Monday, 24 May 2010

How Blessed!

How does it feel when your so called blood-related folks act very weird, but somebody in other parts of the world miss you so bad? How blessed are you? I am not trying to make a bit thing out of it, but I wanted to share about things that changed my life forever! My value for relations has heightened to a greater extent!

Never in my life I thought a wee part of my heart would miss UK, thanks to Body Shop! If not every body, most of you know my relation with Body Shop staff! My Body Shop fever started since January 19th, 2010 which is hardly 5 months! I came across two angels in the name of staff! Margaret and Vicky aka humanity personified! I can keep talking about those two for ages nonstop!

As mentioned earlier, I never had great friends! I was always ready to give, but nobody was ready to accept! Life proved that time and again! May be I was too good! I thank God for giving me more enemies instead of friends coz that's what made me close to my mother like nobody's business! My mom will always remain my first best friend forever! Most of my life, I came across devils in disguise but this is my first experience coming across angels in disguise! It obviously takes time to digest the fact that you are truly blessed!

Lovely gesture ever!

Every visit to the store made me feel very special! Nobody made me feel that way earlier save my family and besties! Just five months, they knew I worship their products! Margaret is obsessed with cats! She keeps talking about them the whole day just the way I do about body butter! Customers are her love! Meaning, she calls each "Love!" She is definitely a treasure to the store! Vicky is an "early-twenties" soul striving hard to make her mark in this world! The sweetest part of her; she doesnt want to be a celebrity! That is the sole reason she did not confront the camera for my blog sessions! If they were able to tolerate a customer like me, you can estimate their patience levels!

My mom taught me never to be the reason for somebody's tears! I believe I made my mom proud, but! I was the reason for their tears in a good way, of course! Margaret being decoction and Vicky being milk, they made a perfect cuppa together! They called themselves "The Troublesome Twosome" whereas I used to call them "The Awesome Twosome!" They taught me the essence of life without their knowledge! They were always there to share my happiness and sorrows! They cheered me up in the best ways possible!

At one time, hubby was so conscious about my Body Shop frenzy! Next day, I took him to the store and introduced Margaret and Vicky! Guess what! From then, it was hubby's turn to take me to the store! He used to interact more since then! Can you believe? Credit goes to??? Your guess is right! I was a resident of that place for more than one and half year, but I regret meeting them so late! Should I curse my fate to meet them so late? Should I thank God for giving me such precious friends at least at this stage of my life?

So touching!

I was given the most beautiful card in the world! Shock was the only reaction when I saw my name spelt so right on the card! My name always being butchered in my home land, it was definitely a pleasure to see that spelt so right by sweet strangers from the other side of world! Why so? They never called me by my name! Whenever I had to make a call to the store, I was like, "Hello, its me!" Whenever I had to visit the store, they were like, "What brings you to the store today?" What else? Obviously Margaret and Vicky!

I still remember their last words with tears in their eyes! "Take care! Wherever you are, be happy! We will always miss you! Dont forget to stay in touch! You are not a customer, but definitely our friend!" My last words being "Hope I get to see you again in this life time!" Motherly love from Margaret and sisterly love from Vicky! What else could anybody ask for? If you are in Scotland, especially Stirling make sure you visit Body Shop @ Murray Place! Give Margaret and Vicky a warm hug on my behalf! You will definitely get the same in return, I promise! God Bless Margaret and Vicky! Missing you from the other part of the world!

P.S - All I wanted was to vent out my feelings for those two angels, so I dont mind if this post goes totally unnoticed! My heart feels light, now! I am still not sure how they feel about me, but this is how I feel towards Margaret and Vicky! Hoping you were really sad to see me go, angels :)


  1. So very sweet of Margaret n Vicky! And are even sweeter Divs...anybody wit a heart like yours will always be missed by those who've gotten to know u


  2. Wow, that was heart touching post. Loved every bit of it. I feel u shd write more often,u have the flair and the flow. Hope u get to meet them soon. Count on me, always ur friend, a silent follower:):)Cheers!!!!!!!!

  3. God bless them both :)

  4. So sweet..

    Glad that you found good friends atleast during the last tenure of your stay in Scotland..

  5. Such a sweet gesture, Divija. You are a gem of a person and there's no doubt that they are gong to miss you.


  6. are such a sweet person. Your awesome-twosome are really awesome, that's for sure.

  7. AnonymousMay 27, 2010

    Hey Divija,

    I had a huge smile on my face while reading this post....You and your awesome twosome and really v sweet...

    Thankfully w today's technology it isnt v difficult to stay in tch w ppl even in the other part of the world

    Life is really times even if you know someone for years, you may not really connect with thm and on the other hand it just takes a few meetings to build a lifelong relation with someone


  8. Hi Divija , You never bothered to even tell me that you are leaving UK , I thought you would be back :(
    Anyways, wish you all the very best in whatevr you do dear. This is a really heart touching post. We will find many such people here in scoland.
    Take care Divis, btw, I hope u remember me?

  9. This was a beautiful note. Genuine self-less friends are really hard to find. I was really touched by your post as I could relate.