Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Buffing Block

The first picture is the emery (blue coarse surface), used both on the nails and the nail bed (I use and am not sure if somebody really uses this way):

The second one is the medium/moderate grit (can you see the instructions?) or the first step of buffing from the two-step approach:
Third one is the final step for your gleaming nails.......

Pictures as per the promise...

SEACRET Buffing Block

Here is a review on the Seacret Buffing Block. Buffing is gentle surface abrasion or kinda polishing your nails using grit (rough granules, as of sand or stone). Each side, abrasion level descends! Remember, too much of buffing results in thinning of nails. So, this is not recommendable on a daily basis.

The buffing block looks bit chunky like a giant eraser, but plastic kind (not sure of the material). The cutest thing is instructions given on the block.........oh I love it.....very handy and convenient for ameteurs! The block has different textures like emery, medium grit, fine-grained grit and finally, the smooth surface for the glossy look. Here goes the buffing:

Nail File: This is nothing but a basic emery board. Personally, I do not like this as it is too harsh on nails. For the beginners, it is awful and like "OMG! What have I done to my nails!" But, trust me, you will know what buffing does to your nails in the later stages. Some people use this only to file their nails, but I use it on the nail bed too (once in a while).

Buffer: All buffers include a two-step approach, which I recommend not to skip. At this stage, the surface becomes even and your nail starts shining! The shine, particularly in the first step is deceptive. Your nails might look healthy, but wait for more to come......

Final stage: This literally gives that gleaming shine, which lasts only for a couple of days. I simply cant stop buffing my nails at this last step. The consequence is really tempting ...... your nails look like they have a transparent nail polish on them.....whatelse do we need? I prefer buffed nails to polished ones!

USAGE: Try using the block in one direction instead of back and forth, which can damage the natural healthy look of nails.

P.S: Pictures in the next post.

Monday, 14 September 2009

My new pair of shades!

Yahoo! I finally got what I was looking for since 2008! I had such a hard time finding these as I was not sure about anything in particular like for example, the shape of the frame......I used to blink literally....thanq BHS!

I was expecting to find this in Christian Dior though! This is from the Riviera Beachwear collection. The original price being 12 pounds, I paid 3.50 pounds in a massive sale (75% sale). I like that silver pouch, too!

I can't talk much, but I simply love these! Your views are most welcome!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Republic Soul Cal Floral Spotty Wallet

This Floral Spotty wallet was for 9.99 pounds, which I felt was too much for the concept of coordination. Though it was big enough, I somehow did not feel the need! Trying to be good these days :)

(Courtesy: Republic.co.uk)

Republic Soul Cal Floral Spotty 2-pocket Purse

This is the 2-pocket purse from Republic Soul Cal Floral Spotty collection. This was also for 19.99/20 pounds. If you can remember the price of the 2-pocket purse was similar to the slouch and that was why I chose the slouch over this. You know, my priority will definitely be room space while choosing a bag. The two pockets in the front definitely make task much easier for me.

I simply adore the floral charm, which makes the boxy-bag more lovable.

Have a happy weekend!

(Courtesy: Republic.co.uk)

Saturday, 12 September 2009

My birthday present this year!

Better late than never! I better dont reveal much, but I am a born-Gemini. To be honest, I care a damn about birthdays and anniversaries. But, I really love when other people celebrate, but for me, a big NO-NO!

Past 2 birthdays, I am in UK (very unfortunate)! Last year, I have got nothing materialistic though! This year, I was infact on my way to India. My DH gave me this lovely slouch bag! The price was exactly 19.99 pounds. I bought this bag from Republic Soul Cal collection. This definitely must make you stand out from the crowd and I guess that was why it was sold like crazy!

It's a slouch bag, all-over print with a single zip. As you all can make out, it is made of fabric (cleaning instruction is to wipe). This bag was really in then! There was a day where I found 4 women with the same bag, me being the fifth. Of course, I dont tell that we must & should follow others, but this is really a great bag. The design is beautiful and the bag was of uncompromising quality.

Being neutral, it should go well with any outfit which is really great! I seriously cannot explain the true colours in it as there are no primary colours in this according to me. What I find is grey, peach, nude, white and pastel blue. Kindly excuse as I am very bad in description. All pastel and neutral colours make this bag more stunning.

This bag also came in other forms like a wallet and 2-pocket purse. While I was in a dilemma of choosing, but my DH helped me in no time. Infact, he also liked the 2-pocket purse, but his justification was purse kind can be used at any time of life unlike slouch bags. I felt that was the most convincing justification ever and blindly went for the slouch.

