Thursday, 11 March 2010

Star Of The Month - Series I

She is beautiful, soft-spoken, patient-enough and always willing to help! At the store, I keep observing her way of handling the customers, especially when the customer is not sure of how to apply a particular product with a specified tool! She comes to their rescue beaming! Her customers are her celebrities! She frankly admits her faults, just in case! After a zillion visits to the store, I finally got hold of her! She is none other than Vicky, The Body Shop makeup artist!

1. How long did you work for TBS? How does it feel? 2-1/2 years! Didn't feel so long! Its same everyday, but enjoyable! Great brand to work for! I love their charity work!

2. What was your experience like so far? Mixed, I can say! I like to build rapport with loyal customers! I look forward to speak to them, in fact! I love to learn things from a different level! Fun part is to experience the latest launch! Shop lifters put me off!

3. What kind of techniques did you learn so far? Its hard to know what a trick is! Its a natural way of doing things for a makeup artist! Not a technique, basically! As per the customer specification, we do a make-over, lip-over, eye-over etc!

4. Share your Pick 1 from Body Shop? Body butter, obviously!

5. Share your Pick 3 from Body Shop? Body butter, Sea weed Clarifying toner and face powder!

6. What products does your skincare routine include? I was given Philosophy's Hope In A Jar, so I have to use it to the last drop! Otherwise, my skincare routine includes only Body Shop products!

7. What products does your haircare routine include? Because of my hair extensions, I have to use Pro range! Otherwise, I use Olive range, Honey range and Amlika Leave-In Conditioner from Body Shop!

8. What brands does your makeup include? We don't do waterproof makeup @ TBS! My eyes tend to water, so liner comes off easily! Hence, I use Gosh waterproof eyeliner! Otherwise, I use Body Shop makeup!

9. Did you ever try MAC? Would you like to? I did not try MAC! Do you think I should?

10. Drugstore or High-end makeup? In between like Body Shop range! If I did not work for TBS, I would have chosen high-end stuff! I don't like to use cheap stuff as they don't work for me!

11.What would you recommend straight away to a new customer? Body butter and Vitamin C Skin Reviver! It helps brighten the complexion! Boosts skin's smoothness, radiance and vitality! Has Orange oil and Grapefruit oil! Instant gratification product!

12. Assume you dont work for TBS, what would you buy? Makeup, body butter, skincare and Love Etc perfume!

13. Do you like any specific line of your makeup? I am a more eye makeup person! Partial, I can say! I like to coordinate my eyes and lips!

14. What Body Shop makeup tool is under-rated according to you? Foundation brush! Retails for 12 pounds, but is worth every penny! Lasts long! Doesnt shred! Every wash, it looks new!

15. What's your insight on fragrance oil? Makes a great gift! Great alternative when you are not sure what to choose for your friends or family, especially when sensitive to cosmetics! I love Satsuma, Coconut, Exotic and Line Dried Cotton!

Will be continued later...

P.S - From now, I will feature a makeup artist on my blog whenever possible! In my opinion, makeup artist doesnt have to be a celebrity artist! If thats what you are looking for, kindly ignore! As mentioned earlier, Series I includes only Vicky! If you think I can interview you in the most silly way possible, please mail me!


  1. You should have also posted her pic and i enjoyed reading her answers. I like people who are true to their work places, she sounds like one. :)

  2. Hey I liked the interview but seriously i missed her pic..

  3. oooh!!
    great interview!!
    i'm going to keep a look out for the vitamin c skin reviver!
    do u have it divs? if you do, can we please have a review? sounds amazing!

  4. Lovely interview...Vicky sounds sincere.
    Very nice feature Divs...looking forward to yr other interviews to come.

  5. Nice interview Divija..

    Interesting read :-)

  6. I tagged you on my blog hun:) xx

  7. Very nice interview Divs! waiting for the next one..

    BTW my friend wanted to know if you have tried TBS mineral makeup line & wht is yr review of it.. In case u have used it, can I request a review?

    Thks :D

  8. Lavanya NarayananMarch 12, 2010

    Hey Divija,

    Made an interesting read.

    I wanted to ask you myself for your revu on TBS mineral foundation but Tanveer has asked you on my behalf. That was so nice of you Tanveer.

    Divija, can you please revu on the mineral foundation?