Monday, 10 January 2011

Clinique Super Defense SPF 25

Why do people name mouthful? Clinique Super Defense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer meant for Dry to Combination skin! Now, I consider that a complete! Think of my jaw bone exercise for a decent amount of time! Back to the product, it was a freebie from Clinique's Autumn 2009 promotion! I have something for the Clinique promotional products as their bags are to die-for, girly and chic apart from bow detailing!

It took me a while to almost complete this as I was already using Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (pump) and Lotion (sans pump) as well! Another mouthful! Gel kind is preferable if you are blessed with combination skin as it goes easy on your skin! Super Defense SPF 25 as you can see is just a 15 ml pot which hardly lasts a month! Again, it depends on your usage! Speaking of the freebie!

Can you locate the wee tub?

Claims - Skin's most complete defense against the visible signs of aging in a daily moisturizer! Arms it to fight the effects of emotional stress, which can damage skin with effects much like sun and pollution! Helps neutralize UVA and UVB!

Full-size tub!

First impression, instant gratification! I hardly find instantly gratifying products especially in skincare, but Clinique has never disappointed me so far! Ever since I started using this, I couldnt branch out to another moisturizer! Who doesnt know Clinique products are pretty expensive? I already tried 3 of their moisturizers, but Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is still left! You can expect a review on that, soon!

Sample tub!

Just like anybody else, I found this lying in my stash for quite a while! Good thing I keep checking my stuff once in a while! One good habit I am proud of! I keep digging products like this often! I know its not that type to end up in stash un-touched, but still we all have been there! Isn't it?

Products with SPF are good to use as they make your routine a bit easy like one step shorter! You need not layer your skin with sun blocks or sunscreens! I believe SPF 25 is decent-enough for Indian summers or weather as such! Dont ask me how, but this worked differently in UK! Weird, isnt it? May be because of the intensity of the sun! Might not be major, but I noticed teeny difference the way it works! Indian weather, it tends to get a bit greasy on skin! Again, it depends on how liberal you are with the product! Logic, aye!

Sans ingredients!

My skin has not broken out from any Clinique product so far, which includes this as well! The consistency of the product is rich and creamy, almost like whipped cream! Ivory in color! Easily blends into your skin no matter what, but make sure you work it out soon! Or else, you might end up with blotches! Makes skin feel taut, which is a good sign!

Who doesnt like the sound of "anti-age" in their products? I just love that, especially in moisturizers! Bonus! There are other versions available if your skin falls under different category! Clinique always gives sample sachets to try before investing! Clinique as a company, I mean! It depends on the staff at your mall, again! We all had our experiences, right? Make sure you find out about the samples at the counter before hand!

Almost through!

Unless a big day, I hate tidious jobs like using eye cream! I am happy with just moisturizer! As I use MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation (phew), I dont need to worry about looking too made up! Does that make any sense? It acts as a good primer for makeup! Nothing con, but some of you might find pot packaging bit unhygienic! Feel of the product on face depends on how much you get to use! The more you apply, the heavier your skin feels!

Freebies dont come with ingredients, at least this one doesnt say anything! I am sorry about that! I remember reading somewhere it contains anti-oxidants, though! You can do your own research on that one, just in case! Repurchase? Not that I didnt like it, but I have a big bottle of lotion to finish!

Beautiful twins!

P.S - I dont agree when people declare Clinique products are fragrance-free! Definitely not like water without any smell to it! They smell some way or the other only you can associate yourself to! Price? I am not sure, again! Have you tried Clinique Super Defense SPF 25? Wud love to hear your take!


  1. hi divija..i have tried clinique's super is ok for me..but sorry to say clinique never wowed me..even i got break outs after using liquid soap..and what did you say "clinique always gives samples sachets"
    as per my experience they are very stingy in giving samples..always i hv to argue alot with them.. dat sales person said to me they dont carry samples..anywyz its an ok product for me

  2. dear nami, welcome to my blog. sad to know clinique broke on u! i never had any problem with clinique so far, but a couple of friends had. i didnt mean this shd work on everybody though :) they always try to pull my leg when i talk of clinique :)

    most of the skincare products, they give out samples. especially, new launches...yes, as i said, that depends on the staff @ counters...see u around!

  3. I love this mosturizer gives me a smooth skin even in cold weather, never broke me out!!! Great review dear!!

  4. Clinique is simply great product to invest for a youthful looking skin

  5. There's a difference between fragrance free and unscented!

    Fragrance free means they don't add any scent to the product, so you're just smelling what's in it. Unscented is a "scent" chemical they add to neutralise any smell the product may have.