Sunday, 31 January 2010

Clinique Almost Lipstick Black Honey

Whoa! Looks like Bobbi Brown's Cabana Corals created a storm over here, especially the Limited Edition palette! Today, our product of review is Black Honey! Apparently, Clinique's most sought-after lip product! How come I heard there are 3 more shades in Almost Lipstick range, but I always find Black Honey? Did you?

Claims - Glossy, sheer, non-staining lip colour! Soothing to the lips! Gives moist look and feel, shiny finish! Wear alone or over Lip-Shaping Pencil or lipstick!

My cousin was going gaga over this! I was like "I have to have this in my collection!" Now, I learnt my lesson! Wait for long unless its a limited edition product! Check out the reviews, honest ones of course! Get to see the swatches, especially! Dont let the hype get in!

Silver packaging! Ultra-chic! Slim and sleek! It says "C" on the lid! Comparitively, you get more product! The bullet is almost 2 inches, just quarter less! I was really terrified by the color when I first saw! Hasty! I came to know the true color only on swatch, then!

Preferably, I use this when my lips look their best! One coat of Black Honey makes up the whole look! I reiterate! Exfoliate your lips if you want to make the best use of any lip product! What happens if you dont? I tried Black Honey without any lip balm assuming it would be foolish using a balm under a balm! Expensive, of course! It was sheer on the soft parts and pigmented on the chapped parts! You know what I mean? It was like light and dark on my lips! The product stuck where the lips chapped! I looked like a total nerd, no doubt!

Some find it plum! Some find it berry! I find it berry, rather! If your skin tone is dark like mine, one coat is more than enough! Suits you perfect! The color intensifies, which means its buildable! The more number of coats, the more intense pigmentation!

I dont understand the criteria to categorize lip products, but Black Honey is a misnomer! Considering the title, it definitely has to be! What is Black Honey to you? Lipstick? Gloss? Tint? Balm? I say, its a sheer tinted lip balm from Clinique! You pay for the brand! I am not judgemental, just trying to be honest! Purely, a personal opinion!

Here comes the shocker! Staying power! Be prepared to reapply every half an hour! It doesnt stay long! I wish they change the formula whatever to improve the staying power! You wont believe! I have this product since a year, but its hardly reached for! Of course, for two reasons! First, the staying power irritates me! Second, I am trying to be more conservative! Saving this for the days where I can have access to just one lip product! Oh yeah! This will be my lipstick, lip gloss, lip tint, lip balm etc

My review must be really confusing! One minute, I was like not so over this! The next, I was like "head over heels!" Even now, I have a mixed opinion about this! I say "Yes" and "No!" I would have recommended this in a jiffy, if not for the price! I still dont understand the hype! Considering the price and staying power, I think twice! For me, Black Honey is an ego-satisfier! How does it feel to own a cult favorite in your stash? It feels the same way!

Stats - 1.9 g retails for 14.50 pounds, but I am sure I got mine for 12 pounds last year! Blame the VAT!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Bobbi Brown Cabana Corals Collection

Corals are an easy way to add a pop of color to your makeup! Bobbi Brown developed modern, wearable formula that looks sunny and fresh, never chalky! Gone are the days of depression! Time for fun! Time for sun! Time for a peachy glow, girls!

Limited Edition Cabana Corals Lip & Eye Palette - This new palette has everything a woman needs to get the Spring 2010 look! This sleek compact features a flip top mirror with 6 new and exclusive shades for the eye and 4 amazing new lip shades, plus a mini Lip & Eye Shadow Brush! Retails for 48 pounds!

Lip Color & Metallic Lip Color - Update your look this Spring with Bobbi's new coral-inspired shades of Lip Color and Metallic Lip Color! Lip Colors in Guava and Cabo Coral! Metallic Lip Colors in Calypso Glaze, Coral Glaze and Coral Reef! Retails for 15.50 pounds!

Pot Rouge - Bobbi's purse friendly Pot Rouge, now in a new sunny shade of coral! Retails for 16.50 pounds!

Shimmer Brick - Bobbi's iconic Shimmer Brick Compacts, now in two new shades for Spring! Retails for 29.50 pounds!

Shimmer Lip Gloss - Infused with subtle sparkle, Bobbi's new shades of Shimmer Lip Gloss are perfect worn on their own or over your favourite lipstick! Retails for 14 pounds!

