Friday, 17 December 2010

Friends AKA Followers!

I thank every friend and follower in person for following almost dead blogs like mine with lot of patience! It means a lot to me, if you all can understand! Kindly give me some time to know you all, visit and follow your blogs! You all deserve that for being so sweet! Please do not hold any grudges and negativity as this is not the place for things as such!

If you are not a blogger, just here by somebody's reference or just for fun, you are more than welcome to visit both of my blogs as often! Thank you Anamika, for the exposure, pain and efforts taken! I cant thanq enough for what you have done!

P.S - The best way to know each and every blogger is only by chat, I feel! You all know I dont socialize much on Face Book and Twitter! If you feel the same way, I will be available on mail just in case!


  1. thats a sweet note honey :D....
    would love to chat with u :)

  2. Hi Divija! Wow u disappeared for such a long time! Good to have you back. Take care...