry times of the year or when the skin suffers from severe lack of moisture! The ingredients offer the skin both hydration and protection!

Claims - Leaves skin soft and fragranced with the indulgent, creamy scent of almonds! Looking for a rich, intensive cream? Anyone with normal to dry skin will be passionate about this super smoother! Deliciously rich body butter soaks in almost instantly, but moisturises non-stop for up to 24 hours with sweet almond oil plus community trade Shea and Cocoa butters!

Body butters usually come in 200 ml tubs! They carry a color theme that coordinates with the fragrance! The tub is beige-colored with accents of Almonds on the lid! The product appears beige, but paler compared to the tub! Creamy in consistency, it’s truly hydrating! Though I can’t say if it literally melts on skin! I use it liberally after a shower; both the fragrance and the product stay the whole night! In fact, they last till your next bath unless you vigorously work under sun! Apply the moisturizer on damp skin! It helps lock moisturizer better!

Almond body butter is fragrant like the perfume-kind! Hence make sure your perfume doesn’t clash with your body butter! You might feel the grease on your skin if you are too liberal, so try be a bit conservative unless your skin is parched in winters! By morning, you feel your skin healthy and moisturized! The tricky part is here i.e. fragrance! I don’t find it nut-scented as others, but you might! Smells sweet just like frangipani, my favourite flower! Reminds me of exotic spa! Completely floral, but don’t get me wrong if I am a flop in describing the scent!

I would love to have a back up of Almond body butter as I enjoy the tropical feel of the fragrance! Would I recommend it? Definitely, if you enjoy the sight of frangipani flowers and exotic spas! Is it worth the hype? Try this at your local store and let me know how you feel!

If you don’t find the wide-mouthed tubs that user-friendly, transfer some product into teeny glass jar! For hygienic reasons, use a clean spatula each time! That way, you can make the best of it! Any body butter supposedly lasts 12 months once you open the tub! You can still use it past expiry, but at your own risk! I don’t mind using as all the core ingredients are completely natural! The tub lasts depending on the frequency you use!

For long lasting bathing experience, cleanse using Almond shower gel or soap! Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells using Almond body scrub before moisturizing with Almond body butter! Try Almond Hand & Nail Care Collection specifically meant for your hands and nails if you are too keen on nail care! Layering regime helps the fragrance last longer!

Key Ingredients - Sweet almond oil provides essential fatty acids that help repair the skin's moisture barrier, thus helping to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness! Shea butter moisturizes and helps soften the skin! Cocoa butter is an excellent moisturizer that melts at body temperature, leaving the skin feeling soft and silky smooth! Glycerin is an effective moisturizer which helps improve softness and maximize hydration!

Ingredients - Water, Sweet Almond Oil, Cyclomethicone, Shea Butter, Glycerin, Cocoa Butter, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Lanolin Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Xanthan Gum, Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Limonene, Benzyl Alcohol, Disodium EDTA, Coumarin, Sodium Hydroxide, Methyl 2-Octynoate, Geraniol, Caramel! To those who are particular about what you use, just in case!

Mini Mani Treat

Consider my blog only as a buying guide, especially when you are sceptical about shelling bucks! I always try to review a product as I see it! It’s only because I want my readers and friends to experience the same feel enjoying the product to core! At the same time - just because I rave, rant and review only good about a product, it doesn’t mean its worth your bucks! Avoid blame game and play safe! If we buy a product based on a blogger review, it’s only because we are tempted to buy the product in some way! May be because of the packaging, texture, grace, and ego whatever! It’s purely our problem, not the blogger's! If you are completely convinced about the product, read enough reviews till you get exhausted! Second best thing, give it a try at the store by sampling! Third, invest if you still can’t resist the temptation! That’s when you completely justify your splurge! Hope you all take it on a positive note! No hard feelings, please!

Almond Gift Set

Opinions keep changing all the while as nothing lasts forever! For personal reasons, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Moroccan Rose body butter reviews remain the same forever, no matter how enticing the recently launched body butter flavors might be! If at all you need an updated review on any body butter even if it was reviewed earlier on my blog, please feel free to message me! Interested or not, I have plans to delete all the body butter reviews any way as I am not satisfied with the dead pictures, swatches and on-spot kinda reviews! I am gonna re-review almost every body butter! The more I got to use the product, the more I came to know about it! I don’t consider myself reliable in choosing TBS stuff, especially body butters as each flavor is unique in its own way but my besties feel I know more than the sales assistants at the store and I was told the same by TBS staff as well! Hence I want to share with you all what I think I know!

P.S - If you think my reviews are unsolicited, in-depth and boring, please feel free to avoid my blog! My point is just to help at least one soul who wants to know TBS products to the core before investing as they don’t grow on trees! Don’t bother yourself if you hate my posts in particular! If you don’t like it, consider it is not for you! xoxo

Friday, 17 December 2010

Friends AKA Followers!

I thank every friend and follower in person for following almost dead blogs like mine with lot of patience! It means a lot to me, if you all can understand! Kindly give me some time to know you all, visit and follow your blogs! You all deserve that for being so sweet! Please do not hold any grudges and negativity as this is not the place for things as such!

If you are not a blogger, just here by somebody's reference or just for fun, you are more than welcome to visit both of my blogs as often! Thank you Anamika, for the exposure, pain and efforts taken! I cant thanq enough for what you have done!

P.S - The best way to know each and every blogger is only by chat, I feel! You all know I dont socialize much on Face Book and Twitter! If you feel the same way, I will be available on mail just in case!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Lip Products!!!

