Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Maybelline Shine Seduction Glossy Lip Colour

I am not brand-loyal, especially in case of colour cosmetics. So, anything catchy gets my serious attention. I dont know why am I bent over this plum family, well...here comes my Maybelline Shine Seduction lip gloss in #310 Bitten Plum.

The first thing I see in a product is the brand (at least, a well-known brand with some standards). Second comes the price. Third comes the colour. Fourth comes the packaging and last but not the least the offers simply blow me away. I am a sucker for off.......ers. Especially, 3 for 2 offer is the one I really dont want to miss by any chance.

This particular product gives pretty good shine thats not too sheeny-shiny, lets say subtle shine. I never had a chance of introducing my lip balm to this, so not sure how it looks with balm under. Otherwise, it does not last that long. The product is great in its own way, but once faded, I could see my lips chapped. Not sure if its because of the product or because of lack of lip balm.

The packaging is pretty cool and shiny, ok let's consider that to be a pen. The colour of the lip gloss is seen in the middle of the pen. The tip is porous (six decent pores) and acts as a sifter to allow the product conveniently. The tip is slant and helps in precise application of the gloss. The tip of the pen really helps have control while applying. At the bottom, you find the control. Once that is twisted/turned clock-wise, product starts coming from the pores. You can hear it click-click, hence the name click-through pen (right?).

Finally, God..........this does not stick..........It is so slim and easy to carry. No worry of leakage or bad spills. I always felt Maybelline came up with unique shades of colour cosmetics. I bought this for Rs. 310 last year, which is a bit pricey for me. But, the packaging compensates the price so not a big deal.........

The only thing I dont like in this is the smell yuck..........I simply cannot define that. On a scale of 5, I would rate this 4.5.

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