Friday, 12 March 2010

Star Of The Month - Series I


1. What latest range you would love to try? Sweet Lemon range, especially the shower gel! Very refreshing! Very summery! Very fruity!

2. What is the latest launched luxury range? Spa Wisdom range, which is revamped! Previously, the bath salts were discontinued!

3. Do you wish any discontinued range to come back? I normally stock up those products! Otherwise, I find a suitable alternative! Body Shop is great in bringing back alternatives! For instance, Cassis Rose range was discontinued! Moroccan Rose range was launched, instead! Exciting part is Japanese Cherry Blossom and Moroccan Rose ranges are made permanent, thanks to the demand!

4. What are the best sellers? Hemp hand cream, Vitamin E range, Coconut body butter and Love Your Body cards! Then comes Moringa body butter, Shea body butter and Cocoa body butter! Many want the Moringa perfume to be launched!

5. Whats your insight on perfume oils? Doesnt contain alcohol, so its great for sensitive skin! Lasts full day long! Concentrate on your pulse points!

6. What products do you think are under-rated? Body Shop makeup! Its definitely worth a try! Vitamin C range as well! We are about to discontinue a product from Vitamin C range! Warming Mineral mask! Its kaolin clay treatment, which warms up on your skin! Opens the pores for deep cleansing! Contains ginger and cinnamon oils!

7. Whats your take on bath accessories? Bath lillies last ages as they dont break up! Holds great shape! Lathers up well! Very good for exfoliation! My favorites are Cactus bath brush, ultra fine bath lillies and bath gloves! Our foot filer, which retails for £4.50 is our best seller ever!

8. Can you be more specific about Cactus bath brush and bath gloves? Cactus bath brush works wonders for cellulite! It helps boost circulation! Very healthy! Makes any sense? Compared to the Body Brush Round, Cactrus bath brush bristles are harder like toilet brush! But, they soften over time! It has a great grip as well! Bath gloves contains anti-bacterial solution, so they dont go mouldy! Great to use!

9. What about your facial accessories? I know they are a bit expensive, but they have got more to them! The facial buffer, especially! It works wonders!

10. Do you want to convey any message? Not a message, but wanted to share something! People tend to forget our community trade ethics! Near enough everything from the store is a fair trade product! Great quality and ethically sourced! A percentage of every product goes to The Body Shop Foundation!

P.S - Vicky is not paparazzi-friendly! Hence, the interview sans picture! Thank you very much for the interview, Vicky! So kind of you to oblige! Good luck!


  1. Loved it! Thks for introducing Vicky to us Divs... U r very lucky tht u have such wonderful and knowledgeable people to help you when shopping :D

  2. Hun I hope you dont mind me tagging you. I just honestly enjoy your blog and your style of writing so I thought it would be nice to get to know something about you.
    Plus, it's a fun tag to do xx

  3. ohh body shop makeup and brushes are seriously underrated!

  4. I am looking forward to more such posts. I was wondering if you could do a teeny meeny review on what is the difference between body polish and body wash...These guys sound so dedicated to body shop, I am thoroughly impressed with them.

  5. Thanks for sharing Div