Tuesday, 5 January 2010

MAC Lipstick - Plumful

I am really excited about the first review of the year! OMG, Universe is in my favor! Now, we are back to job! Here is MAC lipstick in Plumful # A59! According to MAC, this is blossoming rose-plum (lustre)! It retails for 12.50 pounds!

Lustre is demi-sheer with a hint of gloss, but not as glossy as your regular lip gloss! They are recommendable for wet looking lips! So, do not expect full coverage with lustre finish! As simple as that!

Counter top, this caught my eye! I find Plumful a sheeny shiny sparkling rosy plum! Very innocent-looking! This is neither too dark nor too light! More of a plum with rosy touch! No shimmer! No glitter! No iridescence! Just pure color!

I expected a very sheer color, but was quite surprised by the color payoff! I feel its packed with more color than it appears! It smells like vanilla, must be the ingredients! Glides without effort! Light on lips! I wore this on bare lips! My lips were soft, but not too much! It fades evenly leaving the lips moist! There was a hint of tint after fading!

Can somebody see the purple undertones? Bonus! Makes your teeth look whiter! Plumful kinda blends with my skin tone, at leash it doesnt clash! It can brighten up the face, as well! This is such a sexy and feminine shade! I find it very wearable! I believe this is from their permanent collection, so you dont have to rush!

Repurchase? I am trying to build up my collection, so there is no point in having a backup right now! I dont think thats a good idea!

Deception point! Can you believe its the same Plumful? Looks like bubblegum pink!

Trying to give you a better swatch, but in vain!

Looks like matte finish, eh?

Peekaboo???Can you find something??? What???

TIP: If your lips are naturally pigmented or on the darker side, better stay away from lustre finish! You might find it hard to work with lustre as the color will not show up that easy!

I had a bad experience at MAC! Nothing to do with the SA! Thats the problem, exactly! The store was very busy, too busy to attend! I felt very bad and left! It was like IN and OUT! Considerate DH took me back, trying to cheer me up! This time, I took the initiative! I went to the SA and told I needed some help! Finally, SA came to my rescue! She asked me if I want to try the lipstick! I was like "NO"! I know they sterilize, but still that doesnt please me! I was pretty happy with the swatch!

Do you know? I didnt know this before coz my first MAC purchase was from Dubai Airport! @ MAC, they have a customer database! They take down your surname, first alphabet of your name and your postal address! It makes things easier for the next time! Whoaaa!!!

P.S: This review was requested by Rati, the beauty with brains! MAC gurus, fair amount of my followers are yet to try MAC! This review is dedicated to those innocent darlings! I, myself, am kinda new to MAC! This is my first lipstick from MAC, FYI! Please do not feel offended! Correct me if I am wrong, no hard feelings!


  1. I enjoyed reading your post!I am loving the colour too! MAC stores do get very busy sometimes and I too find it very irritating and kinda feel left out! xoxo

  2. aww great review hun :) This seems a gorgeous color am yet to try! My favourite is Mac Jubilee Lipstick. Its a nude brown, very wearable.

    And Mac MA's can be very annoying and most of the times I NEVER ask for help. I just try all the stuff on as if I work there lol.

  3. I love this colour! and I love your reviews :) xx

  4. I agree...Lustres are hard to show up on pigmented lips...and worst if the luster is a pale or nude color...

  5. Ohh! Lovely color on you! Unfortunately I cannot carry off pink like this, makes me look silly, besides luster shades don't show up on me. Pigmented lips. :D

  6. Aww! thanks for the review, Divija. :) I love these blue undertone lippies, they make your teeth look whiter. I somehow like these sheer lippies. I find them more natural than the full coverage ones. The colour is beautiful. I guess I am going to give it a try. :)

    I also find problems with MAC store so overcrowded. Especially since we have only two stores in Delhi, it makes them super busy.

  7. DR,

    I dont have much love with lipsticks.Can you do soem reviews on Biotique products,nail polishes and eye makeup stuff

  8. New Year wishes to u and ur family. Loved this write up as I use MAC products too. They sure are not very customer friendly but products are good without any after effect.


  9. love dis color..nyc review

  10. Im loving this colour hun!
    Yep, Im back:) And cant wait to start posting again lol
    Hope you're having a great beginning of 2010!
    And want you to know that your comments mean a lot to me:)

  11. I heart this color - will definitely try!!

    xo shivani