Friday, 22 January 2010

Nars Orgasm Illuminator

Who needs an introduction to Nars cult favorite Orgasm, peachy pink with golden shimmer? If you dont know, which rock have you been under? Just kidding! I didnt know until a long time coz I was hibernating!

This is the blush that launched a thousand ships! Universally flattering shade, according to the gurus! Orgasm nail polish, Orgasm blush, Orgasm multiple, Orgasm lip gloss! God, its everywhere! Now, they have come up with "Orgasm Illuminator!" Looks like Nars is having multiple orgasms ahem....

Orgasm Illuminator is a complexion enhancer that makes skin look instantly refreshed, radiant and glowing! It lights your skin from within! Deceptively sheer and decidedly luminous, it magically transforms lackluster skin into a "remember-me" luscious complexion!

Flirt with foundation! Go it alone or go neck-and-neck with your décolleté! The effect is, what else? Orgasmic! I believe they are yet to launch this product in the UK market! Correct me if I am wrong!
How do you normally use your illuminator? Mix with your foundation? Just alone?

Stats - 1.1 oz retails for $29


  1. So cool, sadly we don't get NARS here :)

  2. oh wow! i usually dont like powder blushes and hence dont own the powder version of orgasm but this seems tempting! I would use it over foundation to illuminate cheekbones, nosebridge and chin :)

  3. yeh i'd use it as a highlight later..i think it gets too much if you mix it in foundation..i'd feel like a disco ball lol

  4. I know I read about it.Nars guys know to to mint money. I am sure all the Nars Orgasm fans are going to stock the entire orgasmic (ahem! :P) range with them. This looks tempting though.

  5. this looks it a bit like Benefit's MoonBeam?

  6. i love NARS one of my fav products and again a winner from them