Thursday, 8 October 2009

Signature Scent!

Hello Lovelies,

Fragrances are our identities...mirror images...whatever! I am a person who does not like to change my identity often! But, does it mean something to our loved ones? There are people who change perfumes daily. Dont you think we are missing something like a recognition.....which is really devastating. I always thought sense of smell plays a vital role in sense of familiarity...

Thats what we tend to take with us like their memories...things unspoken...

Some of you must be identifying me as a Davidoff-addict! I have been to India this June for my brother's hubby still in UK! The time came when he has to come to India...was on a shopping spree! He has been to Debenhams, one of the high-end stores in UK! He bought some perfumes and was given some 20 samples...

Among them was this cute baby lying...waiting for attention! Calvin Klein Euphoria! I dont want to ramble much about this, but just trying to know about your perspective on having a signature scent!

I am 200% signature-scent person and I would always love to be the same! But, there might be cases when you have to change your when you get bored...or interests occupied by something else...or things that get your attention of late!

My latest will remain Calvin Klein Euphoria! Try to sniff this once, or else you are missing something sweet and enchanting! Somebody, teach me how to speak.......




  1. Ms.OriflameOctober 09, 2009

    Iam a Tommy girl lover D.

  2. OMG...shocking! I guess I told u abt my blog long back, right? Great to see you in my world...anyway...Welcome to my world, Flame...

  3. the scent can judge someone even if he/she is a stranger. We can base that with what we smell and what we have to say about it.
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