Sunday, 23 January 2011

Oriflame Hydra Comfort Lipstick # 4326 Cranberry Crush

Claims - Long wearing colour so light and comfortable you'll forget you are wearing it! Contains shea butter to nourish and Vitamin E to protect!

Did I scare you?

Excuse me if I am bad at categorizing, but I consider this shade a mix of red and berry! If at all that makes any sense as berries are mostly associated with red! Its louder on lips alone, which is why I hardly use it as a lipstick! Cranberry Crush is a pure tint, no matter what others say! I can never imagine this alone on my lips, not even my vague dreams! It lasts ages for me as a tint, so no chance of repurchase! Otherwise, I would recommend this shade to everybody!

My friend who is an Oriflame consultant herself bought # Very Berry! I safely opted for Cranberry Crush as the name itself speaks of berries, lots of hope deep inside! We couldnt stop laughing once our products arrived! Very Berry turned out to be something quite shimmery, which she loathes! Finally, she had to place an order for another Cranberry Crush!

Packaging is simple-sweet, nothing unique! Blue tube with silver band in the middle, which displays the brand name! Cranberry Crush is a deep berry red! A must-have if you are yet to try reds, but so desperate to have one in your stash! Perfectly compliments any skin tone, no matter what! Dont let the intensity of the lipstick scare you! Its the deep pigmentation, which makes it more sexy! Cranberry Crush is a very-buildable shade! Active lipstick on your lips can make you look sexy??? Blot and apply a clear gloss or balm! Voila! Passive lipstick can be sexier! Cranberry Crush transforms depending on what you want to be, sexy or sexier!

I always use a lip balm prior, so it helps lips look voluminously healthy! Used alone, Cranberry Crush is more of a matte-finish, hence the tint once wiped! I am not sure if its the same with other shades, though! Try to remove easy with Vaseline for seriously healthy lips! My way - A lip balm topped with Cranberry Crush, blotted and topped-up using a balm or gloss! Gloss can either be clear or your favorite berry shade!

Flash, aye!

I dont care if its long-lasting, but it stays on for a decent amount of time! Stays with food and water! I need not talk much about color pay-off as it is very evident! Doesnt feel heavy on lips, but I can never forget I have this on my lips for a good reason! Doesnt smell like anything in particular apart from the typical lipstick scent! No wax scent! One great shade for both day and night depending on the state-of-art application! Lovely tint by day and daring lipstick by night! Oriflame products are not tested against animals, hear-say!

Sans flash!

Oriflame hydra comfort lipstick comes in 22 shades, so there might be one for you! Cranberry Crush is definitely worth the price, which is 169 INR for 4 g! Prices might vary according to the offers that particular month! You can always get Oriflame products from either your neighbourhood consultant or online! Never ever go by the online or catalogue swatches! Very misleading and misinterpreted! Experience counts!


Always look out for reviews! If you dont find any over the net, request your favorite blogger if she has tried the product earlier! Not every product under the sun is reviewed, so make sure you know what you buy! If your pockets are deeper, no harm in experimenting too!

P.S - Pooja Bali is the right person to approach regarding Oriflame products, as far as my knowledge goes! Warm wonderful woman, a rare find these days! She gets to review most of the products including their new launches as well!

P.S.S - If you are an Oriflame/Amway/Modicare/Avon/Hindustan Lever consultant yourself (beauty blogger too), kindly let me know so that I can refer you for reviews and recommendations further!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Maybelline Watershine Lipstick #13 Ice Tea

Maybelline's moisturising range of lipsticks for those who hardly bother about pigmentation and staying power! Its more of a gloss in stick form leaving a glister on your lips, finally delivering the promised water effect! Doesnt last long unless you go on a hunger strike! They are not sticky! Vitamin E enriched, which helps in retaining moisture longer! Hypoallergenic i.e less tendency to provoke any allergic reaction!

Lipstick is melon-scented, which I am not a big fan of! If you like the feel of summer, fresh fruits and tropical weather, this might be for you! Not particularly con, but I find the zangy pink packaging a bit tacky! I prefer the lilac version better! Its definitely not for those who find reapplying very irritating!

