Friday, 10 December 2010

YSL Rouge Volupte #20 Spicy Pink or Rose Epice

Greetings to everybody! Hope you are doing good in all aspects of your life! Trying to resume to regular blogging after a long hiatus! Hope to entertain my friends the way I did earlier!

Just wanted to share my perspective on YSL Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15! I know you all are capable of facing the fact one more time though you've come across YSL Rouge Volupte a zillion times so far! Just an attempt to create awareness on #20 Spicy Pink especially if you fancy pink shades! I wanted a review on this shade prior to investment, but could not find one! Once I bought it, I thought of a beneficiary review so you dont regret later! I call this an investment as I am not used to buy a lipstick for some 1700 INR! I bought mine at Dubai Airport for 17 pounds, but actually retails for 20 pounds! Wait for the sale period for the best price!

Outer case of package!

Claims - Delight your senses with Rouge Volupte, the first lipstick to instantly soften the lips, providing a unique sensation of pleasure plus exceptional radiant color! The nutri-protective film enables Rouge Volupte to act as a second skin, with a silky sensation that moisturises, nourishes and repairs the lips! With a unique colorshine complex, lips are visibly smoothed, plumped and radiant with luminous satin colors!

Revealing the breath-taking beauty!

How can one resist drop-dead packaging and gorgeous lip colors? As it is, gold keeps attracting women like nobody's business! If a golden metallic case is complemented by a lipstick and a mirror, should I tell what happens? Who wouldnt fall for it? What a strategy, YSL!!!

Clever mirror on the lid!

Shade #20 Spicy Pink or Rose Epice is cinnamon pink according to the website! I would say its more a muted-mauvey-rosey-pink! The color in the tube is less intense compared to that on lips! It becomes more rich and intense on lips, rather! Glides smooth and even; envelops your lips like a layer of fluid! Yes, it is extremely creamy and smooth! Pigmentation depends on the shade you choose, but I assure every shade has its own beauty which cannot be duplicated! Formulation of Rouge Volupte is lustrous, opaque and richly pigmented! For me, it obviously means full coverage!

Looks like peach, but its the same muted pink!

As for the long-lasting effect, I seriously dont bother about such petty issues! I dont go on a hunger strike just to retain my lip color! No harm in reapplication, especially with the provided package! Otherwise, it stays on for a reasonable amount of time! Staying power depends on the individual, I believe! If you find the color is too pigmented, blot for a muted look! Stain remains on your lips, which is more beautiful! Experience, stain doesnt stay longer compared to the lipstick as such! Surely a fragrant product, but definitely not floral like I expected! Falls under melon-scented category, which is quite a relief compared to the wax-scented others!

#20 Spicy Pink in daylight! Best reference!

As for the plumped lip effect, I am never a big fan of bee-stung lips! Hence I dont buy a lip product seeking the same effect! I believe every lip product enhances the beauty of your lips in some way or the other! Compare your lips with and without lipstick! You can definitely notice the difference, no matter minor or major! Your lips gain a particular shape when you apply lipstick or even a lip balm as a matter of fact! The secret to a soft pout is Olive oil/Almond oil and sugar scrub! I need not tell you how beautiful your lips look once they are smooth! Lip color just adds to the beauty of your lips! The world's most expensive lipstick also doesnt help in improving the texture of your lips unless you maintain your pout well!

Intricate ring with YSL initials @ center!

For the curious beauties, the longevity of YSL RV is 12 months! Have you tried YSL RV? If yes, what shades so far? What's your take? If no, what shade do you feel like trying? Please do share your insight on YSL RV! My take, I want YSL RV in every shade possible as it is definitely owner's pride! Sincere advice, do not go by the swatches online!

Package also comes with claim!

P.S - Do I recommend Rouge Volupte? I know how it feels when somebody reviews revolutionary products and recommend you not to buy for silly reasons! You definitely feel like buying at least to satisfy your ego coz that's what I tend to do at times! There are just a couple of shades that suit dark skin tones, so make sure you read enough reviews or at least one good review prior to investment! If you wanna buy it for reasons you cant disclose, go for it without giving a second thought! If you are on a budget, definitely dont turn your head towards the YSL counter! I warned you, already! Kindly do let me know if my review helped one of you, at least!


  1. I like how you mention that no lipstick can make your lips look hot unless you maintain them beforehand! Thanks for this swatch - I agree that it's so hard to find swatches online for darker complexions, which sucks cause I've been wanting to purchase these YSL lippies, but I want to make sure about the colour before I spend so much on one!

  2. This shade looks gorgeous to me.I would love to buy atleat one YSL rouge volupte, i dont wanna order online , as swatches arent so good. Good to see you back , missed you around.

  3. Hello Saim, thnq so much for the sweet words! Its my pleasure to present the swatch when the price is such a pain! Gud luck!

  4. Hey Sara, thnq so much for the promising words and let me know wat shade u invest in :) ur red lips are so HOT :)