Deary dear! I want all the lipsticks, pot rouge and the limited edition palette! Guess what? I found SUN after a long time! I am so happy I cannot tell you how much! I was just inspired by the sunny day! Perfect time! I wanna be just like her! Of course, not with a chopped head! She looks very summery! I cant wait for the summer! Bobbi Brown lifts my spirits, just in time!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Body Shop Moroccan Rose Flower Lipsticks

The Body Shop launched their limited edition Moroccan Rose range for Spring 2009 that includes makeup, bath and body products! Somewhere around Valentine's Day, I believe! The makeup includes eye colors, 2 powder blushes, 3 lipsticks and a radiance stick! Delicate, pastel, Rose-inspired and infused with a mild rose fragrance! Bath and body collection includes Moroccan Rose body milk, shower gel, body butter, Eau de Toilette, Reed diffuser, body mist and bath & massage oil!

I am a firm believer of "flowers look pretty in the garden"! I find flowers associated with strong fragrance like rose and jasmine very nauseating! I cant stand the fragrance for more than half an hour! For South-Indians, flowers are ineveitable! However, I always make sure I dont go near roses and jasmines except weddings! Why did I tell you all this crap? I never knew I would like makeup associated with floral fragrance! Especially, ROSES!

On that note, I proudly present to you the Moroccan Rose lipsticks in #1 Soft Pink, #2 True Pink and #3 Deep Pink! I dont say "I am head over heels", but I like the Moroccan Rose range! Mildly infused with rose scent, just like rose water!

Let's tweet about the packaging for a while! If not for the transparent lid, this is how they look like! Metallic pink embosed with white roses! Uber flirty! The shades as discussed earlier, #1 Soft Pink, #2 True Pink, #3 Deep Pink! They are like great, greater, greatest! I dont know how to describe these shades exactly, but lets have a look!

The lipsticks have the softest formulation I ever came across! Just like melting butter! They glide easily on the lips without any efforts! I prefer #1 Soft Pink and #2 True Pink for any given time of the day and #3 for night times, though the chances of me using #3 are very rare!

Best - If you want a wash of pink with a long-lasting and conditioning lip color!

Suitable - All skin tones, which I doubt!

They are damn emollient, soothing and moisturizing when applied! Bees wax, well-known for its moisturizing properties, is a natural emulsifier and thickener and has been used in cosmetics for the past 2000 years! It is used in Body Shop products to help form a protective layer on the skin, which reduces moisture loss! The organic bees wax and marula oil helps repair the skin's moisture barrier!

I find myself reaching more for #2 True Pink, a go-to lipstick! The colors are pretty sheer! Staying power is above average! The shimmer felt chunky once, but it was not the same the next time! Strange!

#1 Soft Pink, #2 True Pink, #3 Deep Pink

Stats - 3.5 g - 0.1 oz originally retails for 8 pounds, though not sure of the exact price! I got these for a pound each, which is unbelievable! I have a backup of #2 True Pink!

Try # 1 Soft Pink with a "barely there" cheek and cool pastel-toned smudged eyes! #2 True Pink is ideal for all occasions either alone or over a lip stain for a thoroughly modern lip look! # 3 Deep Pink is a rich and fruity sheer wash of color that adds instant glamour for women who dare!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Mini Bourjois Baume A Levres Colore Tinted Lip Balm #1

Presenting the Mini Bourjois Baume A Levres Colore Tinted Lip Balm in #1 Purple Plum! Did you ever fancy teeny tiny tins of makeup? They look so cute on the vanity! I have been an ardent fan of Bourjois, especially their Mini range! Definitely irresistable! Best part, they are economic and you can simply splurge on them!

Claims - A gesture of comfort and compulsive makeup, lip balm! Colorful Mini Bourjois is nourishing and ultra-greedy to consume without moderation! It stains the lips gently, you can not do without!

Mini Bourjois Baume A Levres, a tinted lip balm in slide tin! Fancy Just-bitten look or Just-ate-a-cherry-popsicle look? Your search might end here!

Ingredients - Supposed to be shea butter, castor oil and vanilla essence! You wouldnt find them in print, though!

Shades - #1 Purple Plum, #2 Orange Apricot, #3 Pure Red, #4 Pink Beige, #5 Pearly Light Pink and #6 Pearly Pink!