Might not be the largest collection you laid eyes upon, but more than enough for hubby to feel the guilt! I wish to part with some of it as I consider that a second chance to buy new stuff! Shameless, I know! I might have missed something else from my collection, but its the best I could cover up!

Lip balm!


Wish to sell the top line i.e. Body Shop!


P.S - I told you its not much, but I hardly use many of these! Just wanted to share my collection, nothing else! Glad to know Maybelline has relaunched their Watershine range! Any recommendations of lip products, especially berry and neutral shades? No browns, please!

Friday, 10 December 2010

YSL Rouge Volupte #20 Spicy Pink or Rose Epice

Greetings to everybody! Hope you are doing good in all aspects of your life! Trying to resume to regular blogging after a long hiatus! Hope to entertain my friends the way I did earlier!

Just wanted to share my perspective on YSL Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15! I know you all are capable of facing the fact one more time though you've come across YSL Rouge Volupte a zillion times so far! Just an attempt to create awareness on #20 Spicy Pink especially if you fancy pink shades! I wanted a review on this shade prior to investment, but could not find one! Once I bought it, I thought of a beneficiary review so you dont regret later! I call this an investment as I am not used to buy a lipstick for some 1700 INR! I bought mine at Dubai Airport for 17 pounds, but actually retails for 20 pounds! Wait for the sale period for the best price!

Outer case of package!

Claims - Delight your senses with Rouge Volupte, the first lipstick to instantly soften the lips, providing a unique sensation of pleasure plus exceptional radiant color! The nutri-protective film enables Rouge Volupte to act as a second skin, with a silky sensation that moisturises, nourishes and repairs the lips! With a unique colorshine complex, lips are visibly smoothed, plumped and radiant with luminous satin colors!

Revealing the breath-taking beauty!

How can one resist drop-dead packaging and gorgeous lip colors? As it is, gold keeps attracting women like nobody's business! If a golden metallic case is complemented by a lipstick and a mirror, should I tell what happens? Who wouldnt fall for it? What a strategy, YSL!!!

Clever mirror on the lid!

Shade #20 Spicy Pink or Rose Epice is cinnamon pink according to the website! I would say its more a muted-mauvey-rosey-pink! The color in the tube is less intense compared to that on lips! It becomes more rich and intense on lips, rather! Glides smooth and even; envelops your lips like a layer of fluid! Yes, it is extremely creamy and smooth! Pigmentation depends on the shade you choose, but I assure every shade has its own beauty which cannot be duplicated! Formulation of Rouge Volupte is lustrous, opaque and richly pigmented! For me, it obviously means full coverage!

Looks like peach, but its the same muted pink!

As for the long-lasting effect, I seriously dont bother about such petty issues! I dont go on a hunger strike just to retain my lip color! No harm in reapplication, especially with the provided package! Otherwise, it stays on for a reasonable amount of time! Staying power depends on the individual, I believe! If you find the color is too pigmented, blot for a muted look! Stain remains on your lips, which is more beautiful! Experience, stain doesnt stay longer compared to the lipstick as such! Surely a fragrant product, but definitely not floral like I expected! Falls under melon-scented category, which is quite a relief compared to the wax-scented others!

#20 Spicy Pink in daylight! Best reference!

As for the plumped lip effect, I am never a big fan of bee-stung lips! Hence I dont buy a lip product seeking the same effect! I believe every lip product enhances the beauty of your lips in some way or the other! Compare your lips with and without lipstick! You can definitely notice the difference, no matter minor or major! Your lips gain a particular shape when you apply lipstick or even a lip balm as a matter of fact! The secret to a soft pout is Olive oil/Almond oil and sugar scrub! I need not tell you how beautiful your lips look once they are smooth! Lip color just adds to the beauty of your lips! The world's most expensive lipstick also doesnt help in improving the texture of your lips unless you maintain your pout well!

Intricate ring with YSL initials @ center!

For the curious beauties, the longevity of YSL RV is 12 months! Have you tried YSL RV? If yes, what shades so far? What's your take? If no, what shade do you feel like trying? Please do share your insight on YSL RV! My take, I want YSL RV in every shade possible as it is definitely owner's pride! Sincere advice, do not go by the swatches online!

Package also comes with claim!

P.S - Do I recommend Rouge Volupte? I know how it feels when somebody reviews revolutionary products and recommend you not to buy for silly reasons! You definitely feel like buying at least to satisfy your ego coz that's what I tend to do at times! There are just a couple of shades that suit dark skin tones, so make sure you read enough reviews or at least one good review prior to investment! If you wanna buy it for reasons you cant disclose, go for it without giving a second thought! If you are on a budget, definitely dont turn your head towards the YSL counter! I warned you, already! Kindly do let me know if my review helped one of you, at least!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Thanq All...

I can't believe the most ignored blog has 110 followers! I thank each and every follower friend who has been patient-enough all the while! Sorry if I was not able to reply to your messages and comments! I am still contemplating when to make a come-back for personal reasons! I hate competetion especially in things I do for fun! That's whats keeping me back, I honestly confess!

As of now, am kinda involved in launching my second blog! Its almost done and looks good enough to resume to regular blogging! I might be on that for quite sometime! I keep reading my favorite blogs till date without fail! I should say I am really happy for you all, friends! Each and every blog has become an encyclopedia! At times I wonder if I should consider blogging seriously as I am a lazy goose!

Many left personal messages and also asking for recommendations, but I was not there to answer! So sorry for that, friends! I know by the time I reply, most of you dont even come back to read! So I had to leave them as such! Never think that I ignore you people! Am just taking my time! Hope you forgive me now???