Friday, 7 January 2011

Palak's Woes!

Seriously, how many of us still remember our sweet Palak @ Teenager Woes? I believe she is not around thesedays, but she is one fun person you can rely on! Such a friendly blogger! I wish she blogs regularly unlike me! This little baby patiently answered my silly tag, but it took me 8 months to post it! Sorry is definitely not the right word, dear! If you are new to her blog, she is one sensible teenager who seriously blogs about skin issues! Wise to expect pictorial reviews on her blog, most of the time! She doesnt mind sporting bold red lips, young blood after all! I suspect she is studious, hence the irregular blogging! I sincerely wish she makes time to come back!

1. What brings you to the Beauty Blogosphere, knowing there are tonnes already? Do you fancy a career that involves makeup? When I started out my blog, there were hardly any Indian blogs! I used to ache over non-availability of reviews for various new launches in India! My inspirations to start a blog were Tanveer and Cynthia! So, randomly I one day started my own blog! Albeit my inconsistent posts, I have recieved so much love and appreciation! I really wanna thank you all! No, I dont fancy a career in makeup! I am happy beautifying myself and helping others out!

2. What role does makeup play in your daily life? Is makeup a must for your profession? Make up has a calming effect on me! A random makeup haul is enough to lift my mood and I love the increased confidence when I have make up on! No, make up is not a must have in my profession! Read: "I am a slaughtered science student!" In fact make up is the last thing when you have Physics, Chem and Maths...wait ED too to take care of! But I was different! Make up is my true love!

3. Whom do you find the most-inspiring? Makeup or any aspect of your life! I love reading books. One which inspired me the most was The Alchemist, albeit a little preachy but a great read! And man, I love that line " When You really desire something, whole universe conspires to make it happen!" Btw OSO copied this line! And yeah "3 Idiots" was inspiring too!

4. Palak, a shopaholic or Palak, a bargain-shopper? Definitely a bargain-shopper!

5. Your place doesn’t stock most of the international brands! How do you update your collection? That's not true! We have most of the biggies here, but yeah some are totally inaccessible! I have been able to locate places that stock MUFE and Bobbi Brown! I have also requested my aunt to get Sleek palettes from UK!

6. What is your favourite makeup brand? High-end or drug store? Are you brand-conscious? I like Colorbar, Maybelline, MAC and Inglot! Just purchased the lip paint, its a beauty! Packaging is soooo cute that I dun feel like applying and thereby spoiling it! No, am not brand conscious at all, but I make sure the ingredients are not harmful thanks to you all!

7. What are your go-to makeup products? Anything you reach for, no matter what occasion! Kajal, lip gloss or chapstick, blush and some concealer!

8. Do you have any products you cannot live without? Staples! Same as the above! Add my iPod, 5800 and my lucky bracelet!

9. What is lying untouched in your vanity from day #1? Any future for that! A local eye shadow palette somoene gifted my mom! There is a strong odour to it and if you apply it to the lid, the shadow is sure to accumulate in the under eye area! about "fallouts!"

10. What’s your take on Smoky eye - nude lips? I love it! According to me, this is fool proof for a night at pub!

11. Do you collect anything related to makeup? Blushes and kajals!

12. What’s your take on bloggers' recommendations on products? Do you consider? Yes, I do! I know they review all the products with honesty and I totally trust them! But I will never ever blame a blogger if your skin reacts! Its your own responsibility to check if you are allergic to any listed ingredient in that certain product!

13. Would you like to share your best and worst experiences so far? Best would be blogging and interacting with yew all! Worst? Yet to come and I doubt it will ever come! Blogging has landed me up with friends like you and I will always cherish that!

14. Would you like to share your daily routine? Skincare or haircare? I use Lush charcoal soap as my face wash followed with Cetaphil cleansing lotion as a medium to balance the pH! Then I proceed to use my Toner ( Fab India Rose water/Oriflame teatree and mint facial spray), facial moisturiser (calamine and Fab India moisturizer), sunblock, little concealer and chapstick!

15. Would you like to feature your hand bag here? Preferably, a picture that includes you! This is a Limited Edition Bag from Oriflame!

Says 5000 INR in the catalogue! Outrageous! I would have never ever paid this much for a seemingly simple bag! Ah...Rohit Bal name's attached to it! For 700 INR, it was not a bad deal! Nevertheless, I dont consider it designer! It will be great as a travel bag, I think!

P.S - Initially, Palak couldnt send the pics as she had some issues with her camera! She asked me if I could wait till then! Honey, I waited a bit too long inspite of you sending the pics in a couple of days! I dont think it would be wise enough to wait any longer! Palak's own words about the session - "I totally loved this session! You made me feel so important! Thanks for making my day, gurl! Lub yew re!"

P.S.S - Something with teenagers and their SMS language! I had to edit most of the it as I myself did not know what they really meant! Some things never change LOL! Interested in doing this session? Mail me your answers! Hope you all had fun!


  1. That was so sweet Divija :)
    Reading it made me realise How much I've changed .
    It was great time with you all , dont worry about my absence baby ..
    I'm merely hanging around in the vicinity :)
    I'm reading all the blogs with my keen eyes :P
    And and and I look so silly :P
    All the luck for your blog .May it prosper more in many years to come .
    That really made my day .
    Thank you for your kind words :)

  2. P.S - I look *very* silly in the pic. try to remove it if you can , and if you cant , then too its no biggie :)

  3. dats so cute...u look sweet palak..n not silly
    loved reading it..

  4. thats lovely :) PALAK is the first indian blogger i read and i posted a comment on her site and you wont believe i checked it for 7 or 8 days but she didnt replied ahahha :) and then its all history ... m talking about something back in may 2010 :)
    loved to read her Tag .... she is one happy go lucky around :D and looking adorable in pic :D

  5. Thanks Bhumika , You are so kind for calling this pic sweet :D

    Rashmi, I'm soooo sorry ! I never noticed the comment :(
    But I'm flattered that you read my "dead" blog and even commented !!
    I'm sorry I didnt comment , I'm feeling so guilty :(
    I hope You forgive me . I never meant to come out as indifferent :|
    Thanks for the lovely words :)

  6. hahhah noo sweetie plsss chill :D :D ...

  7. hey loved reading this Tag specially when Palak is not online much these days...this was a sweet reminder sort of :)

  8. Thnq all for the messages...hope palak enjoys the attention :)