Monday, 5 April 2010

What's In Rati's Bag?

Finally, the future You Tube sensation agreed to give us a sneak peek of what's exactly in her bag! Thank you very much, doll! What are we waiting for?

Little red diary, pocket diary, specs, sunglasses, comb, gum, Crocin Cold & Flu, Dove deo, wet wipes, tissues, sanitary napkin, water bottle, eye drops, sewing kit, Tic Tac pins, Business Cards, Q-Tip, Chubby (doll), Safety Pin and hair ties!

Silver makeup kit, Inglot Paint Pot, Lotus Bubbly Nude Lipstick, Lakme Bridal Sutra lipstick # 226, Lotus Kajal, The Body Shop Shea lip butter, handy mirror, Lotus compact, Maybelline Chai Latte Quad, eyelash curler (love curling my lashes every now and then), Colorbar blush in Cinnabar, eyeliner in Midnight Black and hand Cream! Forgot to include medium-sized wallet, signature pen with leather cover and pencil!

Damn ! I am embarrassed now! This is the most basic bag that I love to carry every where! I have been using this for almost 6 months, but I am kinda getting bored of it now! I would like to thank Divija for this eye opener! Guess I'll shed some stuff from my bag right away! Still wondering what the heck is Crocin Cold & Flu doing in my bag! Lol!

P.S - I cannot thank you enough for the credits, Rati! Love the uber chic basic black bag! Agree your bag was sure a mess! Get rid of all the junk, if you hadn't! Dont wait for me, lovelies! Feel free to mail me the pictures of your bag! You dont need to be a blogger for this!


  1. OMG,

    Love you Rati...Your handbag and mine are so similar...content wise :-P

    Thanks for the post Div...

  2. lol!! I can't stop lauhging. This is such a self realization post. :D

  3. I love the contents, so similar to my travel bag :D

  4. i like that bag!!!
    i o prefer simple but big handbags!
    there is quite abit in ur bag though lol
    what is the sewig kit for???

  5. wow thats a lot of stuff :O Love the bag though!

  6. WanderlustApril 06, 2010

    Wow.. so even if your marooned on an island you ll survive :)

  7. love the bag and thank GOd there is some1 who shares passion of big bags and lots of stuff in it with me.

  8. LOTS of stuff but a lot of it comes in handy at the most trying of times!

  9. Desi girl: Got no clue. I got it from a hotel staff lol! and it is there since ages.

    Shifa: I am also wondering how much stuff I carry he he

    Waderlust : ROFLLL!!

    Sarah: See I told ya! Thank you. :)

    ki: yes he he he

  10. hey dear...I had mailed you a couple of weeks back. Infact in March...I am not sure if you recieved that....Pls LMK or send me your e-mail id.


  11. Omg that's a lot of stuff :D No wonder u need a big bag! lol at sewing kit n chubby ;D