Sunday, 25 April 2010

Attention, Lovelies!

It's time for goodbyes! Please control yourselves, lovelies! Dont make it any harder! I know it must be a sudden blow like bolt from the blue! LOL

Jokes apart! I am going back to India coming weekend, supposedly on 1st May! I can hardly type! I can hardly stop giggling! My prayers are finally answered! Now, I need your help!

Did you travel to India lately, especially via Emirates? I need some info on check-in luggage! Is there any restriction on the quantity of makeup you carry in check-in luggage? I am a bit worried as I have tonnes of Body Shop products! May be, around 9 kilos! I know, its too much!

Kindly let me know! If you are not sure, please find out from your friends or family! If you forward this to 10 people, a friend of yours will gift you a MAC lipstick from their latest launch whatever it is called! If you break the chain, a friend of yours is going to lift your latest MAC purchase! Here, take my word! Just kiddin'

Lovelies, please let me know! I really appreciate any kind of information regarding check-in baggage! What if they have a TBS-lunatic daughter like me? Oh, no! I can't imagine whats gonna happen next!


  1. Wow I'm sooo happy for you div, you are finally going back :)
    Okay you know what I don't know about india, but in jan2010, my bro came back to pak from uk on emirates and he brought this small suitcase ,I guess of 25kg,which had nothing but makeup which I ordered online, and he didn't face any trouble at I would say you would ve fine,Yes !!! They will think you are crazy but again we all makeup lovers are crazy .right ? :p
    Have a safe journey back home, you are coming in my neighbourhood now :p

  2. So happy for your Divija and 9kgs of TBS stuff. Gawdd!!! :P

    Have a happy and a safe journey. :)

  3. I'll find out from my fiance... he always brings me truckloads of TBS stuff from France and he travels emirates. :)

    Will get back to you in a few hours :)

  4. Happy vacation and re.Emirates, there should not be any problem if ur make-up stuff is inside the check-in baggage. But, do carry minimum stuff in ur cabin baggage,they r quite strict with those.

  5. Yay!!

    For one time I am not saddened by your good bye..Coz you are coming nearer..

    Welcome back home sweetie..

  6. Yay! Come soon Divs :). No idea about the baggage restrictions out there. All I can say is Heathrow airport confiscated my brand new shampoo n conditioner :\

    Have a safe trip!N welcome! hehe


  7. aww ur going India! am happy for you hun. am gona cum there for a hol in June too, we've gota meet up :D

  8. It seems there shouldn't be any prob if it's in check in.

    Just keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

  9. it wouldn't matter if its in your check in as long as it doesn't go over the weight limit...I went home (i mean india) in 08 and now they charge u for one bag too...but just make sure u dont have anything in ur carry on...that they wont allow..but check in shud be ok...lemme know if u have more questions....hope u have a grat trip :)