Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Beauty with brains!

You have a question? She has an answer! What if she doesnt know? She will do her own research and will let you know at the earliest! She is addicted to blushes, hence her blog "Addicted To Blush"! She is a cosmetic chemist rather than a beauty blogger! This is all I can say about Tanveer Parmar, the beauty with brains! Do you wanna know more about her?

1. What brings you to the Beauty Blogosphere, knowing there are tonnes already? Do you fancy a career that involves makeup? I started my blog in November 2008! I think there are too few blogs on Indian Makeup & Skincare even today! I was going to get married in 2 months and wanted advise and reviews on make-up and skin care! While I found a lot of great sites on skin & hair care, I just couldn’t find any site that reviewed regular Indian makeup/skincare like Biotique, Colorbar, Lakme, Maybelline or Streetwear or international brands like Revlon etc! The web was full of MAC, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay, Stilla, which sounded great but either had to be shipped online or were quite expensive! When I looked back, I realized that there were so many products that I bought were gems and needed to be shared with others or duds where money needed to be saved! So, I began writing my blog as a tool to help other girls like me! Do I fancy a career? Hmm...I don’t mind it sometime in the future! Not working on it now, though. I am happy rolling out culture change initiatives right now!

2. What role does makeup play in your daily life? Is makeup a must for your profession? Makeup time is like play time! I love playing around with the colors and textures! I feel like a kid! Its not a must for my profession! I am in HR and specialize in Organizational Change Management! That just requires you to look presentable and professional (must when I am conducting a training or leading a communication initiative) and has more emphasis on communication skills! The rest is up to your discretion!

3. Whom do you find the most-inspiring, makeup or any aspect of your life? For make-up, I have an eccentric mix of people I look up to for inspiration! I like Kate Winslet for her natural looks! But even Lady Gaga is very interesting in her eccentric experimentation with colors and designs! Katy Perry also is very experimental! In life, I look up to Oprah!

4. Tanveer, a shopaholic or Tanveer, a bargain-shopper? Definitely a compulsive bargain hunter! The thrill lies in the kill!

5. Your place doesn’t stock most of the international brands! How do you update your collection? I just make use of whatever is available locally like Jordana, NYX, Bourjois etc!

6. What is your favourite makeup brand? High-end or drug store? Are you brand-conscious? Maybelline and Colorbar from drugstore! High-end, Bobbi Brown! Yet to try, but somehow feel like am going to like this! I am brand-conscious in the sense that if I had to shell out 2000 bucks for a foundation on a brand I neither heard nor are there any reviews online, I would think twice! As it has become obvious, I am a little stingy!

7. What are your go-to makeup products? Anything you reach for, no matter what occasion! Tinted moisturiser, mascara and tinted lip balm/gloss!

8. Do you have any products you cannot live without? Staples! Blushes & eyeliners!

9. What is lying untouched in your vanity from day #1? Any future for that? This VOV eyeshadow palette (11 shades) I bought for my wedding after hearing rave reviews! I still keep reading! For some reason, the colors look horrible on me! Like I am sick or something! I can’t figure out what’s wrong! I just don’t know what to do with it! No future with me!

10. What’s your take on Smoky eye - nude lips? Looks nice! I do a simple smokey eye with brown, grey or purple and team it with light berry/pink lips! No brown lips!

11. Do you collect anything related to makeup? I collect eyeliners in all colors! That is when I am not collecting blushes!

12. What’s your take on bloggers' recommendations on products? Do you consider? Sure! I have to thank Cynthia for the Ponds Tinted Mosituriser, Rati for the Colorbar blushes & you for Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom body butter!

13. Would you like to share your best and worst experiences so far? I have not had any bad experiences with beauty blogging! Best? There are just too many! I was very proud when my home-made Lush Angels On Bare Skin Scrub helped Palak in her acne! I was also very happy when Sweta from Nasik wrote a very sweet comment on how I had helped her out! Actually, there are just too many! I love helping people out! It just makes my day to know that my blog has made a positive difference in someone’s life! Besides, not to mention all the great friends I have made when blogging!

14. Would you like to share your daily routine? Skincare or haircare? Skincare daily routine: Exfoliate with Body Shop Face Buffer with a drop of cleanser and moisturize with Neutrogena (currently) in the morning, follow with make-up for office! At night, deep cleanse with Jergens All Purpose Facial Cream followed by daily pack of honey and lemon! Before sleep, I use eye cream on alternate days! I use plain curd as a face pack on a weekly basis! Haircare: I wash my hair once every 3 days with L'Oreal Repair 5 shampoo (currently)! I skip conditioner as it is very heavy for my fine hair! I instead use Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Moisture Spray-in Conditioner, which is very light and perfect for my hair!

15. Would you like to share a picture when you felt that your make-up had come out almost flawless and was at its best? This photograph is from my engagement ceremony! I wore a white silk satin gown and I feel this is the best smokey eyes ever done on me! Attached a picture of me with my hubby (He has a beard here as he had specially grown it for the Sikh wedding ceremony to be held after two days! Ours is a love marriage!)

P.S - Thank you very much, Tanvi, for the customization and the session! It was a great pleasure to know more about you! Hope you enjoy the episode as much as I do! Long live young love!


  1. Awww.. God! Am feeling so conscious! :P :P

    Thks Divs for putting this up :)

    It was gr8 doing this interview with you :D

  2. My pleasure, babes :) Thank YOU :)

  3. Hey Divija..

    Nice Interview of my favourite makeup guru... And thats me..My comment made Tanveer "Happy" I am glad about that...As I say she is God Sent..


