Friday, 21 January 2011

Maybelline Watershine Lipstick #13 Ice Tea

Maybelline's moisturising range of lipsticks for those who hardly bother about pigmentation and staying power! Its more of a gloss in stick form leaving a glister on your lips, finally delivering the promised water effect! Doesnt last long unless you go on a hunger strike! They are not sticky! Vitamin E enriched, which helps in retaining moisture longer! Hypoallergenic i.e less tendency to provoke any allergic reaction!

Lipstick is melon-scented, which I am not a big fan of! If you like the feel of summer, fresh fruits and tropical weather, this might be for you! Not particularly con, but I find the zangy pink packaging a bit tacky! I prefer the lilac version better! Its definitely not for those who find reapplying very irritating!

Ice Tea is more of a browney-nude with pink undertones hard to detect, but the best if you dont want to look too made up! Color is kind of transparent, so better stay away from Watershine range of lipsticks if you are looking for great color payoff! More layers doesnt always mean more pigmentation! If your lips are naturally pigmented, it would be wise not to expect great color! Its easy to remove, thanks to the formula. Doesnt leave any tinted lips!

I admire Maybelline for categorizing shades according to the skin tone! But, who knows you might find your favorite shade from the other skin tone range! So, always watch out. Unless you worry about the pigmentation, these lipsticks are great value for money!

No matter how expensive or high-end your lip product is, make sure to exfoliate your lips often! Best scrub is olive oil and sugar! Follow using a lip balm or conditioner before bedtime! Pros being economic, wide range of shades, moisturizing and easy to remove and cons being less pigmentation and  not that long-lasting!


  1. i hate the packaging too
    and the staying power
    have one shade called "trace gold" or something like that
    got it only because it was the perfect (cheaper) dupe for a lipstick from the mac to the beach collection

  2. i hv a shade called mocha. i hate it!

  3. That is such a pretty shade - pity the quality of the lipstick is bad :(

  4. looks like i am the only person around enjoying watershine range of lipsticks LOL

  5. oh but divija i like the lipstick itself :) i don't mind reapplying my lippies :)

  6. Such a pretty color! I wish they had these in the US ! :)

  7. awesome review babe! Please keep blogging...we need you to blog more ;) xoooo

  8. I like this range. I have 3 shades including this one, which I LOVE. It's perfect for that no-makeup look.

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