Monday, 17 January 2011

Haul Time!

Let me not start off with the monotonous one-liner "nothing exciting, but"! Of course, whatever I buy should definitely be exciting for me at least! It means something to me or else there is no point in picking, right? Elle 18 nail color in PP61, Lakme nail color in 044 from Gypsy Collection and Lakme Insta liner in Black and three regular-wear kurtis!

Thanq very much, V!

Never in my life I thought finding Lakme products would be such a pain! My neighbourhood is blessed with the so-called big malls, but they never carry the right stuff! The beauty store @ one mall either doesnt stock up or remains closed due to restoration issues! The second mall always has products from earlier collections, not the latest launch! Not even the privilege of testers! There is no point in those malls existing where they cannot stock up the most budget-friendly brand like Lakme! My friend got hold of this particular nail color from her place! By the way, I cant even locate Elle 18 Color Bomb collection and Tips n Toes in my locality! Where on Earth do I live? Pretty disgusting!

My friend gifted me a couple of funky nail colors and a Japanese fan aka hand fan! On her way to Mysore, she picked a couple of baby blue and baby pink hand fans! The baby pink one ended up  in my stash! Blue nail color descends from Wendell Rodricks Tropical Island Collection from Summer 2008! The red-silver flecks nail color is from Carlo Di Roma, possibly a Spanish brand! Correct me if I am wrong!

No matter how many branded eye liners raid the market, I keep going back to my all-time favorite Lakme Insta-Liner! There are things that cannot be replaced! The guy @ Elle 18 told me something interesting about the Color Bomb range! His perspective - packaging revamped, price hiked, but quality and shades remain the same as of the earlier version! I wish Elle 18 nail colors carry proper names instead of random alphabets and numericals!


  1. Aww...that fan is so pretty! Nice haul Divs...too bad u don't get Lakme easily. Here, it's everywhere I turn =D


  2. Its as if I am from the Ice Age! No access to our own brands like Lakme, Elle 18, Tips n Toes, cynthia :) i wish to relocate to some remote village or sub-urb to get hold of these brands LOL....junglee again :)

  3. Hey Div...

    Plz try the Empire Stores in Commercial St for Tips and toes stuff..They are almost always with good stock.

  4. Hello Divija! My nani used to have a cane hand fan & I so loved it! This hand fan looks very pretty with floral design! The third nail color looks nice!

  5. I have that blue shade in streetwear :) You dont get Lakme at malls??? Even my local chemist has Lakme stuff :D thats how easy it is to find Lakme here :)