Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Lakme Snapshine Hair Spray

Alright.......alright... my first hair product that I am gonna talk about is Lakme Hair Next Snap Shine Hair Spray..............OMG............too long for a hair spray.

It comes in a fuschia-coloured plastic bottle. I particularly like this bcoz its light to carry around and looks very colourful. People often talk "Do not judge a book by its cover" blah blah blah.... but I somehow feel that the cover page should be as appealing as the story. So, I seriously like the packaging!!!

This product is meant for that dazzling sheen to your hair, which it surely gives. But on a muddy road (especially with pollution around), I felt my hair rough at touch. It says: "Unique formula (like everybody does:) ) enriched with special Silicone complex, Chamomile and Hibiscus extracts that gives luminous shiny hair in an instant. This is suppposed to be sprayed on clean dry hair. Silly me......I always spray on wet hair, which I like a lot.

I basically like the wet look, so I think it helps hold my tresses and I end up spraying on my wet hair. The price was Rs. 195 for 120 ml, a year-and-a-half ago. I especially like transparent bottles so that I will be the first one to know when I am done! Analysis..........huh!!!

It smells floral, fruity and also alcohol, which confuses me a lot. I dont know if I like this product or not. Guess, I like it for the floral & fruity scent and I hate it for the alchohol. I am still using this product beyond expiry.........well...thats me.......:)


  1. Lakme has a hair spray? :P I didn't know this.

    1. that was a very old product . I remeber my mom had got a bottle of hairnext shampoo for free and she did not want so she gave to my dad so that he can use it as a car wash shampoo lols :) :) i like reading your blog alot as it has very nice and intresting videos i always dream of writing in your blog one day : ): ) imbb is my favourite blog :) :)

  2. C'mon sweetie! Try at Lakme salons, I am not sure if they retail at any other outlets like malls...

    thnq for comments :)

  3. is the hair spray gud for holding hair which is very fly away type?