Welcome the family!

A little bit of tint is more than enough! Believe me! If you apply alone, lips tend to get dry! Especially if you dont exfoliate your lips quite often! Better exfoliate, slather your favorite balm, then top it up with the lip tint!

Comparible to MAC Plumful???

I apply my regular lip balm, rub a little amount of tinted balm on to my finger! I know it sounds gross, but I get the right payoff only when I use my fingers! Seriously, I dont bother about the coverage! All I do, dab a little bit on the centre of my lower lip! I dont have to use a gloss seperately coz I have some lip treatment or balm to moisturize my lips before using this! That gives more than enough sheen to the lips! This lip balm is supposed to be moisturizing, but I dont think so!

The swatches are kinda misleading! Dont go by "Just for fun" pic!

The product looks moisturizing in the packaging, but definitely not the same on lips! Hope it makes some sense! It can get dry and powdery, especially on chapped lips! Make sure you exfoliate your lips to make the best use of lip tints and stains!

"Baume nourrissant et reconfortant Nourishing and comforting lip balm"! Wait! The packaging says so! Is it French? 3 g or 0.10 oz retails for 2.50 pounds! Not sure of current prices! What kind of looks can you achieve? I probably cannot list out all the possibilities, but one thing I wanted to share since ages! You can try the given look Aishwarya Rai sports! Oh, yeah! Name rings the bell! Netherlands has a variety of tulips baptised after her! I dont have to exaggerate!

Lower lip, especially the inner side!

(Courtesy: Bourjois Paris & Rouge Deluxe)

Monday, 25 January 2010

Sally Hansen 18 Hour Lip Treatment #01 Nude

God! Why does it have to stay so long? I cant imagine something on my lips round the clock! Dont worry! Does not last that long, for sure! Today, we have the Sally Hansen 18-hour lip treatment in the shade #01 Clear Nude! I believe 18-Hour range is discontinued! I was very "unfortunate" to find mine at Superdrug, though!

18-hour lip treatment? Sold! Packaging? Sold! I never came across the packaging before! Correct me, in case! Looks chic! This 0.09 oz - 2.6 g retails for 7 pounds, which is definitely not great! I fall under the category "Most expensive, the best!" Now, I learnt my lesson! Never go by the tag or the brand name!

Did you ever fancy lip treatment in the form of gloss? The wand is lengthy with a doe foot applicator! As you can see, the applicator is very appropriate to get the right amount of product! Sold, once again!

Whats the real concept behind this? Treats your lips in 18 hours or stays for 18 hours? God knows! Sally Hansen 18 Hour lip treatment was? available in 8 flattering shades, the remaining being #02 Clear Brown, #03 Clear Pink Spice, #04 Clear Mauve, #05 Clear Whisper, #06 Clear Rose Sugar, #07 Clear Raisin and #08 Clear Optimist Opal!

One more pathetic swatch!

It goes on sheer! You have a bonus, glitter! I am not very keen of glitter in lip treatments whateva! Not all the times, at least! The consistency is very sticky! If I have this on; I should keep checking my hair doesnt get somewhere around my mouth! In fact, I would appreciate if it does not stay for 18 hours! All I want; something beneficial done to my lips!

Claims the formula works wonders hour by hour! If you swear by Carmex, Blistex and Vaseline, you might not like this! May be, I didnt like this! There is no instant gratification! Fragrance? Very tangy! Nauseating! Open the packaging; the scent is fruity! Once on lips, not tangy! No taste!

The special ingredients being moisturizing Retinol, Grape Seed Oil and Mango rehydrate! I HATE mangoes! Being a South-Indian, I should not be saying so! Well, thats me! I like raw mangoes, not the ripe ones!

Retinol is Vitamin A molecule! Skin cells have a receptor site that is very accepting of retinoic acid! This relationship between retinoic acid and skin cells allow a type of communication in which the cell is told to function normally! Retinol cannot communicate with a cell until it has been broken down into retinoic acid! Retinol is a beneficial cell-communicating ingredient and an antioxidant! Simply put, it helps skin cells create better, healthier skin cells and increase the amount of skin-support substances!

Mango Rehydrate - All I understood; add boiling water to dried mango! What has mango rehydrate got to do with this? God knows!

I regret buying this shade in particular, but would love to get hold of other shades! Have you ever tried this? Did you experience the same issues? Do let me know!


