Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Do you believe this?


I dont tell you what to use and what not....what to choose and what not...I dont make any rules here, but still I am very much concerned about you all......on keen browsing, I came across this holy grail, I can say!

Again, I wont do much talking as that is what I do mostly. No review...nothing! Go through this site and I know, its your turn to talk about something you use on a daily basis.

Every time I come across such sites or announcements like lipstick has lead in it, mascara has mercury or worst cases, placenta in it......what do we do.....I feel like I am robbed!

Dont know what to do with all the stuff..........I definitely learnt something from this...ALWAYS LESS IS MORE! I am definitely going to follow this from today. I dont insist you to believe in this site, but still there is no harm in going through. You might learn few things at least for yourself.

If you can, pass it on to others whom you really care about!



  1. I have always believed that less is more. You do makeup ony to enhance your natural features and not to look loaded with cosmetics. :P