Monday, 22 March 2010

Body Shop Community Trade Programme

Nobody really thought buying a soap, lipstick or body lotion can make a difference in somebody's life! But choosing products with ethically sourced ingredients ensures real benefits! Do you want to find out how you made a positive difference to over 15,000 people around the world?

Body Shop community trade is worth knowing! Their beauty secret is Sun, Rain and Generations Of Wisdom! Every product range involves a community trade ingredient! Be it a lipstick or body butter! Communities get fair deal and a sustainable income that enables them to invest in their future! In return, you get high quality ingredients! 31 communities in 20 countries around the world get a fair deal! Looking fabulous never felt so good!

Marula Oil, the moisturizer in Body Shop's makeup range is sourced from Northern Namibia! You chose a lipstick! They get financial independence and take care of their families and invest in the future of their children by sending them to school!

Seaweed skincare products contain community trade seaweed from Roaring Water Bay Co-Operative in Ireland! You chose the Seaweed range! You help protect the environment and provide employment!

The pure Aloe Vera gel in Aloe Skin and Body Care range is community trade from Guatemala! You chose the Aloe Vera range! That helps provide vital income for the farmers in a country where half the population earns less than US $1 a day! Also helps provide school children educational material for a rural region of Guatemala!

The Honey & Beeswax is a community trade from Zambian forest! Body Shop uses community trade ingredients in softeners and moisturizers! They also use Organic Honey and Conditioning Beeswax in their hair care range!

The skin-softening, moisturizing cocoa butter comes from Ghanaian community trade! It's the same top quality cocoa beans supplier as in Divine Chocolate! You chose cocoa butter range! This helps provide the farmers with income to support their families!

The peppermint oil for the footcare range comes from community trade in Norfolk, England! They also supply camomile oil and camomile water! You chose peppermint range! You help give life to a local community that was under threat!

Shea butter is one of the nature's great moisturizers! Ghanaian women use it for centuries to protect their skin from the dry Saharan winds! You chose Shea butter products! It helps enable women increase their self esteem and dramatically change their lives with water pipes and wells! Also gives their children, particularly daughters, the chance to go to secondary school!

Some of the Body Shop's accessories come from Teddy Exports based in India since 1986! Just because you chose their products, they have grown to the extent where it now provides safe and stable employment to over 300 men and women! File-A-Foot, their foot filer, is best selling accessory with over 4,00,000 sold per year! It is made using Siberian Silver Birch Wood from Russia!

Organically grown Babassu Oil from Brazil is found in over 30 products! Brazil includes much of the world's biggest rain forest whose exploitation has become a major environmental worry and resulted in women fighting for their land! You chose products with Babassu Oil, a moisture restoring ingredient! It helps the community grow from strength to strength!

Organic Bergamot oil comes from Calabria, Italy! Bergamot oil is truly revitalizing! The local farmers faced a competition from synthetic alternatives, came together to market their natural version, thereby preventing this traditional industry from dying out!

The Blue Corn Powder used in the classic Blue Corn Mask is community trade from Santa Ana Pueblo in New Mexico, USA! Moisture gloves and socks made from community trade cotton are supplied by Craft Aid in Mauritius! Best selling bath mitts, natural baskets and terracota accessories come from Bangladesh!

Now that you know you make a difference in somebody's life, next visit to the store should make you happier! Feel proud when you invest on Body Shop products! Passive or active, you change their lives!

P.S - If you are not into Body Shop, kindly ignore my blog! I paid for all Body Shop products reviewed on my blog! Remember, I do not work for TBS! They dont pay me to do this! This is my love towards Body Shop, nothing else! If you like TBS, spread the love! If you dont, at least try not to spread negativity around!


  1. Glad to see u back Div. Hope you are fine now..

    And hats off...The Eternal TBS fan :-)

  2. Aww I love body shop too. Its awesome. I know what its like to be loyal to a brand. I mean most beauty bloggers do posts abuot MAC doesn't mean that they are paid for it, right??
    how are you feeling now hon?

  3. Divs!! So happy to see u back on your feet & posting again. I was missing your posts :)

    I had no idea TBS gives so much back to the community. Thank you for bringing it to my notice. Now I may feel less guilty about my splurges at TBS :D

  4. yay! I have a few products from TBS and now I am a felling proud and nice about it. :)

    Hope you are doing well!

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  6. Hey Divs, happy to see you back girlie! I hope you are well now:)

    That was indeed a great post, thanks for the enlightnment hun, now I am so proud to be a BS consumer xoxo

  7. I love TBS n reading this makes me want to buy more of their stuff =)


  8. hehe .. strange but I never tried BS butters .. seems like this is a new excuse for a "fling" .. "Mummy , Gimme the money ":P