Ice Tea is more of a browney-nude with pink undertones hard to detect, but the best if you dont want to look too made up! Color is kind of transparent, so better stay away from Watershine range of lipsticks if you are looking for great color payoff! More layers doesnt always mean more pigmentation! If your lips are naturally pigmented, it would be wise not to expect great color! Its easy to remove, thanks to the formula. Doesnt leave any tinted lips!

I admire Maybelline for categorizing shades according to the skin tone! But, who knows you might find your favorite shade from the other skin tone range! So, always watch out. Unless you worry about the pigmentation, these lipsticks are great value for money!

No matter how expensive or high-end your lip product is, make sure to exfoliate your lips often! Best scrub is olive oil and sugar! Follow using a lip balm or conditioner before bedtime! Pros being economic, wide range of shades, moisturizing and easy to remove and cons being less pigmentation and  not that long-lasting!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Beauty & Bloggers!

Blogging is so trendy these days! Every minute, a blog is born in some part of the world! People blog for different reasons, mine being enjoying writing! Many of you keep boosting my ego saying I write well, thank you for that! Not that I missed product reviews, but the core reason I came back to blogging after a long hiatus was I missed writing terribly!

To be honest, I didnt want to be a beauty blogger in the beginning! Shocker? Now you know the reason for my blog's name! Identity is one thing I dont compromise on! I wanted my blog to be random about everything under sun that involves me, but my blog later turned out to be a beauty blog for unexpected reasons!

The journey so far was memorable as I discovered great bunch of virtual friends! I hardly know them, but they inspire me in lot of ways! No names, but they are the ones that keep me going! There are things in every aspect of life which are not documented any where, but you learn only from experience! I thought they might help others, especially if you are about to start! I dont mind if you call it the Guide To Blogging! In fact, many of these are from my own experience!

Make sure what do you want your blog to be about! Name it accordingly! Not that it should be that way, but it looks apt for a beauty blog to carry a name accordingly! Unlike mine! Why? You dont want to change your blog name often and keep updating your friends! It can be irritating after an extent!

Blogging is not about followers! Please! Do not visit blogs for that purpose and leave messages on random blogs! Never start the conversation saying "Lovely blog! Just found! Please find time to visit my blog!" Such a bad one-liner! We all know we abandon such blogs if they dont respond! Or they follow yours, but you dont find time to follow them! Or you follow them only if they follow yours! Why? It degrades your skills! Everybody is blessed with talent, but different aspect may be! Followers and regular comments mean a lot as they inspire you, of course! Let things take their own course, instead! Leave your blog link on their blogs, rather! Not everybody can trace back your blogs with your comments! If they find your blog good enough, they will definitely extend the courtesy of following you back! Some might even go to the extent of making a special post about a new-found blog!

Unless the blogger is hyper-friendly, you need not know more than what the bloggers wish to reveal about themselves! The more you wish to know, the sour the reply will be! Worst case, you might be ignored! For instance, "Would love to know your name or more about you!" Why? The more you are ignored, the more you get hurt! Who wants that? Nobody deserves hurt!

Wait till the blogger responds to your comment! No reply to your comment on my blog doesnt mean I ignore you or I dont wish to reply! It might be for many reasons! See if the blogger is active for a while! Such cases, better mail your questions! You will surely get a response sooner or later, unless the blogger is in a remote place without basic facilities like internet! Never think negative!

Give Away! One thing I dont bother about! Bloggers give away free stuff to a set of winners! The rule for entry being you following, commenting often and posting about the Give Away on your blog so your followers too get to know about their blog! Every blogger has a set of different rules for their Give Away, National or Inter-national! Its just fun, but dont take part unless you are super-sportive! Just because bloggers dont notice, its not fair to subscribe during Give Away and unsubscribe later! Dont blame bloggers as winners are selected on a random basis! Why? I assume there are sensitive people around like me if they dont make it!

Never make your blog a debate-platform! Nasty, aye! This applies to you and your followers, too! Dont let people misuse your space! For instance, dont let some C speak about B on A's blog justifying who's better around! Your friend need not be mine! Why? Things as such do not make a huge difference in anybody's life! Good or bad! What's the point, then?

Treat others the way you wish to be treated! Good happens only to good! What goes around comes around definitely, one day or the other! Consider Internet a platform to make virtual friends and maintain good rapport! Why justify blogger A just listening to blogger B whom you hardly know either? Dont get influenced in a bad way! Know the person in real! If you cannot, dont develop hatred towards that blogger! We are all here for fun, sharing our knowledge! Let nothing spoil the sport! Listen to your gut! If you suspect a foul play anywhere, kindly ignore such places! Hope for peace and happiness around! That happens only when you spread some on your own! Not a Herculean task, right?

