Monday, 26 April 2010

Please, Help Me!

What's with the stupid attentive titles these days? Well, to gather ton lotta opinions! I am ready for YSL Rouge Volupte, but not sure which shade exactly! Other day, I couldn't stop staring at the Rouge Volupte display! The tube was too heavy for a lipstick, but who doesn't fall for the once-in-a-life-time packaging? I am talking as if I am the first one to discover YSL Rouge Volupte! To be honest, I have a bunch of shades in my mind! I prefer mauve-nude-muted-rose kind of shades! Am I clear?

Love shades - Rouge Volupte #9 in Caress Pink, Rouge Volupte #23 Luscious Pink, Rouge Volupte #11 Rose Culte and Rouge Volupte #29 Opera Rose! I appreciate any links to Rouge Volupte swatches! Transit at Dubai, so I have my eye on Duty Free! I wonder if there is any difference in the price range! I heard enough jazz about Duty Free shopping! My knowledge; I thought the price would be less at Duty Free compared to the stores! Last visit, I bought MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation for £20, which originally retails for £19 at the stores! What's with the Duty Free, then?

Can't help drooling! Love the last shade towards right!

Seems it costs around 1700 INR whereas it's worth 1600 INR in UK! Any ideas how much would YSL Rouge Volupte cost at Dubai Airport? Should I try at Glasgow Airport? Would it better to visit my local Debenhams, instead? Will there be any price difference at all? I leave you at peace for now! I really appreciate any kind of information regarding YSL Rouge Volupte!


  1. yup yup it will defo be expensive in dubai compared to london hun. grab it from a ysl counter or an online store here, will be much cheaper! and I truely love the look of all its shades, just cant fork out that amount for a lippy yet :S hehe

  2. I like the first shade from the left. No idea about prices in Dubai Divs. According to the swatches in, I like opera rose and caress pink