  4. Wow...

    Thank you Divija. For bringing "the beauty with brains" for all of us to know more of her and of course to see her too. are indeed a self styled paparazzi in the making **wink wink**..but a great and lovely one though.

    And thank you Tanvi for being such a sweet heart and answering the questions with so much grace. And you look cute in the gown, with that tiara n all..


  5. Such a sweet interview. Tanveer, u look gorgeous there! Truly flawless make-up.
    Divija, u are a sweetheart♥ for doing these posts...i love them


  6. loved reading it, no doubt she is a beauty with brain, btw tanveer did i mention you look like a princess, i love your makeup and hair :)

  7. @Shweta: I am really humbled by wht u say. U r one of my sweetest readers and I am just glad tht i cld help u out. May the Goddess bless u :)

    @poornima: the gown was my mom's idea. The tiara - mines :D... I figured i cld get away with a tiara on my head only on my wedding.. & I loved shopping for it, trying on different tiaras! Thks for the appreciation!

    @CZ: all credit goes to my Makeup artist. I just told her the colors i wanted. Rest is all her work :D

    @Sarah: Thks so much! :D All credit to my stylist!

  8. beautiful pic! i have a friend who has the same eyes. and i totally agree with you on the bobbi brown part. plus your daily skin care regimen is quite a process! i seriously lack one.

    dvja, all those exclamations get me excited! i present you with the archie comics award for most exclamations ever used!

  9. @Rima: Thks a lot! :D

    At yr age - i wld use a moisturiser once a week - tht too if i felt my skin is feeling dry.. So don't feel overwhelmed at all at the long laundry list I do... LOL.

    I am waiting very patiently for BB to arrive in my lifetime.

    & now tht i went thro the interview, i realized tht Divs replaced all my fullstops with "!"... :D :D... tht is probably why u got so excited. :P

  10. haha yeah i love her for her exclamations!!!!!

    and i see you've changed your display pic! you're gorgeous, need i repeat that?

    i take utmost care to keep my skin moisturized, but beyond that i don't bother. i will definitely take a leaf out of your book in the near future.

  11. AWW!! that's such a sweet interview. Tanveer, glad to see your full pic this time. I used to struggle with that tiny twitter pic of yours. :P I love that tiara. So pretty.

    And Divija, you rock babes! We would have never got to know so much about Tanveer otherwise. :)

  12. oh i forgot to add this bit. your posts are definitely the most well researched on the block. and your husband reminds me of shekhar kapoor! both of you are sooo cute.

  13. Btw I figured out someone here who supplies Bobbi Brown here. I just have to figure out till what extent he is going to burn our pockets. :P

  14. @Rima: Me too!!!!!

    & thks :D... Yea, i am a lil conscious of the way i look coz i have very different features & get a lot of "looks" frm ppl - so i just avoided putting my pic.. but after reading so many sweet things i thght of finally putting up my real in my profile :D

  15. yeah there are so many stores who stock up on international brands. but i don't know man. i mean we're all gonna become paupers yaar. :D

  16. @Rati: Thks a lot :D.. Even I really like tht tiara.. never have got the right opportunity tho to wear it again :P

    Do let us know this source for BB & his prices :D

    @Rima: Thks a lot :D.. I will inform Pranay about yr compliment :D

    I agree on the Paupers bit! LOL! I was almost on my way thr - thks to all the lovely reviews i wld keep reading online! Then like 3 mnths ago i began extreme measures of only bargain hunting and i seriously cut down on money allotted for cosmetics by half...

    Thr were withdrawal symptoms.. But am ok now, and have some monies.. :P

    @Divs: I am sorry for taking over & spamming yr entire comments box :( :(

  17. GORGEOUS , I wd say !!
    You look like a fairy :D
    I cant help but look at yer eyes .. I find them very warm and loving :)
    You remind me my mami .. she's like my mother more than anythin else :))
    n she's as fair as you buh have hazel eyes :))
    btw I love that tiara .. I want one !!!
    Keep rawking :)

  18. btw even I located victoria secret and bobbi brown at my usual shopping place .. shiit !!
    now I have to start saving up to afford those babies :P

  19. thanks for such a wonderful interview...

  20. Tanveer, u are soooo pretty! and your eyes are gorgeous! nice post divija :) x

  21. Really nice interview & a great chance 4 those who had not seen Tanveer to find out wat she looks like!!All thanks 2 Divija!!
    Great job Divija!!!!(hope I put enuf exclamation marks!!!!!!hehee...)

  22. beautiful wedding pic!!!
    it's so nice of you to do this divs!!

  23. @Palak: Thk u so so much! :D

    I truly think beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is coz u think of me with warmth & love tht it seems reflected back :D :D

    I wld love u to see a pic of your mom, u & yr mami :D

    & when u come to mumbai let me know - I'll take u to a store that sells these pretty tiaras :)

    So cool! I get VS body sprays quite easily here but nt BB & VS make-up. I think I agree with Rima - we'll all be paupers soon..

    @M: Thks so much babes!

    @Simran & Desiigirl87: Thks :D

  24. tanveer you are so gorgeous and you looked absolutely stunning on your engagement day. <3

  25. @Shivanixx: Thks a lot dear :D

  26. Check out Lauren Luke’s tutorial on how to get the Lady Gaga look right here: