Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Clinique's Autumn 2009

Alright...alright! Could you guys wait a minute!

Here comes the most awaited...bonus of the season........Clinique's Autumn Beauty Favourites of 2009. Its all yours with the purchase of two or more products, one being skin care for sure. This offer lasts for 15 days i.e. October 15 to 31st, exclusively at Debenhams.

Otherwise, you could find Clinique bonus time at your place from Clinique.co.uk or Clinique.com.

So, this is my goodie bag. Full of fall colors, especially I love the purple details on the bag. Bow...looks better on dresses rather. Spare me, but I seriously dont like bow details. They look better on dogs, like a collar. Well! That's me...I know I might be the odd one out as many girls rave about the bow detailing especially when it comes to jewellery like ear rings and neck pieces, but for me...

BOW is a big NO - NO...

By the way, dont you wanna know what on Earth did I choose? This time, I went for the "Even Better Skin Tone Corrector." Phew....too big for a tone corrector. Isn't it?

The winner of 2009 "Best Beauty Buys"....dont know what it means, but supposed to be a good and recommendable product.

One product being the Corrector, Super City Block SPF 40 takes the second place.

Now, let me pretend that I sound clever.

Even Better Skin Tone Corrector is supposed to visibly erase the past damage like the sun tan, dark patches and age spots, finally helping to create an even skin tone in the most gentle manner.

Super City Block SPF 40 is nothing but a sun block/sun screen, sheer with a weight-less formula. You can wear this alone or as an invisible under-makeup primer.

I started using these two products since yesterday i.e. 19th October. So, I might need a couple of weeks more to do a better review. One thing I can tell you for sure, I lost my pimple scar that was next to my lips....yay!

I am really hoping for more miracles to come my way. The time given for a reasonable change was 4-6 weeks provided consistent usage. So, I started using this both day and night. This was actually suggested in the leaflet.

(Courtesy: Clinique.co.uk)


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