The only thing is you need seperate organizer for everything in this bag. As far as I am concerned, working women find it difficult with this bag. It has room for everything and anything, but takes some effort to find something. I would definitely not go for this if I am in a hurry. This is something nonprofessional, I feel. Nothing controversial, but my honest opinion and personal experience. I better carry a torch this time onwards to find things, especially in dark. I always have to peep into this to find my things, especially little ones like lip balm pots and stuff. Thank god, I started to organize everything since.

Expect more photos..........

Thursday, 3 September 2009

TRESemme' Remoisturizing Conditioner

I have been using this for 6 months almost and I am pretty much confident to recommend this product to anybody in life. Such a nice formulation and helps maintain the tresses so smoo....th. It detangles the hair and thats a big saver as my hair is a bit knotty-naughty......:)

It has that lingering perfume, but not too heavy.....let me try....delicate...na.....floral...na......coconut.......I dont know, but smells heavenly for sure. I am a die-hard fan of this product.

I mix it with my shampoo and rinse along and thats my way of usage. Currently, I use L'Oreal Elvive Anti-dandruff Shampoo (dark blue container). I wash it and thats it...no residue...nothing. My hair feels squeaky-clean, non-greasy, soft, bouncy and healthy.

I always tend to lose hair if I use conditioner seperately, hence adapted this technique. There is no frizzy hair at the end. Once your hair is dry, it rea.......lly feels heavenly...GOD.......I wish to use this on my hair daily. I normally wash my hair alternative days, but now I wash it daily almost. It doesnt take forever to wash, which makes it even more easier. It also helped me earn compliments from total strangers, which obviously tempts me to use this more on a constant basis.

I got this product in a sale for 2 pounds in Tesco, which is simply WOW!!! What can I say? 900ml for 2 pounds..........freaking cheap and it lasts ages and ages, especially for those with shorter hair! They have many ranges or formulae like Moisture rich, Remoisturizing, Volume, Colour etc...so you dont have to use the same old stuff all the time.

I dont know how this works with Tresemme Shampoo, may be time for me to try? I can blindly rate this product 5/5, except that its too heavy to carry around.

Maybelline Shiny-licious

This is my tube of Maybelline Shiny-licious range in #85 Chocolate Cherry and the perfect MLBB colour. The colour is very natural and it really helps bring out the natural tone of my lips. This is not too sticky (attracts my lovely hair at times) and feels very light on lips.

The packaging is neat and thank god, it is transparent. I find the concept of the colour of the lid/cap being similar to the product very attractive. I actually like the sponge/foam applicator which glides smoo.......th on the lips. That too, its is slant and it helps very well in even and precise application of the product. The scent of this is lingering (sometimes) and not too pigmented. It looks plum-coloured in the packaging, but certainly has some brown undertone to it......I feel strongly.

I think the best out of it can be made by topping this product on your favourite lip products. I prefer using Clinique Black Honey as a base to this gloss and perfect..........they go together. This has no glitter or shimmer to it, but fairly sheer in texture. It tastes like a candy and smells sweet too, hence the name shiny-licious (must be a combo of shiny and delicious).

Not too long-lasting and fades evenly. C'mon... I can't complain for that price.....it's simply cool. On a scale of 5, I rate it 5......................simply cool.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Maybelline Shine Seduction Glossy Lip Colour

I am not brand-loyal, especially in case of colour cosmetics. So, anything catchy gets my serious attention. I dont know why am I bent over this plum family, well...here comes my Maybelline Shine Seduction lip gloss in #310 Bitten Plum.

The first thing I see in a product is the brand (at least, a well-known brand with some standards). Second comes the price. Third comes the colour. Fourth comes the packaging and last but not the least the offers simply blow me away. I am a sucker for off.......ers. Especially, 3 for 2 offer is the one I really dont want to miss by any chance.

This particular product gives pretty good shine thats not too sheeny-shiny, lets say subtle shine. I never had a chance of introducing my lip balm to this, so not sure how it looks with balm under. Otherwise, it does not last that long. The product is great in its own way, but once faded, I could see my lips chapped. Not sure if its because of the product or because of lack of lip balm.

