Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Star Of The Month - Series II

Where do I begin? Blogosphere has known him as another beauty blogger! Not many know him in real, save his followers! His blog speaks his true love for makeup! He is passionate about Estee Lauder, which paved a way for his current career! His blog might end your search if you are brand-conscious! He appears very composed, but that's not the real "him"! He appreciates sincerity on his blog! He proudly calls himself the "makeup man"! Want to know the real person whose destiny changer was just a lipstick? I feel so honored to present to you Dr. Neeraj Navare, skin care consultant, Clinique!

1. About you in your own words!

I am a bachelor in medicine and surgery! MBBS doctor with diverse interests! I always loved the art of beauty, thanks to the paternal genes! My father is a commercial artist and an amazing painter! I got more interested in makeup when my best friend gifted me a Lakme lipstick for fun and I thought why not make a career out of it! I feel makeup is an art! I am a beholder trying to do the best and contribute the best I could in this field to make things easier and better!

I am 27, single, fair and trying to be fairer! I use a lot of products that I generally write about on myself and my clients, colleagues, friends and whomsover I meet including professional models and all! I work as a skin care consultant with Clinique @ Mumbai! I love my work! I teach people how to maintain their skin, look the best on occasions and also teach makeup as a part of my profession! I am a freelance makeup artist, as well! My lovely blog is a medium to tell my friends all over the world what I know about makeup!

I also like gardening, reading everything and love my new Alsatian puppy Zeus a lot! My inspiration is the day-to-day woman who has to do everything at her work and home and still look beautiful! I try my best to translate the latest in the fashion trends to this woman of today through my blog! I sometimes do write articles for guys and shall write more!

2. How did you land on your current job?

For me, Clinique is a dream job! This is where I wanted to work after I was introduced to their skin care and makeup! I think no other brand can do so much and make so many people happy over the entire world! I always considered MAC, but when I saw the MUA there I changed! MAC, which I use in copious amounts did not cater to my taste in makeup and I was somehow too demure and conservative to work in a brand like that! Estee Lauder Companies are fabulous employers and thats the bliss I enjoy! Its tough to land in a field with too much of competition! But if you have faith in yourself, nothing's impossible! One should always dream and find out ways to fulfill it!

3. You come from a place where make up for men is considered a big NO-NO! What brings you to makeup artistry?

I always considered makeup as an art and a way of self expression! In India, its always the "makeup-man"! Makeup is also a male-dominated field here, especially films and TV! I love to play with colors and enjoy seeing them transform someone! If you see a dirty caterpillar turning into a butterfly, you would admire the nature's work! That's the metamorphosis I love to see in the woman and man of today! Makeup is about enhancing someone, but not changing someone's identity! This is what I love doing everyday!

4. How were the first days of your profession?

I had to struggle a lot as I shifted from medical profession to full-time cosmetology and makeup artistry! Lot of my time went in discovering brands and seeing what works! It was only when 90% of what I used hardly worked, I started writing my blog! I thank my parents a million times everyday for being so supportive and patient enough when I chose this career! They were the ones who invested on all these expensive products I write about today!

5. Do you remember the first faces you worked on?

I got a chance to work with many people, but this is something that happened quite long time back! Finding the traces of my memory though! By the way, my first model was my mother!

6. Name your personal favorite brands!

Somehow, I dont admire Indian makeup brands and make it a point to look past them as they dont appeal to my taste of makeup! Something extraordinary is always loved, but it is the rarest! International brands that I love and rave are too many, but let me write a few! Clinique, MAC, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Clarins, Shiseido, Smashbox, Elizabeth Arden, YSL, Chanel, Dior, NYX Cosmetics, Scott Barnes, Too Faced, MAX Factor, Cover Girl, Guerlain, Bourjois and Lancome!

7. Name your favorite brands @ work, preferably on clients!

Shiseido, Clarins, MAC, Estee Lauder and YSL! Skincare, predominantly Clinique!

8. Which brands do you feel are most hyped?

Guerlain, La Mer, Chanel, Lancome and YSL! They are overtly priced and ridiculously expensive! But, this is only in India and not anywhere else! I do understand that they fall in the luxury division, but that doesnt mean we should pay almost 40% more of what people pay in other countries!

9. Which brands do you feel are under-rated?

MUD Cosmetics and Eve Pearl Cosmetics! They have genuinely the best products to offer in the market, but unfortunately no one knows them!

10. Do you believe a makeover can really change a person's appearance and attitude? Does it help boost their confidence levels?

Compared to women without makeup, studies show that makeup boosts confidence in very high levels in women with makeup! Makeup is about hiding nooks and corners of the face and revealing the best ones! I never felt makeup should alter someone the way they look! It should always be enhancing the best features that are always the unique identity of an individual! Makeup can create wonders and add in the effects that God forgot to give us! Long lashes and high cheekbones, for instance! Makeup is always a medium of self enhancement and putting the best face forward! I hate women who hide themselves in veils of makeup trying to lose their true self somewhere! I admire women who take care of themselves, look gorgeous and carry themselves inspite of wearing a bright fuschia lipstick for work everyday!

P.S - To be continued in the next post! He was very kind to oblige for the session! Thank you, Dr. Neeraj! If you can spare a couple of minutes, do check his amazing blog with wonderful brands! Blog that speaks about discontinued and "IT" brands!


  1. I have started reading his blog and found it very interesting, esp to know about make up from a different perspective.

    Interesting read Divija and thank you Dr.Neeraj. Nice to know more about you.

  2. Its great to know the "beauty traveler" , Up, close and personal !
    hehe ..Your mum was yer first model ??ROFL.. btw my mum is my only model :D .
    When I was kid , I used to paint my mother's face in ridiculous amount of foundations and lipsticks .. Lakme obviously !
    I loved this interview .. keep more coming !!
    I love these sessions :D
    and Thanks for this wonderful interview , Divi :)

  3. amazing. i used to work for clinique, btw.

  4. Loved reading about Neeraj. Always happy to find a male interested in makeup.
    Thanks for sharing this interview Divs


  5. Refreshing to see a guy's perspective on makeup! :) will def check his blog out

  6. So cool ya Divs - I love these series you do :).. Good work

    @Neeraj: I have been reading your blog for more than a year. It is a very nice blog & gives a good perspective on high end (well, considering I swear by NYX, Jordana, maybelline & Colorbar - they are high end - just kidding.. LOL) brands.

  7. Hey Divija,

    I so love these series. And Dr. Neeraj I love reading your blog. Have learnt so much from it already. :)

  8. Hey Divs!I loved reading this post darling! Its always interesting to know a guy's point of view on makeup!
    I also loved reading his blogs xoxo

  9. Those reviews are really inspiring....thanks a lot Divs for being so kind...

  10. Dr.Neeraj thanks for your valuable input. Your interview was truly very informative.