Sunday, 23 January 2011

Oriflame Hydra Comfort Lipstick # 4326 Cranberry Crush

Claims - Long wearing colour so light and comfortable you'll forget you are wearing it! Contains shea butter to nourish and Vitamin E to protect!

Did I scare you?

Excuse me if I am bad at categorizing, but I consider this shade a mix of red and berry! If at all that makes any sense as berries are mostly associated with red! Its louder on lips alone, which is why I hardly use it as a lipstick! Cranberry Crush is a pure tint, no matter what others say! I can never imagine this alone on my lips, not even my vague dreams! It lasts ages for me as a tint, so no chance of repurchase! Otherwise, I would recommend this shade to everybody!

My friend who is an Oriflame consultant herself bought # Very Berry! I safely opted for Cranberry Crush as the name itself speaks of berries, lots of hope deep inside! We couldnt stop laughing once our products arrived! Very Berry turned out to be something quite shimmery, which she loathes! Finally, she had to place an order for another Cranberry Crush!

Packaging is simple-sweet, nothing unique! Blue tube with silver band in the middle, which displays the brand name! Cranberry Crush is a deep berry red! A must-have if you are yet to try reds, but so desperate to have one in your stash! Perfectly compliments any skin tone, no matter what! Dont let the intensity of the lipstick scare you! Its the deep pigmentation, which makes it more sexy! Cranberry Crush is a very-buildable shade! Active lipstick on your lips can make you look sexy??? Blot and apply a clear gloss or balm! Voila! Passive lipstick can be sexier! Cranberry Crush transforms depending on what you want to be, sexy or sexier!

I always use a lip balm prior, so it helps lips look voluminously healthy! Used alone, Cranberry Crush is more of a matte-finish, hence the tint once wiped! I am not sure if its the same with other shades, though! Try to remove easy with Vaseline for seriously healthy lips! My way - A lip balm topped with Cranberry Crush, blotted and topped-up using a balm or gloss! Gloss can either be clear or your favorite berry shade!

Flash, aye!

I dont care if its long-lasting, but it stays on for a decent amount of time! Stays with food and water! I need not talk much about color pay-off as it is very evident! Doesnt feel heavy on lips, but I can never forget I have this on my lips for a good reason! Doesnt smell like anything in particular apart from the typical lipstick scent! No wax scent! One great shade for both day and night depending on the state-of-art application! Lovely tint by day and daring lipstick by night! Oriflame products are not tested against animals, hear-say!

Sans flash!

Oriflame hydra comfort lipstick comes in 22 shades, so there might be one for you! Cranberry Crush is definitely worth the price, which is 169 INR for 4 g! Prices might vary according to the offers that particular month! You can always get Oriflame products from either your neighbourhood consultant or online! Never ever go by the online or catalogue swatches! Very misleading and misinterpreted! Experience counts!


Always look out for reviews! If you dont find any over the net, request your favorite blogger if she has tried the product earlier! Not every product under the sun is reviewed, so make sure you know what you buy! If your pockets are deeper, no harm in experimenting too!

P.S - Pooja Bali is the right person to approach regarding Oriflame products, as far as my knowledge goes! Warm wonderful woman, a rare find these days! She gets to review most of the products including their new launches as well!

P.S.S - If you are an Oriflame/Amway/Modicare/Avon/Hindustan Lever consultant yourself (beauty blogger too), kindly let me know so that I can refer you for reviews and recommendations further!


  1. Thank you so much for the mention Divija.

  2. Hey Divija sweets! It was nice to see you come back to the blogging world and reading your posts always puts a smile on my face! Keep blogging and take care, love xoxo

  3. Wow the color is so stunning Divs. Lovely review, very detailed!

  4. I adore Oriflame lipsticks - they manage to stay for hours without re-aplication, they're not expensive and they don't test on animals. My favorite colour is Hazelnut, but they discounted it :-( Anyway, about this one - I just don't get along with "berrish" colours so I gave it away.

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  5. it does not just give you the color you always wanted but i gives you the moisture and the flick that will make you look gorgeous.
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  6. I need this cranberry crushed lip can i get it???