Monday, 15 March 2010

Rani, The Princess!

For those of you new, she is Rani, beauty blogger from UK! I hardly know her myself, hence this interview! She updates her blog once in a while coz she is not jobless like myself! Wanna know more about Rani?

1. What brings you to the beauty blogosphere, knowing there are tonnes already? Do you fancy a career involving makeup? I used to do makeup videos on youtube, but found its too demanding! So, I thought I'll try out blogging! The fact there are so many bloggers already here doesn't phase me at all! Eveyone has their own thang, right? I did fancy a career in makeup and have done beauty therapy! I worked in a salon for about a year! But, for now I think I'm happy in my current job! Maybe in the future, though!

2. What role does makeup play in your daily life? Is makeup a must for your profession? I do wear makeup on a daily basis and prefer wearing makeup everytime I go out! I won't leave the house without makeup unless it was a crazy emergency! For work I wear only foundation and some mascara! It's not a must, but I have to wear something to look professional!

3. Whom do you find the most inspiring? Makeup or any aspect of your life! When it comes to makeup, no one really! But on life on a whole, I find all those independent women very inspiring! In 5 years time or even less I want to be in a position in life where I am someone important and completely independent! Fingers crossed!

4. Rani, a shopaholic or Rani, a bargain-shopper? Defo a bargain shopper! Brand names and prices don't mean much to me! It's what you can achieve with whatever you have! Mind you, I don't mind owning high end brands! But at this point, I am in no position to be choosey! Saying that, achieving a great look with cheaper products shows more skill ! That's what I tell myself anyway!

5. How do you update your collection, especially the products who dont have access to? Like I said before, I just like to make do with what I have! I am not too picky, but then there is always Ebay!

6. What is your favourite makeup brand? High-end or drug store? Are you brand-conscious? Again, I am not brand conscious but I do love ELF cosmetics makeup!

7. What are your go-to makeup products? Anything you reach for, no matter what occasion! Eyeliner, heated lash curler and mascara! There is always lipgloss in my bag pocket, so that too!

8. Do you have any products you cannot live without? Staples! ELF's bronzer and blush duo! Great contour for medium skintones!  Obviously a good mascara! At the moment, it's L'Oreal Telescopic!

9. What is lying untouched in your vanity from day #1? Any future for that! I have loads of lipsticks lying untouched! I just ain't a lipstick person and it takes a lot for me to like one! There is a future for them if I go to OTT occasion to go to!

10. What's your take on Smoky eye - nude lips? I don't think smokey eyes suit me at all or maybe I just haven't ever done it right? But I think it looks great on others! I love that combo!

11. Do you collect anything related to makeup? Not really! Don't have a budget for that, but I am starting to get a lot of lipglosses! Any brand or colour! But, I mostly prefer clear/clear with shimmer ones!
12. What's your take on bloggers' recommendations on products? Do you consider? Definitely! I think they are the most honest opinions, although I am quite apprehensive about sponsored reviews!

13. Would you like to share your best and worst experiences so far? Hmm...don't really have any bad experiences so far! Touch wood! Best, Well I have got to meet so many great desi bloggers and then a lot of bloggers from the UK! On you tube, most gurus are from the USA! Doesnt help much when half the reviews are of brands I can't even get hold of!

14. Would you like to share your daily routine? Skincare or haircare? I will be honest! Quite a shame! I don't have much of a skincare routine besides cleansing daily! I find exfoliating always breaks me out so that is done once a month and that's about it! I wash my hair every other day! I towel dry and then add Tony & Guy Shine Addiction Straightening Glaze and Charles Worthington High Shine Glossing Spray to my damp hair! Then, I blow dry my hair straight! If I curl my hair, I add mousse and that's it! Simple! Oh...I change my shampoo every time it finishes and always use a conditioner!

15. Would you like to feature your hand bag here? Preferably, a picture that includes you! I am going to be really cheeky and give you 2 pictures! Can't fit myself and the bag into one pic!


  1. aww lovely interview hun! She seems great :) You'r doing a lovely job at this Divija :)

  2. awww divs it's so nicce of you to put this up!
    thanx hun..i feel really conscious now lol


  3. I love reading all these interviews which you post..and Rani u are pretty:)

  4. Nice post Divija..

    Hey Rani..nice to meet you..

    You are cute :-)

  5. wooow! Rani, you are sweet & cool:) got a chance to know her a bit more today! Nice job Divija! xoxo

  6. Aww...she's looking so pretty in the pic! I enjoyed reading it. Good luck for your future girl!
    Great job Divs

  7. Rani! A great interview! I loved reading it. & yr hair looks amazing in that pic all nicely curled and glossy :D

    I too love ELF products - now only of they would launch their studio line in India :)

    Divs: gr8 job! I love reading these posts :D