Monday, 5 April 2010

Get Ready To Unsubscribe!

Many things happening on my end, its hard for me to blog! I am preparing myself for the final trip! Now that you know the reason behind my absence, I will not be updating my blog very often like I used to! Feel free to unsubscribe from my blog as I am not able to visit and comment on your blogs like I used to! I am about to take an indefinite leave from my blog!

Chances are great to continue blogging! I like to stay away from all these things for a great amount of time, at least! I did make some plans for a brighter future! I can't wait for that to happen! Wish me good luck!

I noticed that I am blogging about too many Body Shop products these days! Practically speaking, who wants bath and body products when the whole world is obsessed about high-end makeup brands? Yes! That includes myself! This is what I told my friend the other day! Compared to the comments my earlier posts received, I feel my blog targets nobody these days!

My answer to the anonymous mails! I hate to confess, but I have no intentions to change my blog name! My identity is everything to me! Spring brings blooms! Request brings reviews! I will randomly update my blog, so be prepared for the worst! For my dear friend, I am about to post the pictures of Body Shop Strawberry Bathe & Bloom range!

P.S - Kindly do not follow my blog expecting the same in return! I cannot follow your blog for many reasons! If your blog falls under my criteria, I will surely do that without your asking! I too had my early days, so I know how it feels! Understand, I am not attitudey!


  1. aww divs don't be so silly, why would anyone unsub from you?
    well i certainly won't be.
    i'll look forward to your next blog post, whenever that will be.
    take care hun,good luck and happy easter xxx

  2. wow somebody isnt in pleasant mood.

  3. Hi,

    I have been following your blog since the day i came across your blog albeit i never commented on it .
    You never followed mine but that doesn't affect me at all.

    The reason being i like your blog and if you don't felt same for my blog that is completely your choice...Its not tit for tat here. its all what we like and appreciate:)

  4. Divs - Thks so much for the pics - the stuff looks just too good & am def gonna get it :)

    I'll be waiting for yr posts sweets, even if they are once in a while ... But I do wish u good luck for your plan and hope that you will stay in touch over chat. :D

    & I loved yr bath & body prdt reviews - after all we all bath everyday, even if we don't use make up everyday..

  5. rani,

    thnq so much for the promising words!


    I was not, but now I am :) u finally landed on my blog...after a long time..


    dear! warm welcome to my blog! am really sorry i didnt even know u had a blog earlier! thnq for the sweetest words...but i feel things are getting competetive these days :)


    thnk god i finally lured you :) u thought i am leaving this world forever? LOL...i will be blogging for sure, but lazy posts...thats the difference...not super duper xciting posts like u girls do...

    i am rolling reading ur last lines...agreed :)

  6. Hey Divija,

    i typed a long mesg earlier and it got swallowed..but now when I came back to ur blog, I'm relieved. Whats with everyone today??
    Dont even think of abandoning the blog..Btw, do take a break if it would help..We love u and will be waiting for u.

    TBS twin :-)

  7. You know what, you are a silly girl. Why would we ever unsubscribe?

    You take a lovely break babes and I wish you lots of wishes for the future.

    Will always and always be waiting for your posts.

    *Hugguu tight* :)

  8. don't worry you can take all the time you want and no matter how lazy your posts are you'll still be our beloved body shop girl :)

  9. Div,

    Don't be so hard on yourself; I will not unsubscribe just because you are taking a break and not blogging as often. Its fine to talk about Body Shop too; we all have our loyalties. We'll be here when you decide to come back. :)

  10. Hey Divs! Dont you dare lure us into thinking that you are not gonna continue blogging or whatever! I know that the month is April but you are taking undue advantage of it hun! haha
    Though you tried your level best in simulating a serious feel to this post but I could well sense the pun attached to it!ha ha!

    Ok jokes apart, I wanna tell you that you are one blogger who has made me crack everytime with your funfilled & light-hearted posts!
    One another note, Blogging is not about running in a marathon or whatever, its about unleashing the creative side of yours and sharing your thoughts & opinion with the likeminded people xoxo

  11. Hi divis, what's wrong with you? why would anybody unsubscibe from your blog , i don't know what is going on on your side but i wish you all the good luck in your future plans and please do come back soon.

  12. Continue with the amazing work hun and no one will dare to unsubscribe hehe :) I ♥ ya blog!

  13. i love you and your fabulous blog <3

  14. div, we love your blog, trust me i love reading whta you write, and above all we love divija reddy..blogging is all about passion and hell with people who cant deal with the this fact. we are one of those girls, who blog for themselves not for whats IN or whats OUT. i love you and btw check mineral foundation wali post, i commented there too, you were on a break,and make sure ypu dont stop blogging, you have a talent to keep us entertained and smiling so dont you dare missy..mess with these

    love you sweety

  15. and one more thing.. if i can manage to blog from pakistan's small town with no brands and no quality makeup around, im sure you can continue blogging too. so NO excuses

  16. Hey DR,

    What is this??Do not talk like this.Iam following all the posts of yours and infact become a bodyshop fan.

    Please do continue blogging

  17. Divs why would we unsubscribe just coz u will not be updating regularly?! We'll still be here whenever u have time to start again. I also barely have time to visit everyone's blog!
    So come back soon