Just because your favorite blogger does huge hauls all the time, doesnt mean its time you do the same! We all have our budget limits! For instance, not every teenager can afford high-end brands! Especially, the word "Limited Edition" puts hell lot of pressure! There is nothing as "Never comes back"! Cult favorites remain forever where as limited editions come back as repromotions some way or the other! You might miss some that way, but there is no harm in looking out for the exact shade in other brands instead! Nothing is worth your hard-earned! Unless you are a professional and you know your things!

Dont just stick to one brand just because the other blogger talks only about that! Keep trying new brands you have super-sensitive skin! Who knows what lies where! High-end always doesnt mean it should meet your expectations and match you exactly! There are wonder products from budget-friendly brands, too! Explore and do your own research if you cannot find great reviews!

Dont shop online unless you hardly bother about scams! Not every website out there is a genuine one! Your fellow bloggers are always there to help you, so find out the best available! Regarding E-Bay, find about particular sellers! Some sites charge you a bomb for shipping, so its better you cross-check with your friends! Particular time of the year like New Year, X-mas or holidays, you might get lucky with free shipping! Wait till then, if you can!

Try to visit and comment your follower's blogs often if not regularly! We all have our own reasons for being busy, but make sure you extend the courtesy! No harm in leaving a friendly mail once in a while to your blogger friends! If you are sure about their special days, better leave them a mail instead! A message on social networking site means they are just somebody from the lot, but a mail means they are special! My way of staying in touch with friends need not necessarily be yours, so its up to you to choose!

No harm in posting updates about all brands, especially new launches! But review your own products, tested and tried! If you are too busy to take pictures of the products reviewed and wish to pick from the internet, extend the courtesy of linking back! You can mention the site name, at least! Last but not the least, do not blog for freebies! I can't exaggerate about this, so its for you understand!

P.S -  We all get hurt at some point of our lives, but time and tide waits for none! Move on! Nothing stays forever! Always remember, "Nobody is worth your tears! If they are, they dont hurt you!" Be good to friends and ignore those you consider unfriendly! If you cant be close friends with some hundreds, at least be nice to every one! Dont even think of the word "Enemy", not even in your dreams! It literally ruins everything! I dont make the rules, so you decide how you wish to survive around! You all will get to know more once blogging gets into your nerves! Good luck is all I can say! Shivani @ Adorable On Your Vanity passively inspired me to post this! I owe you, honey!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Haul Time!

Let me not start off with the monotonous one-liner "nothing exciting, but"! Of course, whatever I buy should definitely be exciting for me at least! It means something to me or else there is no point in picking, right? Elle 18 nail color in PP61, Lakme nail color in 044 from Gypsy Collection and Lakme Insta liner in Black and three regular-wear kurtis!

Thanq very much, V!

Never in my life I thought finding Lakme products would be such a pain! My neighbourhood is blessed with the so-called big malls, but they never carry the right stuff! The beauty store @ one mall either doesnt stock up or remains closed due to restoration issues! The second mall always has products from earlier collections, not the latest launch! Not even the privilege of testers! There is no point in those malls existing where they cannot stock up the most budget-friendly brand like Lakme! My friend got hold of this particular nail color from her place! By the way, I cant even locate Elle 18 Color Bomb collection and Tips n Toes in my locality! Where on Earth do I live? Pretty disgusting!

My friend gifted me a couple of funky nail colors and a Japanese fan aka hand fan! On her way to Mysore, she picked a couple of baby blue and baby pink hand fans! The baby pink one ended up  in my stash! Blue nail color descends from Wendell Rodricks Tropical Island Collection from Summer 2008! The red-silver flecks nail color is from Carlo Di Roma, possibly a Spanish brand! Correct me if I am wrong!

No matter how many branded eye liners raid the market, I keep going back to my all-time favorite Lakme Insta-Liner! There are things that cannot be replaced! The guy @ Elle 18 told me something interesting about the Color Bomb range! His perspective - packaging revamped, price hiked, but quality and shades remain the same as of the earlier version! I wish Elle 18 nail colors carry proper names instead of random alphabets and numericals!