The packaging is pretty cool and shiny, ok let's consider that to be a pen. The colour of the lip gloss is seen in the middle of the pen. The tip is porous (six decent pores) and acts as a sifter to allow the product conveniently. The tip is slant and helps in precise application of the gloss. The tip of the pen really helps have control while applying. At the bottom, you find the control. Once that is twisted/turned clock-wise, product starts coming from the pores. You can hear it click-click, hence the name click-through pen (right?).

Finally, God..........this does not stick..........It is so slim and easy to carry. No worry of leakage or bad spills. I always felt Maybelline came up with unique shades of colour cosmetics. I bought this for Rs. 310 last year, which is a bit pricey for me. But, the packaging compensates the price so not a big deal.........

The only thing I dont like in this is the smell yuck..........I simply cannot define that. On a scale of 5, I would rate this 4.5.

Lakme Snapshine Hair Spray

Alright.......alright... my first hair product that I am gonna talk about is Lakme Hair Next Snap Shine Hair Spray..............OMG............too long for a hair spray.

It comes in a fuschia-coloured plastic bottle. I particularly like this bcoz its light to carry around and looks very colourful. People often talk "Do not judge a book by its cover" blah blah blah.... but I somehow feel that the cover page should be as appealing as the story. So, I seriously like the packaging!!!

This product is meant for that dazzling sheen to your hair, which it surely gives. But on a muddy road (especially with pollution around), I felt my hair rough at touch. It says: "Unique formula (like everybody does:) ) enriched with special Silicone complex, Chamomile and Hibiscus extracts that gives luminous shiny hair in an instant. This is suppposed to be sprayed on clean dry hair. Silly me......I always spray on wet hair, which I like a lot.

I basically like the wet look, so I think it helps hold my tresses and I end up spraying on my wet hair. The price was Rs. 195 for 120 ml, a year-and-a-half ago. I especially like transparent bottles so that I will be the first one to know when I am done! Analysis..........huh!!!

It smells floral, fruity and also alcohol, which confuses me a lot. I dont know if I like this product or not. Guess, I like it for the floral & fruity scent and I hate it for the alchohol. I am still using this product beyond expiry.........well...thats me.......:)

Revlon Super Lustrous Cherries In The Glow

So, here comes my all-time favourite lippie.............Revlon Cherries In The Glow.

This shade name in particular has a story. My friend's sister had this penchant for cosmetics and had Revlon Berries In Snow nail colour and OMG I simply had to love that the very first sight!!! There came a fine dawn in my 9th grade where I could see that colour on my nails. I still remember that beautiful colour on my looooooo....ng fingers and that was when I realized I too had great fingers (of course, my personal opinion...uh.....wait a minute, my friend's sis always wished to have long fingers like I did). I am not sure if they still do that shade, but whenever I hear of Berries or Cherries, it makes me specifically nostalgic.

My first investment in Revlon was Super Lustrous Lip gloss in #18 Pearl Plum (also #090), which I am gonna talk about soon. I was longing for Cherries In The Glow since I saw that in my cousin's vanity. I told her to find one for me, but by then, that colour had been discontinued. I felt so bad and let it go thinking it might be from the temporary collection.

My luck finally landed me in Brand Factory and there was a sale going on. When I was browsing the aisles, I came to know that this shade was on-the-move. I am glad I got my hands on it and simply no regrets. How I wish they consider this colour in their permanent collection? I got this for Rs. 250 (actual price being Rs. 310), which was pretty good bargain for me. I would have bought this particular thing even if it was a non-sale item.

I hear people describing this as red, but I always find flesh undertone to this. It appears red from one profile but the other side, looks fleshy. No shimmer, no glitter, no frost and only flesh-red (not sure if the comparision is right). Gives blushing look to your lips. This is that type of colour which everybody can have a backup (spare) in case you worry that you might run out of this one day? I wish to have one more....

The consistency is good, not-so-heavy and of course, my hair sticks to this also.....thought might not be too sticky as Sally Hansen's lip treatment. Packaging was pretty good and looks high-end. . Being a drug store brand, Revlon is more on the pricey side in UK. I always get L'Oreal, Bourjois etc for a cheaper price comparitively. I don't know if its same everywhere.

It looked cool for my skin tone and stays put at least for a decent amount of time. I would prefer wearing this colour alone rather. It fades out evenly, which is what I like in this particular colour. I wish this must be the only colour having more number of positive reviews than anything else. I simply recommend this colour to anybody in my life, even those who are not in to lip glosses and lipsticks can carry this colour very confidently.

As of now, I dont think this specific product has any disadvantages. If somebody did come across, please do let me know!