Sunday, 17 January 2010

Happy 101

Wondering what that means? Its a tag, girls! You are supposed to list out 7 things that make you happy! What has 101 got to do with 7 things? Whoever made this tag must be obsessed with number 7! Must be their lucky number! Oh dear! What a conclusion! Trying to play Sherlock Holmes! Tagged by? Whoelse would take a chance other than the diva, Sonali?

Believe or not, I didnt read Sonali's response to this tag! If I read, I will surely end up posting relatively similar things! I dont wanna do that! I feel, thats cheating! Of course, we are not punished if we read! Still, thats my opinion! Alright! Here are the 7 things that keep me on cloud nine!

1. My family! We are a close-knit family, very inseperable! I love them to death! The best I could ask for! God bless my happy family! Special mention, my father-in-law! He treats me like a baby! See! I didnt talk about DH! Mean woman! He is the perfect better half! I am blessed for the second time!

2. Honesty! I hate feigning! So far, I managed to get tonnes of enemies successfully coz of that! I dont say that I never lie! I do, but thats just to keep someone happy! I try to explain, but nobody wants to listen! Thats not my fault! I dont deserve them or may be they dont deserve me! As simple as that! People who like drama and hype can stay away from me!

3. Friends! I have 3 great souls to tolerate me, I rant, rave and ramble! They are my besties and will remain so forever! I dont know how they feel about me, but I feel so attached! Special mention, a Rajasthani girl who has always been by my side through worst! In total, 4 great souls!

4. Makeup! Name rings a bell! I cannot exaggerate more on how much I love makeup! I love makeup, thats it!

5. I count my blessings! My positive attitude towards life! Before, "my glass was half empty, but now its half full!"

6. I am a cartoon person! Healthy choice! As mentioned earlier, I love Heidi and Oswald to death! Otherwise, I watch the Barbie series! They keep me HAPPY!

7. Comedy personified would be Divija! People find me funny! I am really glad that I could bring a smile on somebody's face! What will I be doing other than blogging? Giggling! I was christened "giggling monkey" coz I wouldnt stop showing my teeth!

Time to tag! I tag everybody! If you read this, you are tagged! Break the rules! Do the tag! Entertain!


  1. you always manage to make me reading ur blog!

  2. awww you are such a nice person at heart! God bless ya! xoxo

  3. lolz .. one more awsum post.xx

  4. ur a very nice and sweet person st heart, hope your life is filled with all happiness....