Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lip Nomenclature!


Funny Face, Cat Fight, Red Lizard, Shangai Express, Trans Siberian, Transeurope Express, Fire Down Below, Cabaret, Lolita, Success.....All Night Long, Bad Education, Blood work, Dirty Shame, Female Trouble, Foul Play, Gothika, Misbehave, Greek Holiday, Dragon Girl, African Queen, Dubonnet, Girl About Town.....

Here comes the crazy lot:

Orgasm, Pillow Talk, Risky Business, Stolen Kisses, Strip Tease, Triple X (clear gloss), Turkish Delight, Sex on beach, Chastity, Hot Wired, Sex Machine, Please me, Full Body, Lovelorn, Shag, Hug me, Stay In Touch, Kinda Sexy, Fast Play.....OMG..........not any more!

I mean, how funny can they get? Have you ever come across such funny names, especially lip products seem to have such far as I know!

Waiting for more,

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