Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Who Taught You?

Who taught you how to live and let live? Who taught you to learn from your lessons, good or bad? Who keeps guiding you round the clock in the right direction? Who takes all the effort and pain only to see you happy end of the day? For me, its my Mother! She reiterates the same story to me whenever I take all the tensions to heart!

A man on a cart passing on a rocky road saw an elderly woman with loads of luggage on her head! He could not ignore her, so offered her a drive home! To his surprise, he found the elderly woman carrying all the luggage on her head inspite of boarding the cart! He asked her why! Her reply, "Son, as it is I am a big burden to you and your cart! Why should I trouble you with my luggage as well?"

So innocent of her! God sent her help, so she could get rid of all the pain! She refused to look at the help the way God wanted her to! She thought she could help the man just by carrying the luggage on her head! She didnt know it wouldnt make any difference to either the man or the cart!

I dont know how many of you understood the moral of the story, but every time I listen to this I feel so relieved! It takes all the burden out of my mind! Why do I do things I am not capable of doing? Why do I take people for granted though its not my life? Why do I feel the need to protect everybody though I am susceptible myself? I wanted this to be the only resolution this year, but I am not sure how it fares!

Its never good to take people for granted! Everybody has a choice to live life of her/his own! Mother's stories are always good to listen! No matter how old we get, we are still kids to our parents! Have a nice day! Do I sound philosophic? LOL


  1. lol u do sound philosophical :P but it made me think and i totally agree with u :D

  2. Yeah you should let go of the luggage once in a while - your mom is the cart and the driver isnt she? You are lucky to have her to share your problems...and I understand the bit about protecting others when you are susceptible yourself, I sometimes think, women are wired that its not just you :) Anyway all the best with your resolutions and wish you a happy new year :)

    Anamika K