Friday, 22 January 2010

Nars Orgasm Illuminator

Who needs an introduction to Nars cult favorite Orgasm, peachy pink with golden shimmer? If you dont know, which rock have you been under? Just kidding! I didnt know until a long time coz I was hibernating!

This is the blush that launched a thousand ships! Universally flattering shade, according to the gurus! Orgasm nail polish, Orgasm blush, Orgasm multiple, Orgasm lip gloss! God, its everywhere! Now, they have come up with "Orgasm Illuminator!" Looks like Nars is having multiple orgasms ahem....

Orgasm Illuminator is a complexion enhancer that makes skin look instantly refreshed, radiant and glowing! It lights your skin from within! Deceptively sheer and decidedly luminous, it magically transforms lackluster skin into a "remember-me" luscious complexion!

Flirt with foundation! Go it alone or go neck-and-neck with your décolleté! The effect is, what else? Orgasmic! I believe they are yet to launch this product in the UK market! Correct me if I am wrong!
How do you normally use your illuminator? Mix with your foundation? Just alone?

Stats - 1.1 oz retails for $29

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ecotools Bamboo Powder Brush

I am obsessed with lip products, so majority of my blog is dedicated to those! Here is my first review on Ecotools makeup brush, earth-friendly beauty! New to Ecotools? This is for you, ONLY! I am no big in making things clear, but will surely try my level best!

In 2007, Paris Presents started an internal initiative to make products more earth-friendly! They launched an entire line of bath and cosmetic accessories eco-friendly using sustainable resources that minimize the negative impact on the environment. Bamboo, cruelty-free taklon bristles and recycled/recyclable materials!

EcoTools has joined with "1% For the Planet" to donate 1% of annual sales to environmental organizations that create a healthier place to live! Cruelty-free hair! Vegan! Natural and recycled materials! Reusable storage pouch! Respect for the planet!

This powder brush is ideal for applying powder and setting makeup! It provides a smooth, soft finish and sets your makeup! Glide the brush across pressed or loose powder and tap off any excess! Evenly apply over entire face to create a smooth, soft finish!

The handle is bamboo, of course! The upper and lower parts of the brush sync, which makes the brush very user-friendly! At least, for myself! The bristles are not as fluffy as kabuki, as you can see! This is too big for my face, I feel! It does cover a large surface area, though! What about places like corners of the nose? I use a foundation brush to reach places like corners of the nose, eyes etc! You wouldnt need that, in fact! Just in case, can try using a foundation/concealer brush!

I use nothing, but MAC Studio Fix Powder/Foundation! This brush and MAC SF make a perfect pair! I cant exaggerate more how soft this brush feels! You should feel it for yourself! It distributes the product evenly! Better put it this way! You have control over the product! Only downside? Not downside, in fact! Its difficult to work with the storage pouch! Every time you take the brush out, the zip lock thing seems to hold back some bristles and there is a chance of shredding! Blame the size of the brush? No! Blame the pouch size! Better to store these in a holder whatever your storage solution!

TIP - Take good care of these, they last life long! They collect oil from your face, so wash them after every seventh use! Dry them lying flat! Dried upside down, loosens the glue that holds the bristles in place!

Every purchase, there is a green tip on the pouch! This one says "Find new uses for old things! Wrap gifts in old Sunday comics instead of store-bought wrapping paper!" By the way, it has a number 1200 on the pouch! You wouldnt need that, anyway coz this is the only powder brush from Ecotools! Just in case of reference, might come handy! Retails for 7.50 pounds at your local TESCO or selected Superdrug stores! Never seen them @ Superdrug, though! US, try your local Walmart, Walgreens, Target and Ulta! I find Ecotools expensive in UK!

Ignore the messy bristles!

P.S: I know there are tonnes of MAC-loyal lovelies out there! I dont insist you try these brushes! This is not a paid review, by all means! I am doing it for my pleasure and for blog sake! Nothing like "Hey! Try using eco-friendly brushes and make Earth a better place to live!"

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Scrub

Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Scrub, otherwise NDCIS! Good old drugstore product I would love to repurchase! I am half way through, already! This review is for those innocent souls new to Neutrogena! This should help you, to some extent!

Claims - Cleanses deep into pores energising microbeads for fresh, invigorated skin! Awaken your skin with NDCIS! Dermatologist tested!

