Wednesday, 22 December 2010

MAC Capricious

By now, many of us are exhausted enough reading reviews on MAC products, especially lipsticks! Please dont worry as I am not here to begin a boring review on another MAC lipstick! Just wanted to provide swatches so the person who intends to buy a shade similar might benefit! Like a little bit more of a particular lipstick! My kinda review, girls!

Just how happy Barbie & friends look!

If you are looking for a shade similar, hope your search ends with Capricious! I dont categorize this under plum, berry, rose or purple-toned lipstick as it is your call! Do I find any purple undertones? I should get my eyes checked as I can't! I am a die-hard fan of berry lippies, so I went for Capricious! When I could pull-off Plumful which is more of purple/plum/rose/berry kind, I thought why not Capricious! In fact, I am not trying to compare Plumful to Capricious!

Capricious blends well with my complexion, day or night! It can be worn fearless and goes on with any looks unless you prefer being gothic for halloween! It goes well with fair skin tones as well! If you havent tried MAC lipsticks so far which I doubt, the formula of their lipsticks is soft like butter! Oh yeah, dont expect them to melt on your lips! Lustre formula goes sheer on lips with lesser pigmentation! Color is buildable, but not in such a way to transform your looks! More swipes, more pigmentation!

Ingredients for the curious!

Capricious has negligible teeny gold (?) sparkles in it! We all know MAC lipsticks smell like Vanilla, thanks to the ingredients! Consider the fragrance a bonus! Capricious being lustre-finish, the color might bleed! Go for a lip liner of similar shades! To be honest, I hate the concept of lip liner! I never used one till date, but I recommend you go for one if you want the color to stay longer! Line and fill your lips with a similar shade and apply Capricious on top! For that oomph factor, top it up with a transparent or similar shade gloss!

With flash!

Capricious might look dark in the tube, but it can go sheer berry on lips! It hardly stays for 2 hours after application, but one thing I enjoy the most is the stain it leaves on my lips! I hardly bother about staying power of any lipstick as long as I am happy using it time and again!

Without flash!

I wish MAC doesnt discontinue this shade, for heaven's sake! Looking for a fool-proof berry (this) toned lipstick? Give Capricious a try! Who knows? You might end up with a back up! With shades like Capricious, you can hardly bother about over-doing looks!

Upper line - couple of swipes, lower line - single swipe! With flash!

I need not tell you MAC products are very expensive with a lipstick around 1000 INR! I never bought one in India, so do check out the price at your local MAC counters! UK market it costs around 12.50 pounds and US, 14 dollars! Correct me if I am wrong!

Upper line - couple of swipes, lower line - single swipe! Without flash!

How many liked Capricious? Have you already tried this? I welcome your pearls of wisdom! Any plans for Capricious? Good luck, girls!


  1. love this shade...I'm yet to try MAC..

  2. Gorgeous shade Divy, I love berry shades got 1 from revlon. Must try out this. Thanks for sharing dear :)

  3. very pretty color..for any special occasion,will be lovely.

  4. I want to try it soo bad. Sorry hon, I need to add you to my blogroll, I hardly ever check the blogs I follow. Horrible, I know.

  5. I'm planning to get this today.. it is such a pretty shade :D