Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Earth Diva Cosmetics

I received this beautiful mail from Earth Diva Cosmetics, US-based mineral makeup company! Exclusively 100% mineral makeup! Certified Vegan and Organic! Health, animal and environment-friendly!

The package had a brochure, 2 foundation samples, blush sample, setting powder sample and an eye shadow sample! The show stealer is their travel-size kabuki, which is their latest launch! I did try the foundations and the kabuki so far! Expect a review soon!

Their products claim to be free of artificial fillers, dyes, binders and irritant synthetics!Hypo-allergenic! Eco-friendly! You can order samples for a very less price if you wish to try their products! Right now, they have some great deals online! I believe they sell their products online!

I love their huge eye shadow range, especially the semi-shimmer ones! Their brush range looks just like EcoTools! The foundation range has a wide spectrum! Claims excellent coverage for a variety of skin conditions such as acne and rosacea! First thoughts! It does give a medium to heavy coverage! Thank you very much, Rachel!

P.S - The products featured were sent by Earth Diva Cosmetics! If you do not fancy mineral makeup or free stuff reviews, kindly ignore this post!


  1. looks great, show us the shades you got, swatch themmmm

  2. hi div

    cute li'l drawstring bag :-)

    waiting for swatches.

  3. ooo exciting! I love the idea behind the mineral makeup. Plus, the pouch is adorable! xx

  4. i have a feeling that i may have a mild case of rosacea, but i can't be sure until i get it clinically tested.

    the drawstring purse is super cute and the baby kabuki reminds me of the one from the eco tools mineral brush set, though this one is relatively straight all the way to the top.

  5. mineral makeups are really good compared to the traditional makeups.

  6. This sounds nice and I lke that brush. Like it a lot. It's so cute. :)

  7. hey, so cool! The brush is so cute :D

  8. hey lovely, thanks for all the lovely comments, im kind a busy now as im going to make up classes for becoming a professtional certified artist, hope your fine and tak care!!!