NYX Update!!!

NYX Color Cosmetics has a free makeover and some exclusive offers @ Hyper City, Bangalore East! On purchase worth 700 INR, you get to choose between eye liner or lip liner worth 200 INR! Might depend on the stock, again! On purchase worth 1000 INR, you get a small trusso box worth 300 INR! On purchase worth 1500 INR, you get a medium trusso box worth 500 INR! On purchase worth 2000 INR, you get a big trusso box worth 700 INR! Check out if you are in and around Hyper City!

Make sure you dont let the girl @ the counter convince you with crap! She imagines Round and Black Label lipsticks are one and the same including similar shades and they both are pretty much same except for the price! Imagine people who are new to makeup and sales staff!

Compared to NYX abroad and online, I find the price in INR atrocious! Especially with live sites like Cherry Culture and others, I am not ready to pay rocket price for a lipstick or a lip gloss! Though I am tempted to buy the Black Label lipsticks, I know I can wait longer to get them at a justifiable price!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Collection!

Bobbi Brown has come up with two palettes namely Pretty Face and Powerful Face, their limited edition collection!

Pretty Face Palette - Healthy, natural makeup doesn't mean nude or washed out! Case in point: the Pretty Palette! Filled with four beautifully wearable soft pinks and browns for eyes, this versatile palette lets you go anywhere from almost bare to glam and smoky-always with a romantic edge! Pretty Pink blush and a shot of bright pink for lips complete the look with a pretty pop of colour! Ideal for fair to medium complexions!

Pretty Face Palette!

For Eyes Left to Right & Top to Bottom - Ivory (creamy white), Pink Flannel (nude pink), Pink Chiffon Shimmer Wash ( bright pink with shimmer), Chocolate Caviar (deep chocolate brown)

For Cheeks - Pretty Pink (warm baby pink)

For Lips Top to Bottom - Soiree Pink Glitter gloss (baby pink with silver flecks), Bubble Bath (bright neutral pink), Sandwash Pink (beige pink)

Powerful Face Palette - Healthy, natural makeup doesn't mean nude or washed out! Case in point: the Powerful Palette! Filled with four beautifully wearable soft pinks and browns for eyes, this versatile palette lets you go anywhere from almost bare to glam and smoky-always with a romantic edge!  Plum blush and a shot of bright pink for lips complete the look with a pretty pop of colour! Ideal for medium and deep complexions!

Powerful Face Palette!

For Eyes Left to Right & Top to Bottom - Navajo (creamy pinkish white), Rose Gold Shimmer Wash (golden pink), Burnished Rose (warm rose), Chocolate Caviar (deep chocolate brown)

For Cheeks - Plum Blush (deep pinky plum)

For Lips Top to Bottom - Pink Pudding gloss (bright medium pink), Pink Bouquet (baby pink with silver flecks), Powerful Lip Color (bright deep pink)

Should I say they are Limited Edition? Yes, they are! Retails for £42 each in United Kingdom and $60 each in United States! I would prefer Powerful Palette! How about you?

"I have always loved a natural look, but that doesnt have to mean nude color! The Pretty Powerful palettes are filled with pink tones that range from soft to warm and even a shot of bright to create a healthy look because nothing is more beautiful to me than a healthy complexion!" - Bobbi Brown

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Body Shop Carrot Moisture Cream

Claims - You will be rabbiting on about this rich daily moisture cream that leaves the skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth! An old favourite from The Body Shop, originally launched in 1980 - now improved with added Community Trade Sesame Oil and Community Trade Beeswax! Only available size being 50 ml! Can be used as a part of daily skin care regime!

I bought these just before leaving UK! I always trust Margaret and Vicky @ TBS, so I bought this without giving a second thought! Each tub originally retails for 3.99, but that was Buy One Get One Free! So, I paid for one tub finally! Carrot Cream is from Body Shop Originals range otherwise called Anita's Favorites!

Anita's Favorites also include products like Banana shampoo & conditioner, Dewberry bath & shower gel, Dewberry body lotion, Ice Blue shampoo, Green Apple bath & shower gel, Passion Fruit cleansing gel, Cucumber water, Cucumber cleansing milk and Fuzzy Peach bath & shower gel - each £3.99! Carrot Cream is not "yet" available in India, unfortunately! How sad! As of United States, this originally retails for $8.99, but now available for just $3!

