Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Scrub

Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Scrub, otherwise NDCIS! Good old drugstore product I would love to repurchase! I am half way through, already! This review is for those innocent souls new to Neutrogena! This should help you, to some extent!

Claims - Cleanses deep into pores energising microbeads for fresh, invigorated skin! Awaken your skin with NDCIS! Dermatologist tested!

Energising microbeads gently exfoliate, sweeping away pore-clogging feeling as it effortlessly dissolves dirt, oil and makeup! Feel the surge of invigoration from a thorough cleansing that leaves skin feeling fresh and energised!

Cooling menthol gel leaves skin feeling wide awake, clean and revitalised! Energising microbeads awaken skin and sweep away the dead skin cells that can clog pores! Too much of awakening! If you dont want to fall asleep, try Neutrogena!

The most refreshing, by all means! Fragrance-wise! Scrub-wise! Beautiful sheer blue gel with deep blue and white beads! Have you ever tried gel formula scrub? Especially the menthol ones? This one, once you open the lid, you might get the scent of a detergent! In a good way, of course! Something like Surf, I can say! At least, that category! Now, you have an idea of the color, consistency, texture and fragrance?

Hope you can see the blue beads!

You dont have to be liberal with this! Pea-size product is more than enough to get rid of the muck! Now, work the product your way! Wait! Do you have oily or greasy skin? Go according to the package! If you have normal to combination skin, a couple of times a week is more than enough! Depends on your lifestyle, I can say! Working women are mostly exposed to pollution on a daily basis! If you come under that category, can use quite often!

If you skin is supa-dupa sensitive or irritates to the slightest stimulation, better do a patch test! I know this sounds technical, but thats rather better than ending up red-faced! My skin behaves well to most of the skin products, except occasional zits! Damn! Only issue, lip products! Lips are the most battered! Badly beaten to death! Poor pout!

My skin is combination to oily! Still, I find this very drying! Blame the ingredients! On experience, I learned a trick! I combine this scrub with a creamy cleanser! Clinique Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser, for instance! The dryness subsides to some level, I am quite happy!

Apropriate opening to get the right amount!

One more thing! If you are trying this for the first time, your eyes might tend to water! They will, for sure! Blame menthol! Be prepared for tears! Sob - Sob! You skin definitely feels taut, so make sure you moisturize your skin very well after using this! Or else, that might rip off the essential oils of skin! Skin feels fresh! How does it feel when you scrub your skin with brick powder? Just like that! Hey, I never did that! This is how exactly we feel when we use brick powder! I know!

Stats - 150 ml retails for 3.50 pound, sometimes depends on the store!

Life expectancy, 12 long months! It lasts ages, trust me!


  1. thanks for sharing i have very dry skin and i should stay away from this products

  2. thanks for the review hun! i have pretty dry skin and dislike neutrogena scrubs as they are too harsh for my skin :( i like st ives though :)

  3. i tried this..and it broke me out :(
    and so did the st ives ones :((

  4. Hey, nice review. A lil confusing though, I didn't understand whether u liked it or didn't :P

    I prefer biotique's papaya scrub. It is a lil abrasive, but very good otherwise :)

  5. Tht is why I got confused.

    In the first para you say tht "Good old drugstore product I would love to repurchase",

    On the other hand you compare it to brick powder - "How does it feel when you scrub your skin with brick powder? Just like that! Hey, I never did that! This is how exactly we feel when we use brick powder! I know!"

    Am sorry but I have always thought tht rubbing the face with brick might not be a very pleasant feeling or a good thing to do :D - Hence the confusion on my part :P