Sunday, 31 January 2010

Clinique Almost Lipstick Black Honey

Whoa! Looks like Bobbi Brown's Cabana Corals created a storm over here, especially the Limited Edition palette! Today, our product of review is Black Honey! Apparently, Clinique's most sought-after lip product! How come I heard there are 3 more shades in Almost Lipstick range, but I always find Black Honey? Did you?

Claims - Glossy, sheer, non-staining lip colour! Soothing to the lips! Gives moist look and feel, shiny finish! Wear alone or over Lip-Shaping Pencil or lipstick!

My cousin was going gaga over this! I was like "I have to have this in my collection!" Now, I learnt my lesson! Wait for long unless its a limited edition product! Check out the reviews, honest ones of course! Get to see the swatches, especially! Dont let the hype get in!

Silver packaging! Ultra-chic! Slim and sleek! It says "C" on the lid! Comparitively, you get more product! The bullet is almost 2 inches, just quarter less! I was really terrified by the color when I first saw! Hasty! I came to know the true color only on swatch, then!

Preferably, I use this when my lips look their best! One coat of Black Honey makes up the whole look! I reiterate! Exfoliate your lips if you want to make the best use of any lip product! What happens if you dont? I tried Black Honey without any lip balm assuming it would be foolish using a balm under a balm! Expensive, of course! It was sheer on the soft parts and pigmented on the chapped parts! You know what I mean? It was like light and dark on my lips! The product stuck where the lips chapped! I looked like a total nerd, no doubt!

Some find it plum! Some find it berry! I find it berry, rather! If your skin tone is dark like mine, one coat is more than enough! Suits you perfect! The color intensifies, which means its buildable! The more number of coats, the more intense pigmentation!

I dont understand the criteria to categorize lip products, but Black Honey is a misnomer! Considering the title, it definitely has to be! What is Black Honey to you? Lipstick? Gloss? Tint? Balm? I say, its a sheer tinted lip balm from Clinique! You pay for the brand! I am not judgemental, just trying to be honest! Purely, a personal opinion!

Here comes the shocker! Staying power! Be prepared to reapply every half an hour! It doesnt stay long! I wish they change the formula whatever to improve the staying power! You wont believe! I have this product since a year, but its hardly reached for! Of course, for two reasons! First, the staying power irritates me! Second, I am trying to be more conservative! Saving this for the days where I can have access to just one lip product! Oh yeah! This will be my lipstick, lip gloss, lip tint, lip balm etc

My review must be really confusing! One minute, I was like not so over this! The next, I was like "head over heels!" Even now, I have a mixed opinion about this! I say "Yes" and "No!" I would have recommended this in a jiffy, if not for the price! I still dont understand the hype! Considering the price and staying power, I think twice! For me, Black Honey is an ego-satisfier! How does it feel to own a cult favorite in your stash? It feels the same way!

Stats - 1.9 g retails for 14.50 pounds, but I am sure I got mine for 12 pounds last year! Blame the VAT!


  1. ooh looks really scary..but not so after he swatches lol!
    yeh i probably wouldn't buy it at that price..i'm sure i could find something better!
    in the second swatch it looks like you've cut t arm lol!

  2. the finish kinda look like a balm to me too. but if that has the consistency of an ordinary lip balm, its expensive ha.

  3. oh wow the swatches look great hun :)

  4. swatches do look good and glossy. xx

  5. It's looks really nice in the swatches. :D

    I think i will just go & get myself a lottery ticket - how else will i be able to keep up with these prices & products. :P :P

  6. Hey Divija...I worked for clinique one summer. I have this lipstick...its perfect interms of gloss, shine but its the color i have the problem with. Its very dull like a deep raisin...not exactly a favorite, but i dont mind. it.