On a casual visit to the store, I found different range of products I have never encountered earlier! Vicky told me they were supposed to sell the Original line for Buy One Get Free for a while! She also told me the Original line wont last that long, which means they will be taken off the shelves! I only wish they stay forever! I consider this a wise investment ever made! I wish I had a heavy backup! Carrot Cream is just pure carrots including the pulp and smells more or less the same except for the superficial honey-rose fragrance! Honey-scented because of beeswax? May be! The fragrance of the product is not over-powering unless you are allergic to carrots! I wish you are not, as you might miss a wonder product!

Its a blessing for those with dry and parched skin! Normal to combination skin, you can no doubt go for this! Oily skin, better stay away! It tends to get greasy, especially in hot and tropical weather! I would prefer this as a night cream, rather! Next morning, you wake up to luxuriously soft skin! Winter is the best time to get more out of this! Definitely worth every penny, great value product! The cream being rich and thick, little goes a long way! 50 ml tub should last more than you expect! Product is peach-colored as the tub!

It felt a bit heavy on my skin during summers, so I saved mine for winters! The trick, peanut-sized product is more than enough to work all the way! Easily absorbs into the skin! To start off, skin feels a bit taut! Acts as a great primer for makeup application! It stays on for longer hours! Leaves your skin nourished and healthy all day long! For those blessed with flawless skin and who do not worry much about layering regime of makeup, Carrot Cream is one sufficient product for that radiating glow! Fits easily into your bag, no matter what size your bag is! I believe Body Shop made a big mistake discontinuing Carrot Moisture Cream!

Key Ingredients - Community Trade Sesame Oil helps to soften the skin! Community trade Beeswax helps moisturize and condition the skin while acting as a barrier to help seal in moisture! Beeswax, well-known for its moisturising properties, is a natural emulsifier and thickener and has been used in cosmetics for the past 2000 years! Its used in Body Shop products to help form a protective layer on the skin, which reduces moisture loss! Carrot oil helps revive and condition the skin! How would you react on your encounter with carrot pulp while applying? Who expected carrot to be this good? Not myself, definitely! Some things do prove us wrong! Enough rabbiting! Its time you try and let me know your perspective!

Ingredients - Aqua, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Methyl Glucose Sesquistearate, PEG-20 Methyl Glucose Sesquistearate, Dimethicone, Stearic Acid, Lanolin Alcohol, Cera Alba, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Xanthan Gum, Parfum, Tocopherol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Geraniol, Citronellol, Linalool, Beta-Carotene, Daucus Carota Extract, Daucus Carota Sativa Seed Oil, Eugenol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone.

P.S - Never let hubby near your vanity! I got to use only the first quarter, but he is already through the second pot! So religious, thanks to his dry skin during winters! He is a Body Shop convert, so he quite enjoys using their products! Repurchase? YES!!!

P.S.S - Sale period varies accordingly, so check your local stores! The right time to invest on Body Shop products is June and January, more or less 2 weeks! Thats when the madness sale starts! If you wish to try most of their products without spending generously, its that time of the year nobody can simply ignore!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Clinique Super Defense SPF 25

Why do people name mouthful? Clinique Super Defense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer meant for Dry to Combination skin! Now, I consider that a complete! Think of my jaw bone exercise for a decent amount of time! Back to the product, it was a freebie from Clinique's Autumn 2009 promotion! I have something for the Clinique promotional products as their bags are to die-for, girly and chic apart from bow detailing!

It took me a while to almost complete this as I was already using Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (pump) and Lotion (sans pump) as well! Another mouthful! Gel kind is preferable if you are blessed with combination skin as it goes easy on your skin! Super Defense SPF 25 as you can see is just a 15 ml pot which hardly lasts a month! Again, it depends on your usage! Speaking of the freebie!

Can you locate the wee tub?

Claims - Skin's most complete defense against the visible signs of aging in a daily moisturizer! Arms it to fight the effects of emotional stress, which can damage skin with effects much like sun and pollution! Helps neutralize UVA and UVB!

Full-size tub!

First impression, instant gratification! I hardly find instantly gratifying products especially in skincare, but Clinique has never disappointed me so far! Ever since I started using this, I couldnt branch out to another moisturizer! Who doesnt know Clinique products are pretty expensive? I already tried 3 of their moisturizers, but Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is still left! You can expect a review on that, soon!

