Friday, 26 March 2010

Body Shop Sale

Dont ask me how long this is going to last! If you are near to TBS, its time to rush! Why? A crazy sale has come up! I am so excited I can hardly type! All I can do is post the pictures! Can you believe? You have to! I am the sole proof!

Strawberry Bathe & Bloom originally retails for £17.50 - £20, but it was marked down to £5! The products come safe in a rigid card box! Strawberry range includes 250 ml Shower Gel, 50 ml Body Butter, 75 ml Body Polish, 100 g soap and Two-Tone Red & Beige bath lily!

Moringa Bathe & Bloom originally retails for £17.50, again marked down to £5! Same packaging! Moringa range includes 250 ml Shower Gel, 50 ml Body Butter, 50 ml Body Scrub, 100 g soap, Two-Tone Yellow & White bath lily!

Higher heavens! Would it be wise to expect more for a fiver? How could anybody resist this sale? Don't you call this a crazy sale? TBS sold these like peanuts in half an hour! If I am fortunate enough, I might get hold of the Shea and Wild Cherry range as well! The sale also includes Mango and Coconut range!

New Moringa Bathe & Bloom packaging!

What's your next task? Only for Body Shop addicts! RUN! Why? The Body Shop Lip Butter retails for £5! Do I have to say more, comparitively? Do your math! I did review Moringa Body Butter and Strawberry Body Butter earlier! If you like to see the products seperately, do let me know! Will surely post them!

P.S - Deals might vary according to the market! Kindly visit your local store every week for latest deals and updates! Seems Body Shop India has instore offers from March 2nd to March 31st, 2010! Papaya body butter is being discontinued soon! A little birdie told me Olive body butter might be discontinued as well!


  1. whoa! that's some serious discount!

  2. Yes dear, it is :) Dont u think its worth a try? 1895 INR...

  3. yes! honestly i haven't tried too many products from the body shop but you've familiarized me enough with the brand! i will come back here and do some reading before going shopping there :)

  4. Somebody is excited..i see :-)

  5. Wow, Divs - u r so lucky.. they are having a sale here too but only 10% off. I am really eyeing the strawberry set. *sigh*

  6. You grabbed some really nice stuff this time, girlie! hope you are well now xoxo

  7. Thats such a great sale going on there !
    I am glad that you were able to snag such great stuff at incomparable prices !!

  8. The packaging is so cute....they all look so are missing on Rati's blog, whats up with you?