Energising microbeads gently exfoliate, sweeping away pore-clogging feeling as it effortlessly dissolves dirt, oil and makeup! Feel the surge of invigoration from a thorough cleansing that leaves skin feeling fresh and energised!

Cooling menthol gel leaves skin feeling wide awake, clean and revitalised! Energising microbeads awaken skin and sweep away the dead skin cells that can clog pores! Too much of awakening! If you dont want to fall asleep, try Neutrogena!

The most refreshing, by all means! Fragrance-wise! Scrub-wise! Beautiful sheer blue gel with deep blue and white beads! Have you ever tried gel formula scrub? Especially the menthol ones? This one, once you open the lid, you might get the scent of a detergent! In a good way, of course! Something like Surf, I can say! At least, that category! Now, you have an idea of the color, consistency, texture and fragrance?

Hope you can see the blue beads!

You dont have to be liberal with this! Pea-size product is more than enough to get rid of the muck! Now, work the product your way! Wait! Do you have oily or greasy skin? Go according to the package! If you have normal to combination skin, a couple of times a week is more than enough! Depends on your lifestyle, I can say! Working women are mostly exposed to pollution on a daily basis! If you come under that category, can use quite often!

If you skin is supa-dupa sensitive or irritates to the slightest stimulation, better do a patch test! I know this sounds technical, but thats rather better than ending up red-faced! My skin behaves well to most of the skin products, except occasional zits! Damn! Only issue, lip products! Lips are the most battered! Badly beaten to death! Poor pout!

My skin is combination to oily! Still, I find this very drying! Blame the ingredients! On experience, I learned a trick! I combine this scrub with a creamy cleanser! Clinique Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser, for instance! The dryness subsides to some level, I am quite happy!

Apropriate opening to get the right amount!

One more thing! If you are trying this for the first time, your eyes might tend to water! They will, for sure! Blame menthol! Be prepared for tears! Sob - Sob! You skin definitely feels taut, so make sure you moisturize your skin very well after using this! Or else, that might rip off the essential oils of skin! Skin feels fresh! How does it feel when you scrub your skin with brick powder? Just like that! Hey, I never did that! This is how exactly we feel when we use brick powder! I know!

Stats - 150 ml retails for 3.50 pound, sometimes depends on the store!

Life expectancy, 12 long months! It lasts ages, trust me!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Body Shop Lip Gloss Dot

Lip gloss Dot? Must be Lip Gloss Pot, dolls! Today, we have Body Shop lip glosses in shades #1 Ice Shimmer, #3 Hot Pink and #4 Soft Plum! Unfortunately, we missed #2 Candy Pink and #5 Bilberry Juice!

Gives your lips a natural sheen while conditioning them with an everyday gloss that can be worn alone or over lip color! Moisturizing "Community Trade" marula oil from Namibia leaves lips soft and supple! Passion fruit fragrance adds a refreshingly juicy scent! Organic beeswax moisturizes and helps to condition dry skin, especially on your lips and around the fingernail beds! Acts as a barrier that helps to seal in moisture! Helps to keep product texture consistent when used over time! Vitamin E conditions, nourishes and protects the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and healthy! Organic Virgin/hydrogenated Coconut Oil helps to condition the skin to make you smooth, soft and deliciously scented!

Ingredients - Polybutene, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides, Beeswax, Polyethylene, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Silica, Ricinus Communis (Castor Seed) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Barium Sulfate, Flavor, Propylparaben, Ammonium Glycyrrhizate, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool, Citronellol, Geraniol, Eugenol, Citral, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Mica, Titanium Dioxide

Ice Shimmer, Hot Pink, Soft Plum with flash!

Ice Shimmer, Hot Pink, Soft Plum without flash!

Love at first sight, but definitely not at first swipe! Just kiddin'! As you can see, Ice Shimmer is sheer sparkly gloss! Definitely, makes a great top coat! I feel the glitter in Ice Shimmer is kinda chunky compared to the other ones! The level of shimmer and sparkle varies accordingly!

If you remember, I got these in a sale for a pound each! I am not sure of the original price, though! I heard it was 6 pounds, but no confirmation! Will double check with Margaret from Body Shop and let you know ASAP! Why? We definitely dont wanna miss the original price coz thats what makes the purchase FUN! Who can resist the packaging? Definitely not myself! Glamorous packaging! Sleek n shiny! What would you do if you find these for a pound or whatever your currency is?

