Friday, 5 March 2010

Body Shop Colourglide Lip Color #10 Soft Heather

Claims - A collection of lip colors that color, moisturise and smooth the appearance of the lips for a fabulous pout! The butter-like texture glides on effortlessly! It contains a high percentage of color pigments to provide intense coverage in one luscious sweep that lasts for up to four hours! Depending on the color! It leaves the lips feeling soft and smooth! Drench your lips in color! Dermatologically tested!

Looks more plumey!

High percentage of color pigments provide intense coverage in one sweep that lasts for up to 4 hours! Marula oil, natural sesame seed oil and beeswax leave lips feeling soft and supple! Light floral Tahitian gardenia fragrance and delicate vanilla flavor!

Mauvey undertones!

Bullet-like silver packaging! 4g or 0.14 oz retails for 8 pounds! Life expectancy of 36 months! Lipstick has that classic lipstick-scent with vanilla! Some shades of light, it looks like plum! In reality, its more milky pink! Swatches dont lie, after all!

Pigmentation? I dont expect pigmentation from milky pink lipstick! Not wise! Staying power is decent! Does it stay for 4 hours as per the claim? Might be if you are on a hunger strike! I never bother about the staying power, to be honest!

Key ingredients are Marula oil, Sesame oil, Beeswax from an organic source, Jojoba, Rosehip seed, lanolin oil, a blend of Tahitian gardenia and vanilla fruit extracts and Vitamin E! Marula oil is effective moisturiser that helps condition the skin over time! Also provides essential fatty acids that help restore the skin's moisture barrier, thus helping to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness!

Body Shop revamped their lipsticks, formula wise! Their latest launch has more moisturizing, creamy, heavily pigmented shades that are hard to resist! Range from Nudes to Neutrals to Cools! There is one for you too!


  1. I like the packaging very sleek!

  2. Looks nice :D

    The color although is too pink, won't look good on me..

  3. This is a really pretty color. Reminds me of the chanel coco rouge liptick in camelia. gorg. xx

  4. I have one of their colour glide range too..but mine is from the pre reformulation era..therefore not so creamy :-)