Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Elle 18 Dewlipz

This lipstick makes me nostalgic...way back early 2000! I have many memories associated with this lipstick particularly the lingering fragrance which I want to describe, but cannot.

I am not sure if Elle 18 still exists, but if it does, I am going to buy as many as possible from this range. I had 3 lipsticks from this range one being a brown shimmer (not sure of shade) and the remaining 2 in the same shade #014 Cocoa Creme. The only colour cosmetic in my collection with a back up...but my friend snatched that away! Somebody tell me Elle 18 still exists!!! I would love to hear that! Wait a minute...I have a source who could do that for me and I can count on her...

ELLE 18 launched Dewlipz, a dual-layer lipstick with an outer layer of the colour and an inner layer of jojoba oil and vitamin E to moisten and nourish the lips. They even have a fragrance. The new range consists of 24 shades including Cherry Ice, Mousse Melt, Mulberry Splash, Strawberry Falls, Wildberry Wet etc. They are priced at Rs 49...

Ramp on fire...

Wondering what on Earth does the title mean? Seems Jayaprada has set the ramp on fire, lately. The reasons?

Jaya Prada and Kapil Dev walked the ramp for Ashima and Leena at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in New Delhi. Prada sashayed in a floral print dress that looked straight out of the '80s.

My mother would really love to see Prada in this funky designer outfit...whatever! Maa...Prada on your way!

(Courtesy: Getahead.rediff.com)


My dream home

On a lazy day, browsing became much more interesting with this! I seriously want  my place to look like this...exactly a "Ctrl C - Ctrl V" thing!

I am 200% sure this is a resort in Bali. What got my attention the most; the water body, the light effect and the greenery.

(Courtesy: Villa Mahapala, Bali)


Bags I would die for # 3

This is another bag from the Italian Label Fendi i.e. Spy bag. This comes in all possible colors, I believe. I have seen this in oranges, lilacs, blacks, metallics, browns, greens etc

Here comes my interest:

(Courtesy: ioffer.com)

(Courtesy: Blogdolcevita.com)

The basic black, brown and textured metallic ones......OMG....I love all the three! Supposedly retailed for 2740 $...


Bags I would die for # 2

Another bag of my interest has to be be from the French Label Louis Vuitton i.e. Damier Speedy 35. This version comes in different colors, I believe...

I basically like the shape of this bag...like a doctor's bag! Throw any bag of this particular shape and I can flaunt without hesitation.

(Courtesy: Bagbliss.com)


Bags I would die for # 1

Alright, here is one of the bags I would die for...hmmm....may be in my dreams!

This bag was from the Italian Label Prada Fall/winter 2006/07 collection called as Gauffre Antik Tote. Sold for a small fortune of 1800$, according to fabsugar.com.

For me, it could work more over like a weekend bag...in case!


Wild goose chase

This has been my job since a couple of weeks...searching and searching...endless! Wait a minute...I was actually searching for a .pdf version of this which I think is.......hmm...pretty much tough!

This is supposedly not a typical diet-book, but a hard-core vegan diet book! It is an international bestseller and a #1 New York Times bestseller (been in the list for over a year). There are two million copies in print and has been translated into 20 languages!

This book was actually not so big at the time of release. It gained attention in 2007 when Victoria Beckham was photographed holding a copy while shopping in Los Angeles! No wonder celebrities can change the future of anybody or anything over night...heh!

The authors of this book are Rory Freedman, a former agent for Ford Models and Kim Barnouin, former model who holds a Masters of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition.

According to them, the Skinny Bitch is someone who enjoys food, eats well and loves her body as a result. It has nothing to do with how much you weigh or what size you are! Skinny Bitches come in all beautiful shapes and sizes!

You can have a crystal-clear idea of what I say...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skinny_Bitch

Do let me know if you find a .pdf version of this book! I really want to know if it stands up to the hype!

(Courtesy: vegansocietynsw.com & Skinnybitch.net)

Winnie the Pooh!

You all must be wondering "What's this girl up to?" I know I sound stupid, but this is what I am about to share now...

I bought this little baby for about almost 3 pounds from WH Smith, a stationary giant in UK. Then, this was the only piece left waiting for my attention, of course! Last week on my visit to the post office in WH Smith, the shop was literally flooded with these like tonnes of them lying everywhere......for almost 4 pounds.

I dont have much about to say, but still here comes my 2 cents...this is supposed to be a hand bag pencil case, which I never would need again in my life...yay! I know thats a very bad yay.....but you must know something about me here...

I am usually a pack rat and want everything in vicinity. So, what do I normally do with this case? I carry my lip glosses or lipsticks around! I love gel pens though I dont use them practically! I carry those around! I love the colors of this pouch, too simple yet eye-catching! Especially, the little heart-like charm dangling...

My hubby wanted a pouch for loose change, so I had to sacrifice......boo-hoo! I know I am being too good these days...