Sample tub!

Just like anybody else, I found this lying in my stash for quite a while! Good thing I keep checking my stuff once in a while! One good habit I am proud of! I keep digging products like this often! I know its not that type to end up in stash un-touched, but still we all have been there! Isn't it?

Products with SPF are good to use as they make your routine a bit easy like one step shorter! You need not layer your skin with sun blocks or sunscreens! I believe SPF 25 is decent-enough for Indian summers or weather as such! Dont ask me how, but this worked differently in UK! Weird, isnt it? May be because of the intensity of the sun! Might not be major, but I noticed teeny difference the way it works! Indian weather, it tends to get a bit greasy on skin! Again, it depends on how liberal you are with the product! Logic, aye!

Sans ingredients!

My skin has not broken out from any Clinique product so far, which includes this as well! The consistency of the product is rich and creamy, almost like whipped cream! Ivory in color! Easily blends into your skin no matter what, but make sure you work it out soon! Or else, you might end up with blotches! Makes skin feel taut, which is a good sign!

Who doesnt like the sound of "anti-age" in their products? I just love that, especially in moisturizers! Bonus! There are other versions available if your skin falls under different category! Clinique always gives sample sachets to try before investing! Clinique as a company, I mean! It depends on the staff at your mall, again! We all had our experiences, right? Make sure you find out about the samples at the counter before hand!

Almost through!

Unless a big day, I hate tidious jobs like using eye cream! I am happy with just moisturizer! As I use MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation (phew), I dont need to worry about looking too made up! Does that make any sense? It acts as a good primer for makeup! Nothing con, but some of you might find pot packaging bit unhygienic! Feel of the product on face depends on how much you get to use! The more you apply, the heavier your skin feels!

Freebies dont come with ingredients, at least this one doesnt say anything! I am sorry about that! I remember reading somewhere it contains anti-oxidants, though! You can do your own research on that one, just in case! Repurchase? Not that I didnt like it, but I have a big bottle of lotion to finish!

Beautiful twins!

P.S - I dont agree when people declare Clinique products are fragrance-free! Definitely not like water without any smell to it! They smell some way or the other only you can associate yourself to! Price? I am not sure, again! Have you tried Clinique Super Defense SPF 25? Wud love to hear your take!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Palak's Woes!

Seriously, how many of us still remember our sweet Palak @ Teenager Woes? I believe she is not around thesedays, but she is one fun person you can rely on! Such a friendly blogger! I wish she blogs regularly unlike me! This little baby patiently answered my silly tag, but it took me 8 months to post it! Sorry is definitely not the right word, dear! If you are new to her blog, she is one sensible teenager who seriously blogs about skin issues! Wise to expect pictorial reviews on her blog, most of the time! She doesnt mind sporting bold red lips, young blood after all! I suspect she is studious, hence the irregular blogging! I sincerely wish she makes time to come back!

1. What brings you to the Beauty Blogosphere, knowing there are tonnes already? Do you fancy a career that involves makeup? When I started out my blog, there were hardly any Indian blogs! I used to ache over non-availability of reviews for various new launches in India! My inspirations to start a blog were Tanveer and Cynthia! So, randomly I one day started my own blog! Albeit my inconsistent posts, I have recieved so much love and appreciation! I really wanna thank you all! No, I dont fancy a career in makeup! I am happy beautifying myself and helping others out!

2. What role does makeup play in your daily life? Is makeup a must for your profession? Make up has a calming effect on me! A random makeup haul is enough to lift my mood and I love the increased confidence when I have make up on! No, make up is not a must have in my profession! Read: "I am a slaughtered science student!" In fact make up is the last thing when you have Physics, Chem and Maths...wait ED too to take care of! But I was different! Make up is my true love!

3. Whom do you find the most-inspiring? Makeup or any aspect of your life! I love reading books. One which inspired me the most was The Alchemist, albeit a little preachy but a great read! And man, I love that line " When You really desire something, whole universe conspires to make it happen!" Btw OSO copied this line! And yeah "3 Idiots" was inspiring too!