The colors can be sheer or buildable, depends on how you want them! So convenient! The colors are not very pigmented, so you can use them as a base coat or top coat or as your sole lip color! Hope this makes sense!

Soft Plum (top) & Hot Pink (bottom)

Alright! I deserve the "most pathetic swatches/pictures" award! Hey, why not somebody do that? Winning is my motto, best or worst! I want to WIN! I know, I will surely win this! Please vote for me! Next time, I will do my level best to help you win! Deal? Phew! Feels better!

Excuse me for not describing the shades! On lips, Soft Plum doesnt sparkle as much as Hot Pink! HP has some weird undertones, which makes my teeth look yellow and grubby! I can assure you HP has purple/blue undertones, which help my teeth look YUCK!

If I use the gloss alone, nothing exciting happens! I used Clinique All About Eyes as a lip base and tried the gloss! I know that sounds gross, but it worked! Ahem! I can speak, understand, read and write English! My lips were soft for a reasonable amount of time! Staying power? Definitely doesnt stick on for more than half an hour, which doesnt sound good! My observation! I was wrong in expecting a miracle! Now, I know glosses dont do the dishes!

Only downside, the fragrance! I know people are going gaga over the scent of this! Exclude me! I have never been a fan of fruity flavor, especially the nauseating ones! Indian dolls, ever tried Parle G Poppins? How do they feel? Hard and nauseating! They come in all sorts of fruity flavors! Others, its passion fruit fragrance that adds a refreshingly juicy scent! Yet to be blessed to sniff Passion fruit! God, please help me! I think I am gonna puke! Verdict? I am happy if not for the fragrance!

Time for vital stats! This 6.5 ml or 0.2 OZ or 6.5 g retails for "NOT SURE!" Lets assume 6 pounds, until we have the official confirmation! The life expectancy? Alright! They expire in 36 months! Whoaaa!

Three Musketeers!

For me, these glosses are ego satisfiers! God knows where I picked that word from! I definitely dont want to pass these, especially for the price! Not inspiring, of course! Building your collection? Try these! They look good! They feel good! Expect a typical gloss, nothing more!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

You are a Doll

Really? I didnt know! Thanq very much for the sweetest lie! I am tagged by Sonali, again! God, Sonali! How many times did you nominate me? I came to your blog, copy pasted all the possible awards! Did all the tags! Kindly lemme know if I was NOT nominated!

Why two of them? Any ideas? Now, here is your question! "What character from a book/movie are  you most like?" I would relate myself to Daisy from Oswald! Daisy is a yellow/orange/green flower! Free-spirited and energetic! I dont insist you watch this show just to know me! If you watch this religiously, you know what I am talking about! Look at the picture below! You will understand!

Time to tag! I tag everybody! You read this, you are tagged! Wondering why I keep tagging everybody? As mentioned earlier, everybody is unique in their own way! I dont want anybody to feel dejected or given a second priority! I know how it feels! Before, I used to visit each blog and let them know they were nominated! Its really tough, especially when you follow great amount of blogs! Most of them I tagged did not respond! Must be for personal reasons, I guess! Now you know why I tag everybody? Please, do not feel offended! I mean no harm to you! I am just trying to make things easy peasy!


Happy 101

Wondering what that means? Its a tag, girls! You are supposed to list out 7 things that make you happy! What has 101 got to do with 7 things? Whoever made this tag must be obsessed with number 7! Must be their lucky number! Oh dear! What a conclusion! Trying to play Sherlock Holmes! Tagged by? Whoelse would take a chance other than the diva, Sonali?

Believe or not, I didnt read Sonali's response to this tag! If I read, I will surely end up posting relatively similar things! I dont wanna do that! I feel, thats cheating! Of course, we are not punished if we read! Still, thats my opinion! Alright! Here are the 7 things that keep me on cloud nine!

1. My family! We are a close-knit family, very inseperable! I love them to death! The best I could ask for! God bless my happy family! Special mention, my father-in-law! He treats me like a baby! See! I didnt talk about DH! Mean woman! He is the perfect better half! I am blessed for the second time!