Can you see...the pink zipper...OMG...I love that! Beige background with lilacs, oranges, pinks and blacks...muted to some extent, but bright.......to some extent!


Vaseline Rainbow

Here it comes...........

Vaseline Lip Therapy

Alright...dont have to worry! Everything will fall into its place.....relax!

You all must be knowing about Vaseline Rosy Lips....after my bragging and nagging! You better know by now! This is another update kinda thing for that! Actually I was supposed to post this immediately to Rosy Lips post, but somehow missed it. So, here we go..........

Lips have an amazing ability to experience heightened sensations, allowing us to feel the slightest of touch and sense the environment around us. However, unlike the body skin, skin on our lips does not naturally create its own moisture layer, leaving it susceptible to dryness and chapping.

These stylish and functional Lip Therapy tins with their original retro look are perfect to help keep lips healthy and protected from the elements.

Original - default in handbags and pockets.

Aloe Vera - adds an extra soothing touch of hydration.

Sun protection with SPF15 - protect from the sun's harmful rays.

Rosy Lips - brings out the natural rosy tones in your lips by soothing and gently tinting.

I seriously did not try any other flavor other than the Rosy Lips.....yet to try the remaining ones. As soon as I try them, will surely update let you...I dont think the others can really get my attention as Rosy Lips did. The one that I am interested in trying out is the orange tin with the sun protection....hope I like it as much!

The picture comes in the next post....forgive me for not being tech-savvy...

(Courtesy: vaseline.co.uk)

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Birthday bash!


Birthdays are real fun and gifts for some, but for some they are just as normal as every other day would be....

So, how was your birthday this year or is it yet to come? What was your birthday gift this year or what are you expecting this year from your loved ones........Whats your insight on birthday gifts...do you really go by the gifts...did somebody ever let you down on this.....like you expected something from them and they turn up empty hand.......

I know...we all have some people whom we can demand gifts from.....what do you say? Share yours :)

BTW, I am a Gemini.......done with it already.........boo.....hoo!!!!!


Clinique February 2009

So, this was my first goodie bag from Clinique. Again...with the silly bow! I guess there was some designer involved during this promotion. Betty Jackson. Black, one of the Debenham's designers. She came up with this exclusive cosmetic bag with a bow zipper. The offer lasted from 12th to 28th February 2009 at Debenhams.

Freebies were limited edition Blush & Eyeshadow Compact, High Impact Mascara in Black, Long Last Lipstick in Pink Spice, Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser and a set of three make-up brushes.

Of course, the lipstick has been relocated to my little sister's vanity bag. She liked it a lot and she was like...THANQ SO MUCH! In fact, that was her first Clinique lippy! I thought that color looks cute on her instead!

I also got a free £5 voucher to spend on Betty Jackson.Black range, which I tossed out. I didnt want anything from her range, to be honest. I liked the bag, but the pink bow.......let me think again!

Last time purchase was Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and a gift pack of mascara, Almost Lipstick in Black Honey and Eye shadow - Blush Compact! I bought one more gift pack seperate for my sister and now, I have 3 or 4 Clinique mascaras lying around. I like the mascara a lot! It really gave me the dramatic eyes. I didnt need much effort as my lashes are big enough for the mascara to work its way through!

Actually, I got this on Valentine's day! What a coincidence :)


(Courtesy: Clinique.co.uk)

P.S: I am on my way to post my goodie bags! Wait for more!

Clinique's Autumn 2009

Alright...alright! Could you guys wait a minute!

Here comes the most awaited...bonus of the season........Clinique's Autumn Beauty Favourites of 2009. Its all yours with the purchase of two or more products, one being skin care for sure. This offer lasts for 15 days i.e. October 15 to 31st, exclusively at Debenhams.

Otherwise, you could find Clinique bonus time at your place from Clinique.co.uk or Clinique.com.

So, this is my goodie bag. Full of fall colors, especially I love the purple details on the bag. Bow...looks better on dresses rather. Spare me, but I seriously dont like bow details. They look better on dogs, like a collar. Well! That's me...I know I might be the odd one out as many girls rave about the bow detailing especially when it comes to jewellery like ear rings and neck pieces, but for me...

BOW is a big NO - NO...

By the way, dont you wanna know what on Earth did I choose? This time, I went for the "Even Better Skin Tone Corrector." Phew....too big for a tone corrector. Isn't it?

The winner of 2009 "Best Beauty Buys"....dont know what it means, but supposed to be a good and recommendable product.

One product being the Corrector, Super City Block SPF 40 takes the second place.

Now, let me pretend that I sound clever.

Even Better Skin Tone Corrector is supposed to visibly erase the past damage like the sun tan, dark patches and age spots, finally helping to create an even skin tone in the most gentle manner.

Super City Block SPF 40 is nothing but a sun block/sun screen, sheer with a weight-less formula. You can wear this alone or as an invisible under-makeup primer.

