Sunday, 5 December 2010

Thanq All...

I can't believe the most ignored blog has 110 followers! I thank each and every follower friend who has been patient-enough all the while! Sorry if I was not able to reply to your messages and comments! I am still contemplating when to make a come-back for personal reasons! I hate competetion especially in things I do for fun! That's whats keeping me back, I honestly confess!

As of now, am kinda involved in launching my second blog! Its almost done and looks good enough to resume to regular blogging! I might be on that for quite sometime! I keep reading my favorite blogs till date without fail! I should say I am really happy for you all, friends! Each and every blog has become an encyclopedia! At times I wonder if I should consider blogging seriously as I am a lazy goose!

Many left personal messages and also asking for recommendations, but I was not there to answer! So sorry for that, friends! I know by the time I reply, most of you dont even come back to read! So I had to leave them as such! Never think that I ignore you people! Am just taking my time! Hope you forgive me now???


  1. I'm eagerly waiting to follow your other blog Divija! But please don't stop blogging!



  2. i dont know why some people start competing in everything,i mean its just blogging , no need to make enemies people. you are a great blogger div, you are natural talent, great writing skills, cant wait to read your other blog.