2. Honesty! I hate feigning! So far, I managed to get tonnes of enemies successfully coz of that! I dont say that I never lie! I do, but thats just to keep someone happy! I try to explain, but nobody wants to listen! Thats not my fault! I dont deserve them or may be they dont deserve me! As simple as that! People who like drama and hype can stay away from me!

3. Friends! I have 3 great souls to tolerate me, I rant, rave and ramble! They are my besties and will remain so forever! I dont know how they feel about me, but I feel so attached! Special mention, a Rajasthani girl who has always been by my side through worst! In total, 4 great souls!

4. Makeup! Name rings a bell! I cannot exaggerate more on how much I love makeup! I love makeup, thats it!

5. I count my blessings! My positive attitude towards life! Before, "my glass was half empty, but now its half full!"

6. I am a cartoon person! Healthy choice! As mentioned earlier, I love Heidi and Oswald to death! Otherwise, I watch the Barbie series! They keep me HAPPY!

7. Comedy personified would be Divija! People find me funny! I am really glad that I could bring a smile on somebody's face! What will I be doing other than blogging? Giggling! I was christened "giggling monkey" coz I wouldnt stop showing my teeth!

Time to tag! I tag everybody! If you read this, you are tagged! Break the rules! Do the tag! Entertain!

Awards n Tags

Let me be honest! I was tagged by the diva, Sonali, again! But, as usual there is some confusion prevailing! How many awards did I get? What tag am I supposed to do? I assume I was nominated for a couple of awards and am supposed to do a couple of tags! Savvy? Sonali, the next time you tag me, beware! I can take away all the awards from your blog! Copy - paste them in my blog saying that Sonali nominated me! Dolls, please be careful while tagging me! Remember, I warn you! Please tell me that I can understand English or there is a chance of me being kicked out from blogosphere!

Girls, let get to work! The first tag would be Color Tag! Was I really tagged? God knows! You are supposed to feature 7 objects of your favorite color! If you know me??? How would you know me unless I told you? Silly me! I wanna sound very chic, but see what happens! My favorite is BLACK! Why? I am black! My bestie "Shilpa" calls me Black Beauty! I liked that ever since! I miss her so much! I hope she gets to read this! "Monkey, I miss you!" Back to job! Here are the 7 objects of my choice of color, irrespective of size or shape! Trying to sound funny, but in vain!

My latest investment! Bag of the year from Zara! I got this in sale for 30 pounds, which actually retails for 40 pounds! Its textured black! I love this to pieces!

Call it a shrug / cardigan whateva you please! I bought this in sale for 7 pounds @ New Look, which actually retails for 16 pounds! How do I know? I bought a beige one for 16 pounds! Like the silver thread detailing! Can never go wrong with black basics! Turkey-make, FYI!

Wanna tell you something, if you are interested! I normally pair it with a two-toned lace corset from New Look! I no size zero, please! It stretches, so anybody can fit in! I bought the cardigan and corset together!

Name rings a bell! Holy grail ceramic straightener! Went to buy the Limited Edition Precious, but fell for the basic black! Retails for 128 pounds! Real time investment!

My black hair band! Love it! Retails for 4.50 pounds @ Claires!

Bobbi Brown Long-wear gel eyeliner! Who needs an introduction? Retails for 15 pounds!

Black Chiffon saree gifted by mom! Weighs less than a paper! I lost count how many times I wore it! If there is one saree I have to choose for the rest of  my life, this is IT! Love this to death! Love you, maa!

Body Shop Eye n Cheek palette #2 Caramel & Pink! 4 eye colors and a complimentary cheek color! Retails for 12 pounds, but got for 5 pounds in sale!

I thought you would be interested in seeing the colors, so here we are!

Cheating? If I cannot include clothing twice, here is the substitute! Sony Vaio VGN - CR36G/B laptop in matte black!

God, its really tough to find black things around! I have tonnes back in India, but nothing here! Had really tough time finding! Hey, why do you tag me for the toughest? I thought I was really good to you! You know! It took more than a couple of hours to do this tag! Oh God, whats the next tag? Hope it has got nothing to do with pictures! Before, I liked taking pictures a lot! Now, that makes me sick! The very sight of camera gives nausea!!! Thanq Sonali, for burning my calories in a sweetest way possible!

Now, time for revenge! I tag everybody! If you read this, remember, you are tagged! Better dont read, I suggest! muhahahahaa...