Friday, 13 August 2010

Back for good!!!

I am not sure how and where to begin, but I have to somehow! Firstly, my heartfelt "thanq" for all the warm and sweet messages! I am too lazy to type, but I want to! Phew!!! Its been long time which was nothing but a roller coaster ride for me! I was away from the internet and blogging for a loooooooooong time, which I kinda liked! I needed a BIG break, but I am worried it might get too big to bug me! I wanna come back as soon as possible! Of course with a blog sale!

I wanna sell some of the stuff, in fact most of it! They remind me of UK, which I dont wanna cherish except for the fact that I love Body Shop and my angels! Once I make sure of the sale date, will post it! I will also let you all know what to expect in the sale!

Blogging is getting very competetive and addictive these days! Its fine as long as you take it in a healthy way, which is not happening! At least amongst some bloggers! I notice some blogger friends becoming enemies for nothing! I dont need more enemity and negativity in my life as I already have so much around me! I can seriously feel it! A gets free stuff, B doesnt take it in a good way! B is very jealous that A gets free stuff all the time! She spreads negativity around!

If you are lucky enough to get noticed by the companies, you will definitely get free stuff! I am telling you, free stuff is not good all the times! Some people are so sweet,  you cant say something bad about their products! That times, you have to stop talking about those products you are not satisfied with! The secret behind getting free stuff, keep blogging! If your stars favor, you might get lucky! Or else, better luck until another company notices you and your blog!

I am also scared of holding a blog sale! What if I cant post the products in time to my friends? Will I be blasted the same way others were? This was the reason I stopped blogging for a while! Times, I feel like deleting my blog and sit quiet! Beauty blogging is like breathing! You stop breathing, you are done with it! At least the pace which beauty bloggers are these days, this is what I feel!

I have a twitter account which is lying around! God, I still regret that! I wish I did not fall for the beautiful Sarah@Glossicious's promising words! Aaaggghhh....Sarah! I wish I didnt start blogging! This is the month of my blog's anniversary which is on 18th! How sweet bloggers celebrate their blog anniversaries! SIGH!!! I  had many plans with my blog once I am back to India, but I am not interested in such things anymore!

K, girls! Dont wanna eat your brains with my ramblings! Will see you soon with a blog sale! Please try to be good as  you always were! I have had enough negativity around me! Once again, thank you each and every beauty for the sweet messages!

P.S - My post doesnt reflect any blog or blogger except me and only me! Dont be surprised if I come back to blogging with a big bang again! This note is for my far away friend who loves my post scripts!


  1. Welcome back Divs!! After so many days, it was nice to read yr post..

    Well, whatever u decide to do, blog or no blog, I hope u have a good time.

    I hope u had a good time in India :)

    Looking forward to yr blog sale.

  2. Hey Divija..

    Welcome back and was missing you so much gal!!

    Hope you are doing better now..Still in Bangalore?

  3. hey Divija !
    Wow , finally you are back !!
    Girl , we missed your TBS post :P
    You just said what was their in my mind .. I used to blog for fun .. it was my hobby but I totally agree to what you said .. blogging is getting really competitive and there is "some" negativity .. I try not to get fazed by it and post atleast once in a month .. to tell people I'm still breathing :P
    P.S - I want you back with a BIG BANG :D

  4. Divja my sweet innocent divja! Don't you know this world is full of
    mean. People along with really good ones ? Blogging world is strange ,
    you consider some1 frnd and next day you read negative rumor started
    by 'them" so this is life.
    I know you are soo sensitive babe , I hope you get peace of mind
    Ok ok I'm sorry I asked you to make twitter account. It was so much
    fun with rati, poorinma,tanveer and cynthia at that time of year :( I
    didn't know you would hate it :(
    Do a blog sale if you want, if you can't post on time , inform buyer
    immediately ,they will understand.
    Rest I hope you are doing great :)

  5. dearest divija, firstly, welcome back :)
    i agree with whatever sarah has said. it's a mean world out there and the best you can do is to be good to those around you. i enjoy arching up my eyebrows reading your posts and have really missed it since the past couple of months, but there's no pressure from any of us! do what you like best. if you want to stop blogging, it's your call! i'm a very spontaneous person and have made many such decisions. trust me, it always helps me clear my head.
    i'm looking forward to the sale. i don't think i'll purchase anything, but i'm sure it will be cathartic for you!
    we can all do with a little less negativity around us!

    lots and lots of love,

  6. welcome back divs. i know what you mean about beauty blogging. Even I took a bit of a break from blogging and now trying to get back into the groove of things. We can do it :)

  7. Hey Divija! Thanks for coming back to the blogging world, darling! Missed you a lot! Hope you continue with the beauty blogging and dont let any negativity around you affect you in anyway! We'll always be with you to support you, hunny! Goodluck with the blog sale :)) xoxo

  8. Hey Divija...I knw my msg is very late but soo glad to see u back!!!

    All the best and waiting for the sale ;)


  9. hey grl..Hope things are good wth ya....looking fwd for some more posts soon...:)