Saturday, 12 September 2009

My birthday present this year!

Better late than never! I better dont reveal much, but I am a born-Gemini. To be honest, I care a damn about birthdays and anniversaries. But, I really love when other people celebrate, but for me, a big NO-NO!

Past 2 birthdays, I am in UK (very unfortunate)! Last year, I have got nothing materialistic though! This year, I was infact on my way to India. My DH gave me this lovely slouch bag! The price was exactly 19.99 pounds. I bought this bag from Republic Soul Cal collection. This definitely must make you stand out from the crowd and I guess that was why it was sold like crazy!

It's a slouch bag, all-over print with a single zip. As you all can make out, it is made of fabric (cleaning instruction is to wipe). This bag was really in then! There was a day where I found 4 women with the same bag, me being the fifth. Of course, I dont tell that we must & should follow others, but this is really a great bag. The design is beautiful and the bag was of uncompromising quality.

Being neutral, it should go well with any outfit which is really great! I seriously cannot explain the true colours in it as there are no primary colours in this according to me. What I find is grey, peach, nude, white and pastel blue. Kindly excuse as I am very bad in description. All pastel and neutral colours make this bag more stunning.

This bag also came in other forms like a wallet and 2-pocket purse. While I was in a dilemma of choosing, but my DH helped me in no time. Infact, he also liked the 2-pocket purse, but his justification was purse kind can be used at any time of life unlike slouch bags. I felt that was the most convincing justification ever and blindly went for the slouch.

The only thing is you need seperate organizer for everything in this bag. As far as I am concerned, working women find it difficult with this bag. It has room for everything and anything, but takes some effort to find something. I would definitely not go for this if I am in a hurry. This is something nonprofessional, I feel. Nothing controversial, but my honest opinion and personal experience. I better carry a torch this time onwards to find things, especially in dark. I always have to peep into this to find my things, especially little ones like lip balm pots and stuff. Thank god, I started to organize everything since.

Expect more photos..........

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