Monday, 17 January 2011

NYX Update!!!

NYX Color Cosmetics has a free makeover and some exclusive offers @ Hyper City, Bangalore East! On purchase worth 700 INR, you get to choose between eye liner or lip liner worth 200 INR! Might depend on the stock, again! On purchase worth 1000 INR, you get a small trusso box worth 300 INR! On purchase worth 1500 INR, you get a medium trusso box worth 500 INR! On purchase worth 2000 INR, you get a big trusso box worth 700 INR! Check out if you are in and around Hyper City!

Make sure you dont let the girl @ the counter convince you with crap! She imagines Round and Black Label lipsticks are one and the same including similar shades and they both are pretty much same except for the price! Imagine people who are new to makeup and sales staff!

Compared to NYX abroad and online, I find the price in INR atrocious! Especially with live sites like Cherry Culture and others, I am not ready to pay rocket price for a lipstick or a lip gloss! Though I am tempted to buy the Black Label lipsticks, I know I can wait longer to get them at a justifiable price!


  1. how i wish we had nyx in delhi too.
    n ya rightly said. jordana is highly priced too when v hv cherry culture.d only thing is m,any of our fellow bloggers r waiting for the nyx packages from these sites since ages!

  2. u mean to say u still didnt get since u paid? that must be terrible :( thats one reason I am sceptical about online shopping, honey!

  3. Hey dear Divya!! You gotta check out, i bet you will never shop in cherryculture anymore. I shop from porkdaisy a lot