Thursday, 3 September 2009

Maybelline Shiny-licious

This is my tube of Maybelline Shiny-licious range in #85 Chocolate Cherry and the perfect MLBB colour. The colour is very natural and it really helps bring out the natural tone of my lips. This is not too sticky (attracts my lovely hair at times) and feels very light on lips.

The packaging is neat and thank god, it is transparent. I find the concept of the colour of the lid/cap being similar to the product very attractive. I actually like the sponge/foam applicator which glides on the lips. That too, its is slant and it helps very well in even and precise application of the product. The scent of this is lingering (sometimes) and not too pigmented. It looks plum-coloured in the packaging, but certainly has some brown undertone to it......I feel strongly.

I think the best out of it can be made by topping this product on your favourite lip products. I prefer using Clinique Black Honey as a base to this gloss and perfect..........they go together. This has no glitter or shimmer to it, but fairly sheer in texture. It tastes like a candy and smells sweet too, hence the name shiny-licious (must be a combo of shiny and delicious).

Not too long-lasting and fades evenly. C'mon... I can't complain for that's simply cool. On a scale of 5, I rate it 5......................simply cool.

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