Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Revlon Super Lustrous Cherries In The Glow

So, here comes my all-time favourite lippie.............Revlon Cherries In The Glow.

This shade name in particular has a story. My friend's sister had this penchant for cosmetics and had Revlon Berries In Snow nail colour and OMG I simply had to love that the very first sight!!! There came a fine dawn in my 9th grade where I could see that colour on my nails. I still remember that beautiful colour on my looooooo....ng fingers and that was when I realized I too had great fingers (of course, my personal opinion...uh.....wait a minute, my friend's sis always wished to have long fingers like I did). I am not sure if they still do that shade, but whenever I hear of Berries or Cherries, it makes me specifically nostalgic.

My first investment in Revlon was Super Lustrous Lip gloss in #18 Pearl Plum (also #090), which I am gonna talk about soon. I was longing for Cherries In The Glow since I saw that in my cousin's vanity. I told her to find one for me, but by then, that colour had been discontinued. I felt so bad and let it go thinking it might be from the temporary collection.

My luck finally landed me in Brand Factory and there was a sale going on. When I was browsing the aisles, I came to know that this shade was on-the-move. I am glad I got my hands on it and simply no regrets. How I wish they consider this colour in their permanent collection? I got this for Rs. 250 (actual price being Rs. 310), which was pretty good bargain for me. I would have bought this particular thing even if it was a non-sale item.

I hear people describing this as red, but I always find flesh undertone to this. It appears red from one profile but the other side, looks fleshy. No shimmer, no glitter, no frost and only flesh-red (not sure if the comparision is right). Gives blushing look to your lips. This is that type of colour which everybody can have a backup (spare) in case you worry that you might run out of this one day? I wish to have one more....

The consistency is good, not-so-heavy and of course, my hair sticks to this also.....thought might not be too sticky as Sally Hansen's lip treatment. Packaging was pretty good and looks high-end. . Being a drug store brand, Revlon is more on the pricey side in UK. I always get L'Oreal, Bourjois etc for a cheaper price comparitively. I don't know if its same everywhere.

It looked cool for my skin tone and stays put at least for a decent amount of time. I would prefer wearing this colour alone rather. It fades out evenly, which is what I like in this particular colour. I wish this must be the only colour having more number of positive reviews than anything else. I simply recommend this colour to anybody in my life, even those who are not in to lip glosses and lipsticks can carry this colour very confidently.

As of now, I dont think this specific product has any disadvantages. If somebody did come across, please do let me know!


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  1. I had been looking for this gloss since I read your review. I finally got it today and it is just so pretty! I really like it a lot :)