I started using these two products since yesterday i.e. 19th October. So, I might need a couple of weeks more to do a better review. One thing I can tell you for sure, I lost my pimple scar that was next to my lips....yay!

I am really hoping for more miracles to come my way. The time given for a reasonable change was 4-6 weeks provided consistent usage. So, I started using this both day and night. This was actually suggested in the leaflet.

(Courtesy: Clinique.co.uk)


Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Do you have any wish list?


Do you have a wish list? I have one, actually:

1. Have best sellers from every high-street makeup brand I can think of.

2. Have Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, Prada Large Antic Nappa Gauffre Tote in Brown and a Juicy Couture bag.

3. Have Banaras sarees in all colors I could not think of.

4. Venture into business one day, my own.

5. Own a duplex with lovely landscape, lotus pond, garden, gym and pool.

6. I wish to sing one day so the world knows I am capable of, which I am really not . I want to make my  family and my friends proud of me.

My friend says that I might end up like another Susan Boyle, but I love Susan a lot. She is such a cute, adorable darling. I see these as goals that could be accomplished any day, some way. Nothing wrong, right? When nobody can stop you dream, why not dream high? It costs nothing, after all.

See, I dont ask for much! What do you think?

P.S: These are all I could think of now. In case anything strikes, I will update.


Thursday, 8 October 2009

Signature Scent!

Hello Lovelies,

Fragrances are our identities...mirror images...whatever! I am a person who does not like to change my identity often! But, does it mean something to our loved ones? There are people who change perfumes daily. Dont you think we are missing something like a recognition.....which is really devastating. I always thought sense of smell plays a vital role in sense of familiarity...

Thats what we tend to take with us like their memories...things unspoken...

Some of you must be identifying me as a Davidoff-addict! I have been to India this June for my brother's wedding...my hubby still in UK! The time came when he has to come to India...was on a shopping spree! He has been to Debenhams, one of the high-end stores in UK! He bought some perfumes and was given some 20 samples...

Among them was this cute baby lying...waiting for attention! Calvin Klein Euphoria! I dont want to ramble much about this, but just trying to know about your perspective on having a signature scent!

I am 200% signature-scent person and I would always love to be the same! But, there might be cases when you have to change your scent...like when you get bored...or interests occupied by something else...or things that get your attention of late!

My latest will remain Calvin Klein Euphoria! Try to sniff this once, or else you are missing something sweet and enchanting! Somebody, teach me how to speak.......


(Courtesy: kpmg.mc)

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Do you believe this?


I dont tell you what to use and what not....what to choose and what not...I dont make any rules here, but still I am very much concerned about you all......on keen browsing, I came across this site....my holy grail, I can say!


Again, I wont do much talking as that is what I do mostly. No rambling...no review...nothing! Go through this site and I know, its your turn to talk about something you use on a daily basis.

Every time I come across such sites or announcements like lipstick has lead in it, mascara has mercury or worst cases, placenta in it......what do we do.....I feel like I am robbed!

Dont know what to do with all the stuff..........I definitely learnt something from this...ALWAYS LESS IS MORE! I am definitely going to follow this from today. I dont insist you to believe in this site, but still there is no harm in going through. You might learn few things at least for yourself.

If you can, pass it on to others whom you really care about!


Lip Nomenclature!


Funny Face, Cat Fight, Red Lizard, Shangai Express, Trans Siberian, Transeurope Express, Fire Down Below, Cabaret, Lolita, Success.....All Night Long, Bad Education, Blood work, Dirty Shame, Female Trouble, Foul Play, Gothika, Misbehave, Greek Holiday, Dragon Girl, African Queen, Dubonnet, Girl About Town.....

Here comes the crazy lot:

Orgasm, Pillow Talk, Risky Business, Stolen Kisses, Strip Tease, Triple X (clear gloss), Turkish Delight, Sex on beach, Chastity, Hot Wired, Sex Machine, Please me, Full Body, Lovelorn, Shag, Hug me, Stay In Touch, Kinda Sexy, Fast Play.....OMG..........not any more!

I mean, how funny can they get? Have you ever come across such funny names, especially lip products seem to have such names.......as far as I know!

Waiting for more,

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Flavor mania!

Hey Lovelies,

Whats your favourite flavor in lip products? Consider both fragrance and the taste or both or your own pick! This has got nothing to do with the brand in particular or anything blah blah blah.....just the flavour....okay!

Now, lets get started...the flavors being:

Cherry, Strawberry, Mint, Peppermint, Grape, Orange, Almond, Mango, Rum, Raisin, Watermelon, Guava, Rhubarb, Honey, Bee Wax, Raspberry, Sun Flower, Banana, Chocolate, Papaya, Rose, Pineapple, Vanilla, Apricot, Cocoa, Apple, Cinnamon, Candy, Berry, Lemon, Butterscotch, Caramel, Tomato, Champagne, Ginger, Coffee, Milk (does it exist?) ....phew......you name it....what would be your choice?

Guys......gave so much of choice.....you would literally have to bang!