4. Palak, a shopaholic or Palak, a bargain-shopper? Definitely a bargain-shopper!

5. Your place doesn’t stock most of the international brands! How do you update your collection? That's not true! We have most of the biggies here, but yeah some are totally inaccessible! I have been able to locate places that stock MUFE and Bobbi Brown! I have also requested my aunt to get Sleek palettes from UK!

6. What is your favourite makeup brand? High-end or drug store? Are you brand-conscious? I like Colorbar, Maybelline, MAC and Inglot! Just purchased the lip paint, its a beauty! Packaging is soooo cute that I dun feel like applying and thereby spoiling it! No, am not brand conscious at all, but I make sure the ingredients are not harmful thanks to you all!

7. What are your go-to makeup products? Anything you reach for, no matter what occasion! Kajal, lip gloss or chapstick, blush and some concealer!

8. Do you have any products you cannot live without? Staples! Same as the above! Add my iPod, 5800 and my lucky bracelet!

9. What is lying untouched in your vanity from day #1? Any future for that! A local eye shadow palette somoene gifted my mom! There is a strong odour to it and if you apply it to the lid, the shadow is sure to accumulate in the under eye area! about "fallouts!"

10. What’s your take on Smoky eye - nude lips? I love it! According to me, this is fool proof for a night at pub!

11. Do you collect anything related to makeup? Blushes and kajals!

12. What’s your take on bloggers' recommendations on products? Do you consider? Yes, I do! I know they review all the products with honesty and I totally trust them! But I will never ever blame a blogger if your skin reacts! Its your own responsibility to check if you are allergic to any listed ingredient in that certain product!

13. Would you like to share your best and worst experiences so far? Best would be blogging and interacting with yew all! Worst? Yet to come and I doubt it will ever come! Blogging has landed me up with friends like you and I will always cherish that!

14. Would you like to share your daily routine? Skincare or haircare? I use Lush charcoal soap as my face wash followed with Cetaphil cleansing lotion as a medium to balance the pH! Then I proceed to use my Toner ( Fab India Rose water/Oriflame teatree and mint facial spray), facial moisturiser (calamine and Fab India moisturizer), sunblock, little concealer and chapstick!

15. Would you like to feature your hand bag here? Preferably, a picture that includes you! This is a Limited Edition Bag from Oriflame!

Says 5000 INR in the catalogue! Outrageous! I would have never ever paid this much for a seemingly simple bag! Ah...Rohit Bal name's attached to it! For 700 INR, it was not a bad deal! Nevertheless, I dont consider it designer! It will be great as a travel bag, I think!

P.S - Initially, Palak couldnt send the pics as she had some issues with her camera! She asked me if I could wait till then! Honey, I waited a bit too long inspite of you sending the pics in a couple of days! I dont think it would be wise enough to wait any longer! Palak's own words about the session - "I totally loved this session! You made me feel so important! Thanks for making my day, gurl! Lub yew re!"

P.S.S - Something with teenagers and their SMS language! I had to edit most of the it as I myself did not know what they really meant! Some things never change LOL! Interested in doing this session? Mail me your answers! Hope you all had fun!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Who Taught You?

Who taught you how to live and let live? Who taught you to learn from your lessons, good or bad? Who keeps guiding you round the clock in the right direction? Who takes all the effort and pain only to see you happy end of the day? For me, its my Mother! She reiterates the same story to me whenever I take all the tensions to heart!

A man on a cart passing on a rocky road saw an elderly woman with loads of luggage on her head! He could not ignore her, so offered her a drive home! To his surprise, he found the elderly woman carrying all the luggage on her head inspite of boarding the cart! He asked her why! Her reply, "Son, as it is I am a big burden to you and your cart! Why should I trouble you with my luggage as well?"

So innocent of her! God sent her help, so she could get rid of all the pain! She refused to look at the help the way God wanted her to! She thought she could help the man just by carrying the luggage on her head! She didnt know it wouldnt make any difference to either the man or the cart!

I dont know how many of you understood the moral of the story, but every time I listen to this I feel so relieved! It takes all the burden out of my mind! Why do I do things I am not capable of doing? Why do I take people for granted though its not my life? Why do I feel the need to protect everybody though I am susceptible myself? I wanted this to be the only resolution this year, but I am not sure how it fares!

Its never good to take people for granted! Everybody has a choice to live life of her/his own! Mother's stories are always good to listen! No matter how old we get, we are still kids to our parents! Have a nice day! Do I sound philosophic? LOL