Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Mini Bourjois Baume A Levres Colore Tinted Lip Balm #1

Presenting the Mini Bourjois Baume A Levres Colore Tinted Lip Balm in #1 Purple Plum! Did you ever fancy teeny tiny tins of makeup? They look so cute on the vanity! I have been an ardent fan of Bourjois, especially their Mini range! Definitely irresistable! Best part, they are economic and you can simply splurge on them!

Claims - A gesture of comfort and compulsive makeup, lip balm! Colorful Mini Bourjois is nourishing and ultra-greedy to consume without moderation! It stains the lips gently, you can not do without!

Mini Bourjois Baume A Levres, a tinted lip balm in slide tin! Fancy Just-bitten look or Just-ate-a-cherry-popsicle look? Your search might end here!

Ingredients - Supposed to be shea butter, castor oil and vanilla essence! You wouldnt find them in print, though!

Shades - #1 Purple Plum, #2 Orange Apricot, #3 Pure Red, #4 Pink Beige, #5 Pearly Light Pink and #6 Pearly Pink!

Welcome the family!

A little bit of tint is more than enough! Believe me! If you apply alone, lips tend to get dry! Especially if you dont exfoliate your lips quite often! Better exfoliate, slather your favorite balm, then top it up with the lip tint!

Comparible to MAC Plumful???

I apply my regular lip balm, rub a little amount of tinted balm on to my finger! I know it sounds gross, but I get the right payoff only when I use my fingers! Seriously, I dont bother about the coverage! All I do, dab a little bit on the centre of my lower lip! I dont have to use a gloss seperately coz I have some lip treatment or balm to moisturize my lips before using this! That gives more than enough sheen to the lips! This lip balm is supposed to be moisturizing, but I dont think so!

The swatches are kinda misleading! Dont go by "Just for fun" pic!

The product looks moisturizing in the packaging, but definitely not the same on lips! Hope it makes some sense! It can get dry and powdery, especially on chapped lips! Make sure you exfoliate your lips to make the best use of lip tints and stains!

"Baume nourrissant et reconfortant Nourishing and comforting lip balm"! Wait! The packaging says so! Is it French? 3 g or 0.10 oz retails for 2.50 pounds! Not sure of current prices! What kind of looks can you achieve? I probably cannot list out all the possibilities, but one thing I wanted to share since ages! You can try the given look Aishwarya Rai sports! Oh, yeah! Name rings the bell! Netherlands has a variety of tulips baptised after her! I dont have to exaggerate!

Lower lip, especially the inner side!

(Courtesy: Bourjois Paris & Rouge Deluxe)


  1. kewl . seems like a tint to me . OMG so much make up to buy
    my list is growing so fast !

  2. it seems lovely. i love bourjois sooo very much.<3

  3. I love the bourjois miny range too hun and this looks so gorgeous :) will defo check it out! and no doubt ash looks stunning as ever there!

  4. Looks really nice :)

    I love tints, and will def look out for this :D

  5. I loves...anything from Bourjois ~ my love. I'd like to try 2 of these

  6. Hey hun! nice review :) Even I have had the exact concern with the lip tints, it does get powdery on chapped lips, therefore I avoid putting them on when my lips are dry and chapped! xoxo