Monday, 8 March 2010

What's In Sarah's Makeup Bag?

Do you fancy peeping into other's bags? I like that sound! Some are very cooperative and some very fussy! Not everybody is like our Sarah! Thank you very much, Sarah, for emptying your bag! Let's see what Sarah has to offer!

Bag is from Next @ London, sent by a friend! Wallet says Guess, but not sure of its authenticity! Blackberry Curve 8320 Gold with pink casing! Pink & black are my favorite colors!Samsung camera! Fragrance, which is Calvin Klein Escape! My shades are from New Bird! Not high-end brand, but still costs me 1700 rupees!

Let's move on to the chocolate brown & pink makeup bag! It has a compact mirror! Revlon matte lipstick in Pink Pout! Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Read My Lips, which is a perfect nude gloss! Bourjois Eau De Gloss in #21 Cappuccino Ice!  Extra Rimmel lipstick in Cool Shine #024 Spritz, which is discontinued! Benefit Bag Gal mascara! Etude blush #21, which is peachy pink! Sorry, but they dont have names! Pop Beauty Hot Pot gel liner in black! Hashmi kajal, which is perfect for natural day time look and great for smoked smouldery evening look! Must-have for Sarah! Benefit Pocket Pal and ELF face powder!

Revlon angled eyeliner brush, ELF blush brush, Coastal Scents fluffy eye shadow brush! Extra hair band and a pair of hoops! Mobile charger and headphones! Q-tips and hair pins! Tissues, safety pins, hair pins, "Extra" sugar free chewing gum and hand sanitizer!

P.S - Kindly ignore if you dont fancy such fun features! You wanna feature your bag? Kindly mail me!


  1. Gawd!! her bag is just like mine. I also carry so much stuff and I have this thin cell phone which become impossible to hunt. And sigh!! it rings every time its in my bag. :D

    Loved the feature. :)

  2. Thanks for disclosing Sarah's makeup bag Divija.
    Really enjoyed...
    Sarah, i have an eye on your bag. hehe.

  3. Hahaha..

    Are we all like this?? I thought I was the only one. Agree with you Rati on the phone thing. In my case, make it 2(work n private).

    God...let us women never ever change..only we can understand each other :-)

    Happy Women's Day Divija dear..

  4. @ div
    we missed few things again
    benefit Dr feelgood creams sample, and a sample of simple light moisturizer tube and my essentials blue huge ring which in lying in middle of hoops


    i prefer carrying oversized bags cause small clutches or handbags cant carry my HUGE list of everyday products, when i was working i had a bottle of mineral water in my bag as well , now i stay at home mostly so bag was half full :(

    @ Ani

    lolz ani come and get it.. Its an open invitation :P

    i have 2 phones one is blackberry for my internet addiction,mostly use it for emails ,chat and blog
    and samsung corby for calls and err texts, i didnt show it here thinking readers might think i am such a show off..lolz

  5. thanks Sarah.
    Any time u can expect me there, at least in my dreams.

  6. aah the beauty of a large bag!

  7. Fab stuff Sarah! Thanks for letting us take a peek :)

  8. What a gr8 post - Thks to both Divs & Sarah for the peek-in..

    Divs - Request! Can we get a peak into yr bag?? :D

    & like Rima, I am a sucker for big bags - the bigger the better :D